Before Mattie

Before Mattie

Robin, Emily, Brenda, Courtney, Lulu, Sam, and Elizabeth. All 7 of these women were sitting in the waiting room at GH. They were all good friends. They all had something in common. They were 5 months pregnant.

Robin was expecting her first child with Patrick. Emily was having her 2nd with Nikolas. Brenda and Sam were having their 2nd children; Sam with Lucky and Brenda with Sonny. Courtney and Elizabeth were having their 2nd children, both with Jason. He was married to Courtney now. Lulu was having her 1st with Johnny.

"Brenda, I can see you now." said Kelly Lee. Brenda got up and all 6 other girls waved to her as she walked away.

"Okay Brenda. Let's see how the baby is." She put the gel on Brenda's stomach. "Do you want to know if it's a girl or boy?"


"It's a girl." Brenda smiled. She would have two little girls now. Skylar, her 2 year old, would be happy. Brenda got up and left.

"Girl." Brenda said to her friends.

"Courtney." Kelly said. Courtney followed her to the room.

"Do you want to know what you're having?" Courtney nodded.

"It's a girl." Kelly said. Courtney was hoping for that.

"Brody wanted a little sister." Brody was her 1 year old son. Courtney left the room.

"Elizabeth." Liz followed Kelly to the room. "Do you want to know what you're having?"

"Yes. I hope it's a boy. Cameron wanted a little brother." Cam was her 1 year old little boy.

"Girl." Kelly said. Elizabeth walked out.

"It's a girl."

"That's 3." said Emily.

"Lulu." Kelly said. Lulu was the youngest of the girls. She got up and followed Kelly.

"Wow." said Kelly.

"What? Is something wrong with my baby?"

"Your babies are fine."

"Oh." said Lulu. "Wait. Did you just say babies? I'm having twins?" asked Lulu.

"A boy and a girl." Lulu left the room.

"A boy." she told her friends. "And a girl."

"What!" they all yelled, causing people near by to stare at them.

"Okay, next is Emily."

"Girl." Emily whispered to Robin, who was writing everything down. Emily had a feeling she would have her first daughter.

"Nikolas wants a girl. So do I. Spencer is only a year old, so I don't think he has much of an opinion. Kelly, can I ask you something." Emily was talking to Kelly, walking to the room.

"What's your question?"

"Can a mother feel if it's a boy or girl?"

"Some mother's can. When Court was pregnant with Brody, at 2 months she was saying it was a boy. Do you think you know what your baby is?" asked Kelly.

"A girl." Emily told her.

"Let's find out." Kelly put stuff on Emily's stomach. "Em, you were right. It's a girl."
"I knew it." Emily said. She left the room. "Told you Sam." said Emily.

"It's a girl?" asked Sam. Emily nodded. Sam gave her 20 dollars.

"Okay. We have done Court, Liz, Bren, Em, and Lulu. Who wants to go first, Sam or Robin?" said Kelly.

"I will." said Sam. Kelly led her to the room. She put the gel on.

"Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" asked Kelly.

"A girl." said Sam.

"Why?" asked Kelly.

"Because the other night I was tucking Lila into bed. It is very surprising when your two year old tells you that you're having a girl. I believe her."

"Lila was right. It's a girl." said Kelly.

Sam went back to her friends. She gave Brenda 10 dollars.

"Why did you just do that?" asked Lulu.

"Brenda bet me 10 dollars that it would be a girl."

"So it's a girl?" asked Courtney.


"Okay, Robin. You're the last one." Kelly said. Robin stood up (with the help of Emily) and followed Kelly into the room.

"What do you think you're having?" asked Kelly.

"Well, Patrick is set on a boy. He tried to paint the nursery red with baseballs, race cars, and footballs. I want a girl. Patrick is sure that a boy or a girl will look exactly like him. I just want my child to be healthy." said Robin.

"Well, did Patrick paint the nursery?" asked Kelly.

"He painted it light blue. It would be good for a girl too. I wouldn't let him put any race car things in it until we know for sure."

"Good thing. You're having a girl." Robin smiled.

Walking into the waiting room, Robin was smiling. "It's a girl!" yelled Emily. Robin nodded.

Sam, Emily, and Lulu all put out their hands. Brenda, Liz, and Courtney gave each one 50 dollars.

"I was sure it was a boy!" yelled Brenda.

"You're betting on my baby!" Robin yelled. She sat down between Emily and Sam. They were all sitting uncomfortably. The order was Sam, Robin, Emily, Lulu, Brenda, Liz, and Courtney. Lulu was especially uncomfortable because she was having two kids.

Patrick, Nikolas, Sonny, Jason, Johnny, and Lucky walked in. "Who's having what?" asked Nikolas.

"Girl." said Sam.

"Girl." said Emily.

"Girl." said Brenda.

"Girl." said Liz.

"Girl." said Courtney. They were all standing next to their baby's father.

Robin and Lulu were just sitting there quietly.

"Robin?" asked Patrick.

"Lulu?" asked Johnny.

"Em, you tell him." said Robin. Emily knew that Robin didn't want to tell Patrick that he wasn't getting the boy he had always wanted.

"I'm having my boy, aren't I." said Patrick.

"Nope." said Emily.

"A girl. I don't want a girl." Patrick said. He looked mad. Robin started crying. Emily sat down next to her again. She hugged her.

Patrick got on the elevator and left.

"Johnny, I will tell you at home." said Lulu. Johnny nodded. He followed Lucky, Jason, Sonny, and Nikolas down the stairs.

"He doesn't want my baby!" Robin cried. The girls all sat around her.

"He's a jerk!" said Sam.

"He doesn't know what he's missing." said Brenda.

"Once he sees the baby, he will want her." said Courtney.

"Yeah." said Liz and Lulu.

Emily stayed quiet. She knew she had to say something to Patrick about what he did. She looked over at Sam and Sam nodded. Sam, Emily, and Robin were best friends. Liz and Brenda were best friends. Lulu and Courtney were best friends. They were all friends, but each girl called one friend before she called the others.

Sam and Emily got up and walked over by the front desk.

"What are we going to do? He basically just told her he doesn't want her baby." said Sam.

"I don't know. Robin is going to take this hard. She wasn't even going to let Patrick know he was having a baby. She let him be a part of her and her baby's lives. Patrick just ruined that."

"We need to say something to him." said Sam. She looked over at Courtney. Sam nodded. Courtney walked over there.

"When are we going?" asked Courtney. Sam and Emily looked at each other.

"Tonight." Emily said.

"Robin, it will be okay." said Lulu. Robin shook her head.

"Robin, stop. You need to calm down. It's not good for the baby." said Brenda.

"Who cares about the baby? Patrick doesn't want her. I'm not bringing this child into a life with a parent who doesn't want her. I shouldn't even bother having her." yelled Robin.

"Robin Scorpio! Do you care about this baby?" asked Liz.

"Not anymore." said Robin. Liz looked at Brenda. She looked shocked. Lulu had tears going down her face.

"I'll be right back." said Lulu. She got up and walked over to Sam, Emily, and Courtney.

"You guys." said Lulu. She was still crying.

"What's wrong?" asked Emily.

"Robin thinks she shouldn't bother having the baby anymore. Brenda told her to calm down because it's not good for the baby. Robin asked who cares about the baby. That Patrick doesn't want her anymore and she doesn't want to bring a child into a life where one parent doesn't want it. Liz asked her if she cared about the baby and Robin said not anymore." said Lulu.

Sam tried to calm down Lulu. She could get upset easily if something was bothering one of her friends. Emily and Courtney walked over to Robin.

"Get up." ordered Emily. Robin shook her head. "Get up. Now Robin." She didn't listen. Emily grabbed one of her arms and Brenda grabbed the other one.

"Can you honestly tell me that you don't care about this baby?" Emily asked.

"I don't care about her." said Robin. Emily could tell Robin meant it.

"Brenda, I need to talk to you and Liz." said Emily.

"Sam, Court, you two, Lulu, and I are going to have a talk with Dr. Drake." said Emily.

"What about Robin?" asked Liz.

"I need you to call Mac, Brenda. He knows you the best." said Emily.

"Can Lulu handle it?" asked Brenda. "I will call Mac and see if Robin can stay with him."

"Don't tell him the details. Just tell him you're worried that Robin is stressing out too much. If you tell him what Patrick said, Mac will kill him." said Emily. "I think Lulu getting upset over what Robin said will make her want to go even more." said Emily.

"When are we going?" asked Liz.

"Tonight. Call Mac in an hour." said Emily. "I need to go home with Spencer. See you tonight. 11 o'clock, at the launch by Wyndemere. Wear all black. Tell Court, Sam, and Lulu the time and what to wear." Emily left.

"Patrick, you're an idiot!" yelled Nikolas.

"How can you hurt Robin like that?" asked Jason.

"Oh, like how you hurt Courtney by having a baby with her and Elizabeth?" asked Patrick. Jason punched him in the face.

"Don't ever talk about my daughters. At least I am going to be a part of my children's lives. I don't get scared when I find out I am having a daughter."

"You're ridiculous." said Johnny.

"She's going to think it's all her fault." said Sonny.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Robin gave the baby up for adoption." said Lucky. All the guys were trying to talk some sense into Patrick. They all thought it was ridiculous to leave just because you're having a girl.

"Johnny? Are you home?" asked Lulu. She walked into her apartment.

"Hi." said Johnny."

"Do you want to hear about the baby?" asked Lulu. She smiled when he put his hand on her stomach.

"Of course. Are we having a girl or a boy?" asked Johnny.

"A boy." said Lulu. Johnny smiled. "And a girl." said Lulu.

"Twins?" asked Johnny. "I was hoping for that when you told me we were having a baby." said Johnny. Lulu smiled.

"I have to leave tonight." she said.

"Why? You can't just leave when you're pregnant with our…"

"It's for Robin." Lulu interrupted.

"What time are you leaving?"

"11 o'clock. I'm going to the launch by Wyndemere to meet the girls."

"Okay." said Johnny. "Let's start painting the nursery's, one for girl and one for boy."

"Hi, Emmy." said Brenda. Emily was dressed in black jeans, a black jacket, and she had her hair down. Brenda had black sweat pants, a long sleeved black shirt, and her hair in a ponytail.

"Hi girls." said Courtney. She was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans. Her hair was in a bun. Sam walked up behind her in black capris, a black t-shirt, and her dark brown hair was down. Lulu came and her hair was in ponytail, she had on black sweat pants, and a black sweatshirt.

"Hey." said Elizabeth. She had black shorts, a black jacket, and her hair was in a bun. Emily gave all the girls black sunglasses. They put them on.

"Let's go." said Emily. They started walking.

"Stupid guys. Defend Robin." Patrick was mumbling while walking to his door. He stuck the keys into the lock and turned it. He walked in and turned on the light.

Inside there was Emily, Brenda, Courtney, Lulu, Sam, and Elizabeth. They were wearing all black, sunglasses, and they were not smiling.

"Hey Patrick." they all said. Patrick was standing there.

"How did you get in here?" said Patrick.

"I know how to pick a lock." said Sam.

"Do you know why were here?" asked Courtney.

"Um…you are playing a pretend spy game?"

"So close." said Liz.

"Robin." said Emily.

"The baby." said Brenda.

"Understand?" asked Lulu.

"Why?" asked Patrick.

"She doesn't want to take care of herself or the baby anymore." said Emily.

"It's all your fault." said Courtney.

"You said you didn't want a girl and left." said Sam.

"Robin cried for 3 hours straight." said Brenda.

"How do you feel about that, Patrick." said Lulu.

"I didn't know." said Patrick.

"Now you do." said Elizabeth.

"What are you going to do about it?" asked Courtney.

"Leave her alone; I've already hurt her enough." said Patrick.

"Wrong answer." said Brenda. Emily slapped him. Courtney did the same.

"What are you doing to do about it?" Courtney asked again.

"I don't know. I don't know how to help her. I want to be with her. I over reacted about having a daughter. Can you tell her I'm sorry?" said Patrick.

"No." said Sam.

"Tell her yourself." said Emily.

"Remember we had this talk." said Brenda.

"Don't hurt her again." said Courtney.

"Next time, we won't be so nice." said Lulu.

"Bye Patrick." said Liz, Em, Sam, Bren, and Lulu walking out the door.

Emily was the last one to leave. "Tell her what you told us. It'll be fine."

Walking down the hallway, they all started laughing.

"I think he got the message." said Emily.

Robin walked into her apartment. Her 6 best friends were there all dressed in black.

"What are you guys doing here?" she asked. She sounded sad.

"Why wouldn't we be here?" asked Sam.

"We love you." said Courtney.

"We talked to Patrick." said Lulu.

Emily smiled. "We planned it at the hospital."

"He looked pretty scared when he opened his apartment door and we were sitting there." said Brenda.

"I think he looked scared when Sam told him she could pick a lock. I think he realized that we could get in at anytime." said Liz.

They all started laughing. Except Robin. "But he got the message. And so did we. He loves you and wants to be with you and the baby." said Emily.

Robin's phone started ringing. She left the room to talk.

"Everyone who thinks it is Patrick put 10 dollars on the table." said Brenda.

When Robin came back in the living room, she saw her 6 smiling friends and 60 dollars on the table. "Did you make up?" asked Liz.

Robin nodded. "Why is there money on my table?"

"We bet that it was Patrick. You can keep the money." said Brenda. Robin picked it up.

"We love you Robin." said all the girls.

"I love you too. Now tell me why Patrick said he will never hurt me again because Sam will break into his house, Brenda, Liz, and Lulu will interrogate him, and Courtney and Emily will kill him." They started laughing and explained.

The girls are now 8 months pregnant. They are at Robin's house discussing baby names.

"What about Abrielle?" asked Liz.

"Abrielle Morgan? I don't think so." said Lulu.

"I like the name Kailey." said Brenda.

"I have an idea." said Emily. "Let's write all of our names on pieces of paper. We can put them in a hat and whatever name you draw will be your baby's middle name. Not counting little boy, of course."

Little boy is what they were calling Lulu's son. Everyone agreed.

"Samantha." said Brenda.

"Elizabeth." said Lulu.

"Lulu." said Sam.

"Brenda." said Liz.

"Robin." said Courtney.

"Emily." said Robin.

"Courtney." said Emily.

"Now we just need first names." said Liz.

"Okay. We can't give our baby's a first name until we see their faces. Deal?" said Robin.

"Deal!" said the others.

That night, Lulu was sitting at the house with Johnny. "Everything is good with Robin right?" he said.

"Yeah, she's been fine since we went to Patrick's house."

"I still can't believe you did that." he said, laughing.

"It was Emily's idea. She would do anything to keep Robin from being sad. We all would. That's what friend's do." said Lulu.

"I love you Lulu. I'm going to go take a shower." said Johnny.

"Kay. I'm going to go read." She walked to her bedroom.

A half hour later, Johnny went into his bedroom. Lulu was on the floor passed out. There was a puddle around her.

"Lulu? Oh my God." said Johnny. He picked up Lulu and carried her out to the car. He started speeding down the back roads. He got to the hospital and they took her to a room. He wasn't aloud in yet, so he made some phone calls.

"Jason? It's Johnny. Is Courtney there? She needs to come to GH; something is wrong with Lulu." Jason said she would be there soon.

"Nikolas, Emily needs to come to GH. It's Lulu."

"Patrick, where's Robin. She's sleeping? You need to wake her up, it's Lulu." Johnny said.

"Liz? Come to GH. Something's wrong with Lulu."

Johnny called Sam and Brenda. They all said they would be there in a minute.

Robin and Patrick ran in. Well, Robin was holding Patrick's arm and her back and moving as fast as she could. "Where's Lulu? Are the twins okay?" asked Robin.

"She was just settled in. She is unconscious. I found her on the floor with a puddle around her."

"Oh my God." whispered Robin. She walked over to the chairs and put her head down. She was scared she was going to lose Lulu and the babies.

Courtney, Brenda, Sonny, and Jason walked into the hospital. Courtney sat down with Robin. Brenda walked over with Patrick and Johnny.

"What's wrong with her?" she asked. "It's too soon to deliver her babies."

"Johnny Zacchara?" asked Kelly.

"What's wrong with her?" everyone walked over. Sam, Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, and Elizabeth walked in and stood by them. "You can tell all of us. I want them to know." said Johnny.

"She's going into premature labor. The little girl is suffocating. We need you to sign off on the emergency c-section."

"Yeah, of course." said Johnny. He signed the papers.

"You can't name the little girl." said Courtney.


"None of you guys can name our little girls." said Brenda.

"We have all their middle names picked." said Emily.

"They each have one of our names as their middle name." said Liz.

"We have to have the babies first…" started Sam.

"Then name them after we see their faces." finished Robin.

"Oh." said all the guys together.

"Courtney, can I talk to you?" asked Johnny. Courtney walked over with Johnny.

"If Lulu doesn't make it…" he started.

"Don't talk like that. You know if Emily and Robin heard you say that, you'd be dead."

"Just listen. If she dies, I won't be able to name these babies. Can you name my children? You are Lulu's best friend."

"Yeah…of course." said Courtney. "But Lulu will make it."

Kelly walked out. "We have a healthy little boy. The girl isn't doing so well. Do you guys want to see them?"

Everyone followed Kelly to the NICU to see the babies.

"Their beautiful." said Robin. The little boy had dark hair. The little girl had more hair, and it was dark too.

"I want to see Lulu." said Emily. Kelly took Emily, Robin, Sam, and Liz to Lulu's room. Brenda and Court stayed behind with the guys and babies.

"Kelly, I can tell you their last and middle names. The girl is Elizabeth Zacchara. The boy is Lucas Zacchara." said Courtney.

"Okay. Did Lulu pick those names?"

"Yeah, earlier today." said Brenda.

Kelly wrote them down.

"Your babies are Lucas and Elizabeth Zacchara. You need to wake up so you can give them their first names." said Emily to Lulu.

Lulu turned, and then opened her eyes.

"Hey, Lulu." said Robin. She smiled.

"What are you guys doing here? Wait, where am I?" said Lulu, looking around. "The babies, are they okay?"

"They are in the NICU. Lucas and Elizabeth are fine." said Sam.

"Lucas and Elizabeth? Those are their middle names."

"That's what we've been calling them. We wouldn't let Johnny name them." said Liz.

"Let me see my babies." said Lulu. Robin and Emily left and returned with the babies.

"Which one is older?" asked Lulu.

"The boy." Emily handed him to Lulu.

"Rylan." said Lulu as soon as she looked down at her little boy. "Rylan Lucas Zacchara."

Emily took the baby. Robin handed the little girl to Lulu.

"Riley. Riley Elizabeth Zacchara." Robin took the little girl. She handed her to Sam and Emily handed him to Liz. They took the babies back to the nursery.

"Your little boy is doing good." said Robin. "The little girl was suffocating, so they had to do an emergency c-section. She wasn't doing well."

A week later, Courtney went to the hospital. Lulu was being released. Johnny had some family business, so he couldn't be there. She walked into the NICU where Riley was being held. Rylan was in a normal room. Lulu was holding the little girl. She was smaller than her brother.

"Hey, Court. I'm almost ready to go. I want to have the twins' christening when Riley gets out of the hospital. Will you be Riley's god mother? I asked Sam about Rylan and she said yes."

"Yeah, of course. I would love to." Lulu and Courtney left.

Rylan Lucas Zacchara was released a week later. Riley Elizabeth Zacchara came 3 days after her brother. She was doing a lot better.

They had the christening a week later.

"Come on, Brenda. Have a healthy baby." said Elizabeth. The 6 girls were outside the room while Brenda was delivering her baby.

"Brenda wants you guys in the room when she holds her baby." said Sonny. They all walked in.

Brenda was being handed her little girl. She was pretty. The little girl had Brenda's nose and Sonny's hair.

"Kailey. Kailey Samantha Corinthos-Barrett." said Brenda. She was born 2 weeks early.

The next day, Brenda and Sonny took their baby girl home. She didn't cry much. She was a happy baby girl.

1 week before her due date, Elizabeth went into labor. She was at the hospital by herself. All the guys had been forced out of town 3 days ago by the girls. Lulu had Riley and Rylan and Brenda had Kailey. Emily, Robin, Sam, and Courtney were on their way there.

"My baby girl has Jason's eyes." said Elizabeth.

"My little girl will have a beautiful sister." said Courtney.

"What's her name?" asked Robin.

"Gabrielle Brenda Webber." said Elizabeth as Lulu and Brenda walked in the room.

"I like Morgan." said Courtney.

"For the first name? Morgan Brenda Webber?" said Liz.

"No. Gabrielle Brenda Morgan." said Courtney.

"Okay, I guess that can be her last name." said Liz.

Gabrielle Brenda Morgan, or Gabbie, went home the next day. They decided to do a christening.

"This is the christening of Gabrielle Brenda Morgan and Kailey Samantha Corinthos-Barrett." said the minister. Brenda and Liz made it for both of their babies.

After the ceremony, the guys were talking outside. The girls and babies were inside the house.

"Robin, what do you think your baby will look like?" asked Lulu.

Robin thought for a minute. "Brown hair like mine, Patrick's eyes, and dimples. That's how I've imagined my baby girl."

"What about you, Em." said Brenda.

"Exactly like Nikolas. Spencer looks like me, so this baby will look like him."

"Sam?" asked Brenda.

"Laura's blue eyes, Lucky's face, and my hair."

"I hope she does have my Mom's blue eyes." said Lulu. "My mom would love Riley, Rylan, and the baby. I wish she could meet them."

"I'm sorry my protocol didn't work on your mom, Lulu." said Robin.

"It's not your fault. Anyway, Courtney, what will your baby look like?"

"My blonde hair, Jason's eyes, I hope, and a little bit like Brody." she said.

Brody ran in the room with Spencer, Skylar, Kristina, and Lila. "HI, MOMMY!" he yelled.

"Brody Michael Morgan! Your cousins are sleeping."

A few men came in the room. "Hi." said Liz.

One of them waved. Then he grabbed Courtney and pointed a gun at her. "MOMMY!" screamed Brody.

"Everyone stay by your guard. Kids, stay by your parents. If anyone tries to escape or yell, she will die." he said, pushing the gun into Courtney's side.

Robin grabbed Riley from Lulu. Lulu kept Rylan. Kristina went to Robin's side. Her mom wasn't here. Lila walked to Sam, Cam to Liz and Gabbie, Brody went to Lulu, Spencer to Emily, and Skylar to Brenda and Kailey. They quietly walked out of the room and into a van.

"Ouch." said Courtney, shifting uncomfortably. She was holding Brody. Robin, Courtney, Sam, and Emily were very pregnant. Everyone was squished and holding a child.

The car slammed against something. Emily held Spencer closer to her. "Everybody out." he said. The pregnant girls couldn't get down. The man yanked Robin's arm and she fell down onto the ground.

"Ouch!" she screamed. Brenda helped her up. He did the same to the others and the little kids. Courtney slapped him.

"You don't need to do that to small children and pregnant women." she said. He slapped her back.

"You need to shut up." he said. Brody kicked him.

"Don't touch my MOMMY!" he yelled. Brenda reached down and picked him up.

"Brody, you have to listen. If you don't, he might hurt one of us." she whispered. Brody stayed quiet as Courtney took him from Brenda.

"I need all the kids." said a man coming into the room. Emily held Spencer closer to her. Lulu squeezed against Robin.

"I can't give him my babies." she whispered.

"It'll be okay." she said, standing up.

"Only if I can go with them." Robin said.

"Fine." he grabbed Brody and Skylar and dragged them away. Next were Spencer and Cameron. Lila and Kristina were taken next. The man came back and grabbed Rylan and Kailey. Then, Riley and Gabbie. Last, he grabbed Robin's arm.

Robin started crying. He was holding her arm too tight. "You're hurting her!" screamed Emily. He grabbed tighter which made Robin yelp.

He grabbed his gun and pointed it at her stomach. "Be quiet or I will kill your baby, your little friend, the twin babies, and the little boy who kicked me.

Lulu was scared he would kill the kids, Robin, and Emily. Courtney knew that Brody was at risk. Emily was thinking that if he shot her, maybe her baby would live.

Robin shut her mouth. He grabbed tighter and shoved the gun in her side. She stayed quiet; she didn't want Emily or the kids to get hurt. He finally dragged her into a room.

"Emily, I don't feel so good." said Sam. Emily went into doctor mode.

"What do you feel like, Sam?"

"Cramps, but they could be contractions."

"Sam, you can't have your baby here. Elizabeth, help me with her. Brenda, get some help.

Brenda walked over to the door. She started banging on it. "We need some help in here. Now!" she screamed.

A guard walked in. "Which one of you?" he asked.

"The one who is on the floor holding her stomach!" screamed Courtney. Lulu was trying to help with Sam.

"What's wrong with her?" he asked Emily.

"She's going into labor! We need to get to a hospital!"

"We can't do that. Are any of you doctors?"

"I'm a surgical nurse. Emily is an intern. Robin is a pathologist." said Elizabeth.

"Have any of you had kids? Has the doctor?"

"Robin is having her first kid. The rest of us have kids." said Liz.

"Can the pathologist deliver babies?" he asked.

"She delivered a baby girl in the Glencoe Tunnel after two trains crashed leaving Robin, Courtney, Sam, Emily, and me trapped." said Liz.

"I need all your names."


"Emily. She's Sam."




"Who's Robin?"

"The woman who you pushed a gun in her side and threatened to kill her baby. The one who you made cry by grabbing her arm so hard." said Lulu.

Robin was trying to get Gabbie to stop crying. Kristina, Skylar, and Lila were all napping. Kailey, Rylan, and Riley were sleeping. Cam, Spencer, and Brody were talking in the corner of the room.

Gabbie finally fell asleep. Robin looked at her arm. It was purple, green, blue, and black. The rest of her arm was a pink color. Brody walked over and sat on her lap.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Nothing, Brody."

"Where's Momma?"

"She's in another room. I'm sure she's fine."

"Oh." A man came in the room and grabbed Robin harder in the same spot. He pointed a gun at her stomach.

"Shut up, kid. Go sit by the other boys. Now." he yanked Robin's arm and pulled her out of the room.

Courtney was holding Sam's hand. Lulu was sitting behind her holding up her head. Brenda was waiting for Robin and pushing the hair out of Sam's face. Emily and Elizabeth were trying to deliver a baby.

Robin was thrown in. She fell and the guy kicked her stomach. He yelled "Shut up or I'll kill the boy." Robin closed her mouth, but her friends could tell she was hurt. He slammed the door and Robin's foot was closed in the door. He opened it and slammed it on her again. Brenda got up and helped her move.

He closed the door and left. Robin wanted to cry, but she didn't. "What's wrong with her?"

"She's going into labor. She's dilated all the way." said Emily.

"Okay. Sam push at the next contraction." said Robin.

Twenty minutes later, Sam had delivered her little girl. "Jennifer Lulu Spencer." she said.

Robin looked at her arm. It was bruised badly. Then she noticed something. "Em, the baby."


"She's not kicking. She stopped after he kicked me. He killed my baby."

Brenda stood up. She walked over to Robin and sat down. "Is your arm okay?"

"It hurts a lot. I think he broke my foot." Emily sat down next to her. Lulu was holding Jenny and Sam was sleeping by Courtney.

"Let me see your foot." said Em. She held out her foot and Emily did an examination. "Yeah, it's broken in 3 parts. Let me see your arm."

Robin held out her arm. Emily looked at it. "It's bruised really badly. Courtney, can you find me a…" Emily stopped. Courtney was holding her stomach.

"The baby's coming."

Brenda helped Robin get to Courtney. Emily and Elizabeth were around her. "Okay, Court. Your baby is coming in the next 5 minutes.

Courtney delivered her baby in 4 minutes. Robin took off her jacket and put it around the baby. Emily took her.

"Here's your little girl." Courtney looked down at her.

"Hannah Robin Morgan."

Elizabeth took the baby and layed her in Brenda's arms.

"Liz, we need to get Robin's baby out. She is sure that the baby is dead. If she is, we need to get her out." said Emily.

"My water broke." said Robin. Emily and Liz rushed over to her.

"It'll be okay. You need to deliver a healthy baby."

Emily handed the little girl to Robin. "Madeleine Emily Scorpio-Drake."

The girls were all fine for a few hours. Then they heard a scream and someone was pushed into a room.

"Carly." said Robin, Emily, Liz, Brenda, and Lulu. Carly looked at them.

"Great. I'm trapped with my best friend, my cousin, my son, a couple of kids, and 5 girls I hate. This is perfect."

"Hello to you to." said Emily. "Carly, we need you to help."

"With what? I only care about Courtney and Lulu. We need to get that clear."

"Can you hold Madeleine?" asked Emily.

"Depends. Whose kid is she?" All Carly had to do was look at the little girl's face and hair and she knew it was Robin's. She looked exactly like her. "She's Robin's. Madeleine looks exactly like her mother. Too bad for her."

Robin got up and limped to where Carly was. She slapped her and said "Don't you ever talk about my baby. Emily, I can hold her myself."

Carly walked towards Robin. She saw her bruised foot and very bruised arm. "What happened to you?"

"The guard grabbed her arm and threw her. He slammed a door on her foot. Then he kicked her in the stomach. She thought the baby was dead, but little Madeleine is fine." said Lulu.

"You can call her Mattie." said Robin.

Carly walked over and banged on the door. A guard came. "What do you want now?"

Carly slapped him. She pushed him down. He shot his gun and it accidentally hit Brenda. "Oh my God. You don't kick, grab, or slam stuff on a woman. Especially a pregnant woman. You could have killed her baby!" She took the gun and slammed the door on him.

"Brenda, are you okay?" Emily asked.

"I'm fine. It didn't hit me. It went into the wall."

Emily and Brenda were standing in one part of the room. Courtney, Sam, Hannah, and Jenny were sleeping in another part. Liz and Lulu were talking. Robin limped over to Carly.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have slapped you. Thank you for yelling at him."

"Robin, we need to stop fighting. Don't apologize for slapping me; it was my fault. By the way, your baby is really cute. She looks exactly like you. We need to get out of here. You need to get some help for your arm."

Emily looked over at Robin and Carly. "Are Robin Scorpio and Carly Jacks really getting along?"

"Okay, girls. I have a plan." said Carly. Then, a guard walked in. He grabbed Robin in the same spot again. She yelled.

"Get off of her!" yelled Carly.

"You're hurting her!" screamed Lulu.

"Shut up or I'll kill her." said the guard. "Give me the babies. Get up and get me the kids or I'll kill her."

Courtney and Sam were sitting up holding their babies. "I'll give him mine first. I have had more time with Jenny than you have with Hannah. Sam handed her baby to Lulu. Lulu gave her to the men. Next was Hannah. Mattie was last.

"My plan might not work. It involves knocking out a guard. I still have the gun. Robin will need to be helped out. Courtney, Sam, can you walk?"

"Yeah." they answered together.

"Emily, can you?" Carly asked.

"Robin, the baby's coming." said Emily. Carly helped Robin over. Elizabeth moved.

"The baby is coming now, Em." said Robin.

7 minutes later, the baby girl was handed to Emily. "Addison Courtney Cassadine."

"Let's do it now." said Carly.

"How are we going to carry her? I can't grab this arm." said Brenda.

"We need a jacket." said Emily.

"Take mine." said Carly. Emily wrapped the jacket around Robin's foot.

"Robin, put your arms around Lulu and Brenda. Use them like they are crutches." Robin did that. Courtney and Sam were taking turns holding Addison. Carly walked over to the door.

"Emily, lay on the floor." Carly banged on it.

"Help!" She's passed out!" She banged harder. The guard came in. Carly moved behind the door. The guard went to Emily. Lulu walked over and grabbed Emily. Carly shot. It hit the guard and he died. The girls all high fived.

"Let's go." said Carly. They walked down the hall after Elizabeth grabbed the guard's gun. They opened a door and all the kids were in there.

"Mommy!" yelled Cameron. Carly closed the door. Elizabeth went over to her son and picked up her daughter. Emily sat down with Spencer. Lila ran to her Mom and Sam picked her up. Then, she went over to the floor where Jenny was sitting. The others went to their kids.

Robin was holding her daughter. Kristina was sitting in the middle of the floor. "Kristina, come here." Kristina went over to Robin.

"She's real pretty. What's her name?"

"Mattie." when Robin said that, Mattie looked up.

Robin laughed. Carly looked up from her 1 year old son, Morgan. "What's so funny?"

"She knows her name. She looks up every time a say Mattie."

A guard came in and grabbed Robin's arm. "Do you enjoy abusing her?" said Emily.

"Yes." said the guard. "Everyone shut up." he slapped Robin.

"Don't touch her!" yelled Sam. Carly got up and so did Sam.

"Sit down or I'll hit her again." Sam walked over and sat next to Elizabeth.

"Give me the gun." she whispered. "Can you watch Lila and Jenny? I need to do something." Elizabeth nodded. Sam told Lila to come over there.

With Elizabeth holding her baby girl, Sam felt a lot better. She nodded at Carly.

"Give me her and the baby or I will kill you." said Carly. She and Sam had their guns pointed at him. He grabbed out a tiny box.

"Put the guns down or I will blow up the whole boat." Carly put her gun down. Sam shot.

Robin screamed. She heard her baby cry. They both fell forwards. She heard Lulu, Courtney, and Emily scream. "You could have killed her!" Emily screamed.

"Get her up!" screamed Courtney.

"What about the baby!?" screamed Lulu.

Robin heard her baby scream again. She was hoping she wasn't shot. This all happened in slow motion for Robin; Carly pushed the guy off, Lulu and Courtney were looking at Mattie, and Emily helped her up. She hugged her. Robin realized what was happening.

"My baby. Emily, where's Mattie?" said Robin. She was panicking. What had happened to her little girl?

Emily knew the tears were coming. Then Robin started crying. "Why can't I ever be happy with my baby? First Patrick doesn't want her, then I deliver her on a boat when I don't even know where I am, and then my baby gets shot!"

"Robin, calm down."

"My baby is dead. I wanted her so much. Now I have to bury her. I can't Emily. I can't do that."

"Robin! Shut up and listen! Mattie is fine! She didn't get shot; the guard did!"

"What? Where is she?"

"Right here, Robin." Courtney handed the baby to Robin.

"Hi, baby girl. Mommy loves you. Mommy needs to get you out of here." Robin knew who to talk to when she wanted to escape. "Carly, you need to help me get out of here." Then she felt the pain. It was in her arm and her foot. She passed out.

"Emily, what are we going to do?" Courtney asked. "We can't carry her out."

"Who in here can handle a gun, besides Sam and Carly?" Sam was sitting next to Robin.

"I'm sorry, Robin. I shouldn't have shot. I could have killed you or Mattie." she whispered.

"Its okay, Sam." she said quietly, waking up. "Em, she's up."

Emily walked over. "Robin, are you okay?" Then, Nikolas Cassadine was thrown into the room.

"Daddy!" yelled Spencer. Nikolas grabbed his side.

"I have a gun. How are we going to get out of here?" he looked around and saw a baby girl. She had Emily's hair color and Emily's face. "Em, is that our little girl?"

"That's Addison Courtney Cassadine. We all had our babies. We need to get them out now. Especially Robin."

Nikolas looked over. Robin had a huge bruise on her arm. She had a bruised foot that was wrapped up. There was a handprint on her face. She was lying on the ground. A baby girl was in her arms.

"That's 4 guns. Carly and Sam killed 3 guards already."

"I can work a gun." said Courtney.

"Let's do this." Carly told Nikolas the plan.

"Help! The baby is dying! Help!" Brenda screamed. Lulu was holding her twins. The other kids were all ready. Carly was sitting on the floor holding a baby blanket. It had a gun and Riley in it.

A guard ran in. Nikolas knocked him out. He picked up Robin and ran. All the girls holding the children followed him. They got to a room with a window. Nikolas closed and locked the door. "We need to feed the babies."

After running into a kitchen and stealing food, Courtney ran into the room. She gave bottles to the moms and gave the adults and children bread and ham she had taken.

Nikolas asked "Have they abused any of you?"

"I slapped him, and he slapped me back, Brody kicked him." said Courtney.

"He kicked Robin in the stomach when she was pregnant still. He broke her foot in 3 parts by slamming it in a door. He grabbed her arm 3 or 4 times which made that bruise. He shoved a gun in her side and threatened to kill her baby, Brody, me, and the twins." said Emily.

"I slapped him after he hurt Robin." said Carly.

"Have they asked you anything about the babies?"

"After Emily had Addy, he grabbed Robin and pointed a gun at her head. He told us to tell him the baby's names." said Sam.

"He may be planning to have you released by threatening the baby's to their fathers." said Nikolas.

He picked up Robin. "Let's go."

"If you don't come, Madeleine Scorpio will die." said the note Patrick was reading to his friends. "That means Robin had our daughter."

They decided that all of them (except Nikolas; he was with the girls.) would go to the pier at 10 o'clock tonight.

The boat exploded.

They ran off the boat and onto the docks. They were in Puerto Rico. Nikolas called a private plane to come pick them all up. They decided not to go to the hospital until they got to Port Charles.

Caesar Faison, an enemy of Robin's parents, had been holding them hostage. Robin had killed him when he tried to attack her. She had a big bruise on her back because he pushed her and she slammed into a wall. She had a scratch on her cheek because he had tried to cut her with a knife.

The plane came at 7:03. They had been held hostage for three days. All 4 babies had been born on May 27th and had left on May 29th.

"Oh my God." said Nadine Crowl when she saw Robin. She looked really bad.

"She has bruises on her arm because a guard squeezed it. He yanked her by it too. She was pushed into a wall and has a big bruise on her back. She gave birth on May 27th. Her foot is broken in 3 places. She has a cut on her cheek because Faison cut her with his knife. A guard slapped her so she has a handprint. Her side is bruised because a guard shoved a gun in it. She has bruises on her stomach. When she was still pregnant, he kicked her in the stomach. On May 28th, Sam shot a guard while he was grabbing onto Robin and her daughter. The baby is fine. When he fell, he crushed into Robin and she has bruising up her leg and on her stomach." said Emily. Robin had been hurt pretty badly.

"Okay, thanks Em." said Kelly. They wheeled an unconscious Robin to a hospital room.

"Emily, where's Robin?" Patrick asked. He ran and sat by her. All 6 girls were very dirty. Carly was still there.

"Emily, Courtney, and Sam, you need to be in beds." said Lainey.

"No." they answered together. Their children were sleeping on blankets by their mothers. They were also very dirty.

"She is in the emergency room. They had to fix something from when she had the baby. We delivered her, me and Liz. She's really beautiful, Patrick." Emily said. She told him all of Robin's injuries.

"I'm going to kill him." said Patrick.

"Too late. Robin shot him. He died instantly." said Courtney. She didn't look at him. She was staring into space.

"What's my baby's name?" Patrick asked.

"Madeleine Emily Scorpio-Drake." Emily, Courtney, Sam, Carly, Liz, Lulu, and Brenda answered together.

"Hey, sweetie. You feel okay?" asked Emily. She was standing next to Robin's bed. Robin was very dirty.

"Yeah, Em. Where are we? Where's my Mattie?"

"You're at GH. Mattie is in the nursery. She is fine."

"Does Patrick know about Madeleine?"

"Yeah, but he's too worried about you to go see her."

"Where's Sammy? Bren? Lulu? Court? Liz and Carly?"

"You're only aloud one visitor at a time. Sammy's coming in next." Emily hugged Robin. "You're strong, Robin. So is your baby girl." she left.

Sam walked in. "Robin, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have shot. I wasn't thinking. I just wanted you and Mattie to be safe."

"Sam, I forgave you. I still love you." said Robin.

"I love you too. I'm sorry." Sam started crying as she was hugging Robin. "How do you feel?"

"I am really sore and my arm hurts. Sam, will you ask Em and Court if they want to do a christening for Mattie, Jenny, Hannah, and Addy all together? Give my baby a kiss for me." said Robin. Sam left.

"Hey." said Brenda. She walked in the room and sat next to Robin. "Guess what?"

"What?" Robin asked. She sat up in her bed.

"Sonny bought a new house. Skylar and Kristina have to share a room. Kailey gets her own and so do Michael and Morgan. Kristina is going to be living with us now; Michael and Morgan are staying with Carly still."

"Wow, congratulations."

"Robin, where are you going to put Mattie?" said Brenda.

"In the nursery at my apartment." said Robin. She knew it was way too small to put her baby in, but it had to work.

"Robin, you haven't painted yet. There's no crib. You don't even have a dresser or dressing table yet."

"So, she can sleep in my bed with me for a while."

"No. You're not going to do that. When Skylar was a baby, she slept in my bed and couldn't fall asleep in her crib."

"Brenda? When can I go home?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"Oh. Can you get Courtney for me?"

"Sure. Love you."

"Love you too." said Robin.

Courtney came in the room. "Hey, Courtney."

"Hey. How you feeling?"

"I am really sore. Thank you."

"For what?" asked Courtney.

"Stealing food for my baby. She probably wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for you."

"It was nothing, Robin. I did what I had to. Do you remember before the boat exploded?"

"Yeah, we were in the room with a window. All the kids were sitting there. We were getting ready to go. Nikolas picked me up and I was holding Mattie and Kristina. Caesar Faison busted in the room. He pushed you guys out of the way. He yanked my arm and I fell. Lulu grabbed Mattie and Kristina ran to Brenda. He cut my cheek with a knife. I moved and he pushed me back against a wall. My back started hurting. Sam threw me her gun and I shot him."

"Yes, the police have to come in and question you."

"Okay. Court?"


"Do you want to do a christening with Jenny, Mattie, Hannah, and Addison?"

"Sure. Bye."


Detective Harper came in. "Dr. Scorpio? Can you tell me everything that happened?"

Robin told him everything. "Okay. I will be back tomorrow morning."


"Hey, Robin." said Elizabeth.

"Thank you for delivering my baby."

"You're welcome. Do you feel okay?"

"Yeah. Elizabeth?"

"What's wrong?"

"Why hasn't Patrick came in yet?"

"He doesn't want to upset you by coming in. He wanted you to see us first."

"Oh. Is Gabbie okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine."

"Good. Can you get Carly?"

"Sure. Love you."

"Love you too." Elizabeth left.

"Hi, Carly."

"Hi, Robin."

"Thank you for defending me and my baby."

"Robin, it was nothing. Emily and Liz are the ones who delivered her."

"Is Morgan okay? Are all the other kids good?"

"Yeah, Mattie, Hannah, Addy, and Jenny are all in the nursery. Kelly keeps trying to get Courtney, Emily, and Sam to lie down. They did just deliver babies."

"Tell them I said to go get checked out."

"I will. Robin?"

"I'm sorry for everything I said in the past and when I got on the boat and said that about your baby."

"Carly, its okay. Can we just be friends?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Can you get Lulu?"

"Yeah. Bye, Robin."

"Bye, Carly."

Lulu walked in. "Hey, Robin. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. How are your babies?"

"They are fine. I just came from the nursery. Mattie is beautiful. She looks exactly like you."

Robin smiled. "What is Patrick doing?"

"Pacing back and forth in the waiting room. I tried to get him to go see the baby, but he won't see her until he sees you."

"Oh. Is Nikolas okay? Can he come in here?"

"He's fine. I'll tell him. I love you."

"Love you too, Lulu."

Nikolas came in. "Hey Dr. Helpless."

"Hey, I delivered a baby when I had a bruised up arm and a broken foot!"

"Are you okay, Robin?"

"I'm fine. Thank you for carrying me out of the boat. Is Kristina okay?"

"She was asking about you."

"Will you do me a favor?"

"Yeah, what?"

"Go tell Elizabeth to examine Kristina. While she's doing that, I want you to tell Patrick that I am fine and to stop worrying. I don't want to see him yet. When Liz is done, bring Kristina in here. While she is in here, I want you to go to the nursery and see Addy. Please check on Mattie while you're in there."

"I will." Nikolas left. Robin was going to be by herself for a little while. Then, Kelly walked in.

"Hi Robin. Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm really sore and worried. How is my baby girl doing?"

"She's fine. She is so beautiful."

"Can I see her?"

"Not until you are out of here."

"Kelly!" said Robin.

"I'm sorry, Robin. It's hospital policy."

"When can I get out of here?"

"About a week." said Kelly.

Emily walked in. "Are you ready to see Kristina?"

"I'll go." said Kelly. "Don't move around too much."

"I won't." said Robin.

Kristina walked into the room. "Hi Robin."

"Hi Kristina." The little girl walked over and Robin lifted her onto the bed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Elizabeth checked me."

"Good." Emily walked in.

"Sorry, but Kristina has to go. Alexis is here."

"Okay. Kristina, be good. Emily, tell Patrick to come in here."

Patrick walked in. "Hi." he said nervously.