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/Yugi to Yami/

/Yami to Yugi/

Chapter 4: New Acquaintances

The days grew longer, then shorter, and then longer again. A year had passed from the fight with Duke and Tea, and neither were talking to Yugi or Yami. Time seemed to pass so much faster now, and before they knew it, Yugi had made it into college and was now a sophomore. Yami smiled as he watched his koishii get ready for a presentation the next day, laying out the suit he would wear, and making sure his papers were in order. He could feel the anxiety coming off of his Aibou in waves. /You'll be fine koishii./ Yugi stopped what he was doing and looked over at Yami. "I have no idea why I'm so nervous… I guess I just hoped that it wouldn't be time so soon." Yami smiled and walked forward, placing a hand on Yugi's hip and one on his back. "You have no reason to be nervous." He whispered before bringing the hand on Yugi's back up to his head. "You'll be amazing." Pushing his head forward, he leaned in, his lips meeting Yugi's halfway.

/Just as you always are./ The silent whisper in Yugi's mind made him moan slightly as he pushed forward into the kiss. /Yami I-/ A bang on the door, startled them out of their kiss. "Yugi! Yami! For pete's sake I'm trying to sleep! No doing anything until I'm not here. That was the rule!" Yugi's grandpa could be heard stomping away not waiting for a response, and then his door shutting. Yami chuckled at the look on Yugi's face. /Don't worry koishii. I'll take care of you. You just need to be more quiet./ Yugi glared at the pharaoh. /I hate you./ Sticking his tongue out at the man, Yugi moved past him to finish getting his presentation ready. Yami smirked, and moved up behind him quietly. /No you don't. In fact…/ A slight gasp was the only response he received as he moved his arms around Yugi, trapping him against his own body, and nibbled his neck gently. /I know you love it, you love the thrill, you love the chase. Just as I do./ A slight moan escaped Yugi before he was turned around and forced on the bed, quickly being silenced by a rough kiss. /Now then, how about I make sure you sleep before your presentation?/

Yugi's grandpa growled silently into his pillow. He would not be getting any sleep tonight. The evidence was in the somewhat quiet moans coming from his grandson's bedroom.

The presentation had gone great, the weather was clear, there wasn't a lot of traffic, and he was supposed to be meeting Yami later that day for dinner and a movie. Yugi smiled softly as he thought about the past year with the pharaoh. 'I would be lost if I hadn't have gotten him back.' Remembering how he was when Yami had been in the afterlife, and remembering the pain, the loneliness. He had nearly died, mainly because he had tried to kill himself but that's beside the point. He had everything he needed, and he had never been so happy in all his life.

A shout was the only warning he received before he was knocked to the ground. Gasping at the contact of the concrete, Yugi looked up to see a man standing above him. "Are you alright?" An irish accent, slightly tall build, black hair, and blue eyes. "Y-yes, I'm fine. Thank you." He accepted the hand that was offered and dusted himself off. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't really paying attention and by the time I was-" The man cut himself off and bowed before Yugi. "My name is Merion, I'm really sorry." Yugi bowed back and smiled. "My name's Yugi, it's ok. Really. Nice to meet you." He extended a hand, and waited till Merion shook it. "Are you the new transfer student?" Merion smiled and nodded. "Yes, just arrived this morning. I was trying to get some of the landmarks in my head so I could figure my way around. Any chance you could tell me where the classroom for Miss Wun is?" Yugi smiled and pointed down a path of statues. "If you follow this path and take a right when it ends, it's the 5th door on your left."

Merion smiled and pulled out a pen, writing something on a map he was carrying. "Got it, thank you so much. Any chance I can talk to you again sometime?" Yugi nodded. "Sure, I'm in the same class as you with Miss Wun, you can just sit next to me." He looked down at his watch. "Oh, I have to go I'm running late for dinner. It was nice meeting you though!" Yugi waved goodbye as he turned and took off for the entrance to the school. Not noticing that Merion waved with a smirk, or that he had pulled out his phone and taken a picture of him. Dialing quickly, Merion started walking towards the campus store. "Yes, I just bumped into him, he's shorter than you said, but still." He paused and waited until the other person stopped talking. "Don't worry; I'll have him delivered by the end of the month." Hanging up, Merion smirked widely as he looked at the picture he had taken. "Yugi Mutou, it was so nice to meet you."


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