Spur-of-the-moment fic

Spur-of-the-moment fic. Inspired by chapter 166. Probably not a part of my other ones.

Allen was always in dire need of money. As a rather hungry street child, he took every odd job that came. He knows what they always said behind his back, right after they sent him away after a finished job.

Rat. Monster. Look at his arm. That ungrateful animal! Always looking around, the little criminal…

An endless string of names and curses when they knew that he heard them perfectly. But he tried to be polite to them, at least when they hadn't paid him yet. But after that, he'd learned, he could do whatever he wanted. Shout to their faces,for example. Usually he didn't. It sometimes ended up in a beating. And that equalled no work, no money and finally, no food. He wasn't going to give up yet on living. Not yet, anyway.

He knows that the circus has arrived to the town. He watches the children begging their parents to take them to the circus, tugging their coats for money. He sees that many of them are squealing of joy after the small promise their parents made.

He knows that he'll never get to do that. He watches the small, few coins in his hand, earned with hard work.

He'll never have the chance to ask them from someone else, someone who would give the few coins just because of a family bond.

He stuffs the coins to the pocket of the worn out pants he has on him and walks towards the circus himself.

Maybe he could ask if they had any odd jobs.

He would do them. Even for a few coins.

Because he needed every coin he could get.

This is something I felt I needed to write in honor of chapter 166. I know it's short but I have a limited time 'cause going to a friends house this weekend. To watch anime. snickers I hope you liked and leave a review on your way out. And if you're waiting for more of my Angst-Allen works, I assure you, there will be more of them. Not just now :)

See ya!!