As Will and Eve heard Jack shouting, they immediately got up from their chairs, leaving the still almost full glasses of rum behind. Five nautical miles… with the speed of the Pearl that meant about seven minutes or so, tops. As the two of them headed out through the double doors they could see that the storm had lifted completely – there was a blue sky above them with puffy white clouds. Eve and Will joined Jack by the wheel, and Eve smiled as she watched how Mr Gibbs was playing with Thomas by the mast, playing pirates and soldiers.

"Jack, where in Port Royal are we going?", Will asked nervously as he stared at the town on the spit of land in the horizon… however they didn't seem to be going directly for harbor, they were more sailing parallel to Port Royal. Will frowned:

"Jack, where are we going?", he asked, but Jack didn't even look at him and he seemed a little paler than usual, although it was hard to see through all of the dirt on his face.

"We're going for the treasure, what else?", Jack said as his dark eyes were fixed on something in the horizon. Eve also looked worried… she had this weird feeling inside. And she couldn't determine what it was. It was about eight o'clock in the morning, and she felt like something bad was going to happen. But there was also another feeling, that she couldn't put her finger on.

"What IS the treasure, Jack? Something is troubling you, and I bet that it is said treasure", Will said firmly as his eyes tried to find what it was that Jack was looking at. All he saw were some tall cliffs on the edge of the bank of Port Royal, far from the harbor. Jack sighed:

"I can't tell ye… yet… ye'll have to see for yerselves", Jack said under his breath as the cliffs came closer and closer. Eve put her hands on her hips:

"WHY can't you tell us, oh dear Captain?!", she spat, getting annoyed with all of this mystery and secrets. Jack's head snapped to the side, staring at Eve:

"Because then all of my crew will swim for land, that's why! Now shush!", Jack said, getting annoyed as well. He had enough on his mind as it was… and he had to remember the words that Elle gave him…. 'MORS VALIDUS'…. Yes, that be the words, Jack thought.

"But…", Eve started, but suddenly she held her stomach and almost tumbled forwards. Will caught her:

"Eve, what is it??", he asked as he held her tight, hugging her – but all of a sudden she pushed him away and ran for the railing. Jack and Will stared at each other incomprehensively and then they looked back at Eve – who was now bent over the railing, throwing up.

"Oh…", Jack merely said and turned his glance back at the cliffs which were coming closer and closer. Will immediately joined Eve by the railing:

"What is going on? Are you seasick?", Will asked in a concerned voice. Coughing and wiping her mouth Eve looked back at him:

"I don't know… I just feel nauseous…", she said and sat herself down on the deck. Will joined her:

"Maybe it is the rum?", he asked.

"WHAT?", Jack suddenly said and they found him looking at them with wide eyes.

"Ye stole me rum?!", he asked, flabbergasted. Will sighed as he brushed Eve's cheek:

"Jack, she's sick… can't you think of anything but rum and treasure?", Will said which was met by a laugh and a shrug from Jack:

"Don't be naïve, William… the lass is pregnant", he just said as he steered the Pearl closer to the cliffs. Will's eyes widened as well as Eve's.

"W.. What?", Will stammered and noticed how Eve gently rested her hand on her stomach… swallowing she realized that this had been the weird feeling that she couldn't put her finger on. A smile appeared on her face, but at the same time she was more scared than she had ever been before. It was true… she could feel it…

"Eve?", Will said under his breath as he looked at her. Eve looked back at him:

"You're going to be a father, Will", she said as she caressed her stomach. Will's eyes were wide open as he looked back at her:

"I.. I am? I am?!", he said, a wide smile spreading on his tanned face.

"I am going to be a father…!", he said as if he couldn't comprehend it. He then hugged Eve tight and grabbed a hold of her hands, looking straight at her:

"And a good father I will be – you have my word, Eve", he said tenderly. Eve could feel tears forming in her eyes, but she suppressed them… this was nothing less than fantastic and she…

"LOWER THE BOATS!", Jack suddenly yelled and both Eve and Will jumped a little. Both of them got up, Will supporting Eve, who was still a bit groggy and wobbly on her feet.

"I just can't believe it… I'm going to be a father!", Will repeated and caressed Eve's cheek. Howevr Eve wasn't smiling. Will looked at her closely:

"What's wrong?", he asked and watched as Eve's hands were circling on her stomach.

"Is it the baby?!! Is something wrong with it?? Are you…?!", he started, but Eve shushed him gently:

"No, Will… the baby is fine… I just have a bad feeling about this place", she said just as the boats were lowered into the crystal blue Caribbean ocean. Will looked at her closer:

"How so…?", he asked and planted a gentle kiss on her a bit sweaty forehead. Eve shrugged:

"I.. can't explain it… it just gives me the creeps, that's all", she said and watched as Raggetti, Pintel, Mr Gibbs and Jack started to climb down the side of the Pearl to place themselves in the boats. Thomas suddenly ran up to Eve:

"Where are they all going, mommy?", he asked as he was pulling on her green shirt. Eve forced a smile:

"They're going for a walk, Thomas. Now why don't you go play with the rest of the crew?", she said and smiled genuinely when she saw the sparkle in Thomas' brown eyes. He immediately ran off to play with the crew which was left behind to guard the Pearl.

"Hey, Turner and lass! Get downhere!", Jack suddenly yelled from below. Eve looked over the railing:

"I have a name, you know?", she spat, but was interrupted by Will:

"Jack, she is pregnant. She should stay on the ship!", he said, but Jack merely sighed:

"And how is a pregnant woman going to protect me ship, ey? I need as many eyes as I can get and as far as I can see she's got two of them. So bloody jump in, savvy?!", Jack commanded – Will was about to protest, but Jack immediately opened his mouth again:

"Now!", he said and wiggled at the rope which was hanging down from the side of the Pearl.

"It's alright, Will… captain's orders", Eve said as she grabbed a hold of the rope and started to lower herself down. She could immediately feel how cold sweat was starting to form all over her body. She didn't feel all that frisky. Will followed her closely on her way down and helped her sit down in the boat. Eve just looked at him:

"Will, I am pregnant, not handicapped…", she said and sent him an assuring smile. Will nodded and Eve thought she saw him blush a little.

"For the cave!", Jack said and only now Will and Eve noticed a small opening in the side of the cliff… just big enough for a boat this size to pass through. As they sailed into the darkness, Jack lit an oil lamp… Immediately all of the sea creatures sitting in the rock ceiling or on the walls, pulled back their tentacles and some of them dropped into the water as they were hit by the light. Sailing further in it became darker and darker – but also bigger. They entered a big hollow in the cliff formation and darkness seemed to surround them, almost suffocating the light from the oil lamp. Suddenly there was a scratchy sound and everyone looked down – the belly of the boat had hit the rock floor. The water was simply too shallow for them to sail any further – they would have to walk. As Jack commanded everyone out of the boat, Will and Eve joined hands as they stepped into the cold, dark water. It almost reached the edge of Eve's knee high leather boots. All of them started to walk further into the cave… with Jack in the front holding up the lamp in order to see where he was putting his feet. Eve suddenly noticed the cave walls… they were full of inscriptions in a language she didn't understand and with symbols she had never seen before. It was still a complete puzzle to her how this treasure could bear her name… and also what the treasure WAS… 'secrecy, secrecy, secrecy', she thought and sighed. Her sigh echoed from one wall to another, making Jack turn his head towards her:

"Sssh", he said as he held a dirty index finger in front of his lips. Suddenly the cave seemed to get smaller… and now Jack was standing by a wall with a small hole in it… just big enough for a man to crawl through.

"Follow me", Jack said as he first put the oil lamp through the hole and them crawled in there himself. All of the crew were looking at each other nervously. 'This bodes ill, Jack', Mr Gibbs thought as he followed him, with a lot of effort. Rather quickly they had all passed the small hole and were now standing in a huge cave, bigger than the last one. Also here there walls were covered in inscriptions… Jack wore a stone face as he walked further into the cave all while he was repeating the words Elle had given him in his mind. 'Mord Validus', Mors Validus', Jack thought, but suddenly skidded to an abrupt hold. The crew almost smashed into him from behind.

"Jack, what…?", mr Gibbs started, but his mouth dropped open when he saw what the oil lamp lit up in front of them.