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Author: Ebil Chameleon

Chapter: Prologue

When he woke up that morning, no one had told him that he was going to lose two of the most important people in his life.

That day had been deceitful with the sun shining and the birds chirping; seemingly the whole day had gone by without any foreshadowing of that horrible event that was to take place. He had gone through his day without any worries, no concern about what was to happen.

Everything was normal. He woke up to his brother's loud actions downstairs, the boy never having been good at keeping quiet. He took his shower, ate his breakfast, and waited for the hours to trudge on by. Riku had come by (for Sora more than for himself) and he had talked to Hayner on the phone for a while. After what seemed like a painstakingly long time, the easing of the sun sinking down over the horizon signaled that nighttime was finally here.

"You ready?" his twin asked him, looking all too eager to go to the party that was awaiting them. Riku popped his head in the doorway of his room, right above Sora's. Roxas rolled his azure eyes at the two best friends and stood up from his chair after shutting his computer off. There was a party tonight and Roxas wasn't as eager as his brother. Parties really weren't his thing but Sora had convinced (forced being a better word) him to go. Besides, Hayner, Pence, and Olette were going to be there and it just seemed a little better if his friends were going as well. He knew if they weren't, then Sora would run off with Riku and Kairi somewhere and leave him to be harassed by someone. Still, he knew his brother loved him even if he would rather be with his friends. He couldn't blame him either. When it came to their friends, Roxas and Sora stuck with their own. Of course they all got along as a group, but there just seemed to be a stronger bond between the separate groups.

Shaking his head, Roxas glanced out his window to see that the sun had fully set and the moon was now shining down upon the Earth. The stars twinkled majestically and he sighed. Might as well get this night over with.

The three headed down the stairs, and after announcing their leave to their parents, headed out the door. They had gotten instruction from their mother; no drinking, no smoking, stay together, don't do anything reckless, no sex, and to be home by at least 12:30. Perfect.

The party, as far as Roxas knew, was a big bash to celebrate the ending of the summer. Why anyone would celebrate the ending of their time of freedom, Roxas would never understand.

The street lights danced along the side of the road, each one illuminating the blonde as they went by. They were zooming along too, seeing as Riku didn't have a tolerance for slow driving.

Thoughts drifting in and out of Roxas's mind and he found himself drowning out the mindless chatter from his brother and thinking about what was to happen for him in the near future. Next month, however far away it seemed, he would be a freshman at Twilight Town Community College. Sora would be joining him. Riku would be entering his sophomore year. It almost seemed like a tradition for TTHS students: attend at least a year or two of the local community college before deciding to move on to a larger college or finding out that advanced schooling simply wasn't for them. All of his friends, as far as he knew, were doing just that. His group and Sora's group were all going to attend the local college, as were others that he knew.

It seemed so strange that it was all happening. It seemed as though time was just flying by. He felt like there just wasn't enough time to do all the things he wanted. What those things were he wasn't all that sure. But he felt like time from now on was cramped. He felt a tightening in his chest and closed his eyes. His heart thumped in its cage.

"We can walk can't we?" came Riku's voice. He glanced from Sora to Roxas, both shrugging in a nonchalant manor. The older boy pulled the car up to the curb about a block away from where the loud music could be heard and the blistering lights could be seen. They all got out and walked up to the house.

It was at the end of a circular cul-de-sac and people could be seen roaming the streets and inside one of the houses. As expected, when they got inside, Sora and Riku had somehow sauntered off without Roxas taking immediate notice. He grumbled to himself and wandered a bit, trying to locate someone he knew. Man, he really didn't want to be here.

The annoying part of walking around was the mass amount of people. Roxas was jostled around, being bumped by the partiers or horded by groups. He felt someone grind on him once and twice a hand touched him in forbidden places, causing the blonde to think that someone could lose a limb or two. He made it to the corner of the room, standing by the sliding glass door that out looked to the shimmering pool in the backyard. He had yet to see his own friends yet and growled to himself, his narrowed eyes scanning the crowd.

The atmosphere was already getting to him and he made a mental note to beat Sora for dragging him here. Unnoticed, he slipped out the door and into the backyard. A few people were back here as well enjoying a smoke and chatting lightly, and to his relief the numbers were small. The yard was big from his point of view with many exotic looking plants growing in large quantities. Roxas walked along the stone imprinted ground and over to a lawn chair set up by the pool.

He sat down and sighed. Five minutes, that's how long he'd been here so far and already he wanted to leave. He glanced around at the young people chattering in groups and felt the urge to be with his friends. Where could they be anyways? If they had decided against coming, he was sure to give them one hell of a talking to. A beating possibly, depending on just how mad he was.

"Hey," he heard to his right and he looked, noting that someone unfamiliar just had to come over and talk to him. His eyes scanned over the wild looking man, taking in the intricate and unique details. Fire red hair that spiked out madly, two strange teardrop-like tattoos, a striking, handsome face, and the most gorgeous jade eyes Roxas had ever seen. A grin was plastered on this guy's face and despite his good looks, Roxas could only frown.

"Yes?" he punched out with an air of annoyance. He wasn't in the mood to talk to someone he didn't know. Though at the same time, he felt some strange sort of gratitude towards this guy who had willingly come over and talked to him, intentional or not.

"Is someone a little cranky?" the newcomer asked with a chuckle. Roxas glared at him, resisting the urge to childishly stick his tongue out. The blonde sighed.

"I'm not much of a party person," he admitted to this stranger. He pointed his eyes to the pool, taking in the sight of the moon's reflection on the delicate waves. It gave him the strange urge to be at the beach, listening to the sounds of the ever moving water, the waves crashing onto the beach. Instead he was stuck here with insanely loud music and some…guy.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I bet if you at least tried you'd be able to enjoy yourself. Maybe if you were with other people."

"Are you insinuating that I go find other people besides you to talk to?" Roxas retorted before the red head had a chance to continue talking. The green eyed man raised a single brow and smirked.

"Touché," he said.


Roxas's eyes looked to where he heard the voice. He saw the hand of Olette waving in the air. Pence and Hayner stood by, gazing over at their friend. Roxas stood up.

"See ya," he said to the other man. The red head grinned.

"Yeah. I'll always be around if you need me."

Roxas inclined his head to the strange words and walked away to his friends.

Neither one of the twins were expecting to come home to the sight that greeted them. Roxas had been mindlessly staring out the window of the car when he heard Sora's voice as they turned onto their street. "What the hell?"

Roxas moved so that he could look out the front window. The first thing he saw was smoke billowing its way high into the dark sky. He looked at the street and noticed a few large red trucks. Fire trucks, he thought to himself. There were people standing on the streets, gathered around behind what looked to be police tape. Riku pulled the car off to the side by the curb and shut the engine off. Sora tore out of the car, Roxas doing the same.

A fire, Roxas now thought. The smoke had been climbing up from the side of the street, right by their house. Panic rose through the boy as he raced behind Sora, both boys running to the scene. Riku followed up behind them. The twins stopped and pushed their way through the crowd to get a better look. Roxas could have sworn his heart stopped when he looked forward and noticed the burned inferno where his house once stood. He didn't understand what was going on at first, but then if finally clicked. His house…it was gone. All of his belongings...gone. Sora was looking at what was left of their home in horror, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. Roxas turned his eyes to the crowd, scanning for their parents.

They weren't behind the tape and he instead turned, looking through the various police and firemen. He didn't see them there either. Riku caught up behind them and he looked just as stunned. Sora wasted no time and ducked under the tape. "Sora!" Riku called after him. But the brunette didn't listen and went straight for the first policeman he saw. Roxas and Riku exchanged glances and followed suit.

"Hey! No one beyond the tape!" an officer called.

Voice loud and demanding, Sora shouted, "This is my house! What's going on! Where are my parents?"

The officer glanced at Roxas, looking at the all too shocked face and sighed. Sora looked to be on the verge of tears and Riku put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Sora shrugged it off and took a step forward. "Tell me!" he spat.

Roxas remained quite. Sora was always the one to take action. He was the emotional one. Roxas however, was always the one to sit back, wait, and listen.

"Look kid, no one from inside was outside when we got here. A search team is inside right now so you have to be patient."

Sora 'hmphed' and glared at the man. He looked over at Roxas and they both exchanged worried glances. Roxas saw the shear fear in Sora's eyes and knew that he held a very similar look. He could feel the fear, the anxiety, the worry building within him. His stomach was in knots and he felt like he was struggling to intake every breath. At times he found himself holding his breath unknowingly. His palms were beginning to sweat and his throat had run dry.

Even after half and hour of watching various men dressed in yellow going in and coming out of the crispy structure, they still hadn't gotten any information.

Roxas had time to observe the damage. There seemed to be no part of the house that wasn't cooked. It looked as though the roof had collapsed in. No part of their home was the clear white he was so used to seeing; instead it was all charred black. His throat constricted and he didn't know what to do. He felt so damn helpless. Slowly Sora was turning into a wreck. Riku was watching intently, his clear sea foam eyes fixed on the house and never leaving it. It appeared as though he had forgotten how to blink. He had an arm around Sora's shoulders and a hand on top of Roxas's.

Roxas was grateful that his brother's best friend was here. Riku was was always quick to take care of his friends. Roxas didn't believe that there was anyone closer to Sora other than Riku, not even himself. He loved his twin and the two were extremely close but Riku…there just wasn't a comparison. The silverette was always there when Sora needed him. And he seemed to know what to do if something was troubling the brunette. And he always seemed to know if there was something wrong and what it was.

Riku would always be around, coming over to their house at any opportunity. Their parents loved Riku, treating him as if he were one of their own. Kairi as well, and all of Roxas's friends. And right now, he just seemed to be the support that both boys needed.

After waiting another ten minutes, a group of men came out of the home. One of them removed his mask and helmet and walked over to one of the officers who was close by the three teens. It was a strain, but Roxas could hear their words.

"Any survivors?" the officer asked.

Roxas held his breath and he noticed Sora's look too; the brunette was listening as well. It was painstakingly obvious that something was wrong. Roxas had scanned the crowd long enough to realize that his parents hadn't gotten out of the house. And he hadn't seen them come out with the group. He just didn't want that possibility to be there.

But it was. Never in his life had the word 'no' stung so much.

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