The sound of singing was filling the stale air inside the fortress of Port Royal. Cutler Beckett was standing on one of the balconies on the first floor, staring down at the scenery below with grey, harsh eyes. In his hand he had the newest declaration from the King of England, a pergament written in throrough gothic letters bearing the King's own seal in red wax. He was reading out loud and his words cut like cutlasses through the flesh and bone of the pirates standing below with the nooses around their necks. As his voice boomed through the monotone pirate song Eve was standing in the eager crowd below, her knee high leather boots planted firmly in the muddy dirt filled with hay strands and horse dung. She was standing a few ten yards from the platform on which the twelve doomed pirates were standing, awaiting their deaths. The people of Port Royal who were surrounding her were all cheering and yelling obsceneties at the captured pirates. In the middle of the platform standing on a barrel was a small boy, also quietly singing his last pirate song. Eve's light brown eyes quickly settled on the hangman whose face was covered by a tightly wrapped bandana to keep his identity safe for possible angered family members or pirate allies. A tingling immediately spread to her fingertips on her right hand, which was hidden inside the cloak that she had found lying in the alley way on her way here. With a small smile she carressed the smooth surface of the cutlass handle... time was almost up. Cutler Beckett's speach was almost over and she saw with an aching heart the faces of the pirates who all closed their eyes, ready for the fall. The hangman had already placed his hand on the handle, which would send them all - including the little boy - to their final destiny. Eve slowly starting walking towards the platform, gently pushing the people aside as she made her way forwards. Her reddish brown shoulder long hair was covering most of her tanned face as she was staring at the ground in front of her moving boots. She quickly found a spot right in front of the hangman to the side of the platform... and as she looked up Cutler Beckett finished his speach and folded the paper as he looked down. The cheering exploded in anticipation and Eve's eyes immediately settled on the hangman whose knuckles turned white as he tightened his grip around the handle. With a roar that drowned in the cheering Eve jumped forwards - before her long boots landed on the platform her cutlass was already drawn, whistling through the air. She caught a glimpse of the fear and surprise displayed in the hangman's blue eyes just before his head was severed from his body by her razor sharp cutlass. An enormous outburst of surprise sounded from the blood thirsty audience as Eve was standing with one boot on the dead body of the hangman, her cutlass raised. All of the pirates had stopped singing and stared incomprehensively at her. As if they couldn't tell if they were dead or dreaming. Eve's light brown gaze settled on the suddenly paled face of Cutler Beckett who seemed to be frozen in time, just staring at her. Then his gaze changed direction and Eve followed his glance with her own - and there, behind the audience were at least twenty red coats making their way through the crowd with their weapons raised. The time to act was now. And Eve raised her sword even more as she ran past all of the pirates and stopped at the other side of the platform. The sound of ropes falling to the ground pierced the screams and yells from the crowd and the pirates stared at the ropes which were now severed from the beam above their heads. For a moment they seemed too paralyzed to move - untill Eve yelled:


And as rats they scattered, still with their hands bound behind their backs they stormed through the crowd, where several hands tried to grab them and stop them in their path towards freedom. But none were to be stopped. They ran for their lives. Beckett rubbed his face in frustration just before his voice boomed:

"Grab her!", he yelled and the red coats were making their way right towards her. Eve was looking around for an escape route - and that was where she suddenly saw the small boy STILL standing on the barrel... his noose was still around his neck and he was pulling it because the rope connecting it to the beam hadn't been severed completely - a few hemp strands were holding it together. Eve immediately ran to him and cut the rest of the rope - the boy stared at her with an undescribable gratitude and she lifted him down from the barrel, cutting the ropes which bound his small hands behind his back.

"Come with me - we have to get out of here!", Eve said to him and grabbed his hand in her own as she made a graceful jump down from the side of the platform. She had found a route - a small alley way was unblocked and she ran as she had never run before down the muddy alley, the small boy almost dragging after her because his short legs couldn't keep up with her insane pace. Only a small twenty yards behind them were the red coats in close pursuit with their swords raised. They mission had been stated clearly by Beckett - she was to be taken alive. As she and the boy rounded a corner Eve stopped dead in her tracks, her boots skidding forwards in the mud - to her left there was a building made of wood, but a single plank was loose, allowing her to quickly slip into the darkness inside pulling the boy with her. She quickly corrected the plank, silently pushing it into place, erasing her tracks. And seconds later the army of red coats were storming past outside. Eve let out a relieved sigh - but immediately froze as a blade suddenly rested on her shoulder. 

Carefully she let go of the little boy's hand and stuck her hands in the air... closing her eyes she waited for the blow:

"Just kill me - but spare him. He is only a child", she whispered, but opened her eyes as she suddenly heard a quiet, male voice:

"I am not going to kill you... but who are you and what are you doing in my blacksmith?"