Hey everyone! Sorry if you thought this was an update, but I have news regarding all of my stories!

I have started a new website called That's Life. It's going to be where my new story is going to be posted, along with all of my others. From now on, I think I will be updating my stories more frequently on there than on here. It's just easier for me. Unfinished stories on here, and sequels to finished ones will be posted on there and updated before on here.

If you're a fan of my story Convenience (if you've forgotten, it's the one where Sam and Jason have twins named Emmy and Lily who they never knew were twins, and then they get sick and bring everyone back together), make sure you sign up on my That's Life website because that is next in line to be updated!

If you're a fan of my story Secrets (the ridiculously dramatic story with Sam and Jason's daughter Sofia), the sequel Lies Untold is being worked on and it will eventually be posted there!

If you liked my story The Right Life (Jason married Elizabeth, Sam and Jason have a daughter named Olivia, and in the end, they end up getting custody of Cameron and Jake), the sequel is now being written and I will post it there soon!

If you are a fan of Last Kiss (which let's face it, there aren't many), I will be posting it there only if people express interest in what happens!

If you were a fan of my writing back when it was Scrubs instead of JaSam, let me know and I will try and write some more!

If you liked Before Mattie (story focusing on Robin, Sam, Lulu, Carly, Elizabeth, and some others and they have babies at the same time, Robin's is named Mattie), I will consider posting a sequel if anyone wants it! It was always my original plan to have a story called Mattie, but then I decided to do a sort of prequel thing, which turned out to be Before Mattie.

If you read First Comes Love (not many people have, or if they did, they didn't review, but it's about basically the whole cast, or at least the important people, and their families), there was always a plan to make a sequel called Second Comes Marriage. If anyone would like to read it, I am willing to make it more current and add in other GH characters that are newer now.

For any Claudia, Carly, and Sonny fans, I am willing to update A Shadow of a Memory, but it will only be updated on That's Life.

If you are a fan of Hope, Moving On, Lies, Take Me out of The Rain, Take My Hand, Tears From the Heart, The Family Life, or You Choose, these stories have barely even started! I will take requests on what you want updated and I will try and finish every single one of these!

If you like The Kids (story where Sam has like nine kids with different guys and there's some crazy custody battles and all that), I don't know it because I always felt that story never really got reviewed. That was one of my favorites before and I am willing to update it but only on That's Life.

If you read the TL Oneshots After the Rain and You Can Change your Title, But Not Your Story, you will definitely love this!

So you see, it would really benefit you to go to That's Life and just check it out! Who knows, you might even enjoy the story That's Life, which is my best yet! For those of you who don't know, it is a story focusing on a new generation of Port Charles characters, meaning practically all of the characters on GH now had children and they are ruling the town! It will focus primarily on Sam and Jason's three teenagers- Emma, Gabe, and Maddie, along with Carly and Jax's kids Courtney and Connor, Maxie and Matt's daughter Chloe J, Claudia and Sonny's kids Zack and Hunter, Sonny and Brenda's daughter Brittany, Robin and Patrick's son Nate, Emily and Nikolas's daughter Paige, and Steve and Olivia's daughter Mia. I can assure you that if you like at least one character on General Hospital, you will LOVE this story. It is my favorite one I have ever written, even more than The Right Life or Secrets!

Please go check it out, sign up and make an account, and you will get all the benefits! The website is posted on my profile in case it doesn't work right here, but I'll try it anyway:

Thats_ ?

All of the above mentioned stories are on my profile, go READ AND REVIEW if you haven't yet! Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns regarding anything that has to do with the That's Life website, or any of my stories! Thank you!