Sometimes love strikes you at the weirdest opportunities

Sometimes love strikes you at the weirdest opportunities.

Even if it's a really gory movie with animal cruelty and gore and disturbing images.

This is the story of how I grew to love the movie "The Hills Have Eyes". I'd always wanted to see the movie; the idea of creepy mutants from the 50's nuclear testing always creeped me out yet fascinated me endlessly. I finally rented the thing, and decided to watch it. Alone. In the dark. With my pet bunny in the room. Well, I guess I wasn't technically alone. So, I started to watch it. It was really interesting at the beginning, especially with the weird freaky faces. I paused a few times to study the faces, especially the two-headed one. It looked Chinese to me somehow. But how the hell would a Chinese person get in the New Mexico Hills in the 50's? I don't know. But this movie had me hooked from the beginning. The gas haven man disturbed me in a way. In a way that was very personal: He looked exactly like my dad. He had kind of the same personality, too. Not that my dad would blow his brains out or anything, but I'm just saying. I got really angry when the dog, Beauty died. I'm an avid animal lover, and just to see an animal die mercilessly like that broke my heart. And the whole thing with the bird…ewww. I felt so bad for that little birdie. I cried. Ironically, Lizard is my favorite character in The Hills Have Eyes. Something about his animalistic sex drive and his intriguing mindset just turned me on somehow. So it was official: I was a Lizard fangirl.

Weird, right? First you hate something and then you love it. Not just like, "Oh, that's a good movie." No. Like you're in love with the thing and you actually wish you were there for all eternity. (In my case I wish I could be with Lizard for all eternity and have him breastfeed on me instead of Lynn. I wouldn't complain too much about the raping, either. I just liked Lizard. Plain and simple.) Thanks so much, Wes Craven. You're a genius of horror (And making sexy little mutant thingies).