Yet ANOTHER story by me, bugger-lugs! -.-" I have so many unfinished stories, it actually hurts, but I HAD to write this down! :) I know its an odd pairing, but I've grown fond of it. :D Bare in mind I do NOT watch "Torchwood". I have picked up what I know from a reliable-and-slightly-obsessed (kidding!) friend.

Anyways, I wrote this because I HATED the way Donna left! :( :( And, I didn't like the Rose-abandonment, but mostly, I wanted Donna back. lol :P

There will be a couple of mysteries that need solving in this, but mostly, it's about the Donna-thing.


Title: Remembering

Summary: Set after 4x13. "Jack's eyes met hers and he said anxiously 'Do you know who I am?'. The familiar redhead shook her head, 'No.'" The companions on Earth find Donna, and, mistaking her state for an accident, try to make her remember. Donna/Jack, some 10/Rose.


Chapter 1

The Doctor leant against the Tardis console, his brown eyes sad. Yet another companion gone, except unlike the others there was no way she was going to return.

He gave a long suffering sigh, running a hand through his hair. He had to admit it…he was definitely going to miss Donna. Sure, sometimes she annoyed him with her consistent jabbering, fairly regular slaps and pokes at his 'Alien-ness', but in the end she was a good friend. A best friend, he could say, if he were a child or a woman.

He sighed again, and was about to begin moving the Tardis from its rather obvious position on a street corner, when suddenly, there was a bright flash of white light, and he was thrown backwards. He groaned as his head clunked against the metal grating, and looked up hazily into the light. His eyes widened.

"No." the Doctor whispered.

"It can't be…" he said in a quiet, shocked voice, before he passed out.

2 Months Later

"He still isn't picking up!" Martha cried hopelessly, flopping into the seat beside Jack. He growled under his breath and said, "Where could he be?"

Martha Jones and Mickey Smith had joined the Torchwood team shortly after the events on the Dalek Crucible, and for the last month or so, they had desperately been seeking the Doctor. The computers had detected a unfamiliar - albeit faint - signal, that no one could decipher, and thought the help of the Doctor and the Tardis would help solve it.

"He isn't picking up my mobile…" Martha mumbled, "And I can't think of any other way to contact him!"

Gwen, who was pacing the room, suddenly clicked her fingers, "How about Donna?"
Jack blinked, "Donna?"
Martha's face lit up, "Yes! She gave me her mobile number soon after I met her, after the Sontarans."
She began typing in another number and pressed 'Speakerphone'. They waited as the phone rang, until a familiar voice came through, "Hello?"

"Donna!" Martha exclaimed happily, "Hi! It's me, Martha,"
There was a moment of silence, before "Who?"

Martha's face fell, "Martha Jones. I'm a friend of the Doctor's."

More silence.

Martha looked at Jack, eyes wide, and mouthed 'She doesn't know who I am!'.

Then, Donna said something that made the whole team jump.

"Who's the Doctor?"

Martha's mouth was agape, her eyes wide.

Who's the Doctor?

How could she ask that?? What was wrong?!

"Oh, hold on…" her voice said, "I've got another call…"

And she was gone.

The whole team sat in a shocked silence.

"Something's wrong," Ianto said in a tiny voice.

Jack nodded, "I think we'd better get to London."

Donna Noble awoke with a yawn, rubbing her eyes tiredly as she sat up.

Thank God for Saturdays!, she thought, lying back. 11AM, and she didn't have to worry about getting to work!

She sighed happily and swung her feet out of bed, thinking.

She had got a really weird call on her mobile the day before, from someone called Martha Jones, who seemed to know her…

Donna chewed her bottom lip, before brushing her worries aside. Probably nothing, anyway.

With another yawn, she climbed up and headed downstairs, where her mum and granddad were already sitting eating breakfast.

"Morning," she said chirpily, pouring herself a coffee.

"Morning, sunshine," Wilf beamed. Sylvia was too engrossed in her newspaper to look up, but she gave a grunt in greeting.
Donna rolled her eyes and sat on a seat around the kitchen table, sipping coffee. Suddenly, her head felt really heavy and she groaned, resting her head in her hands. She had been getting these terrible headaches almost daily for the last month or so. They made her feel horrible and groggy, and every time she took aspirin it just made her head worse and she needed to throw up.

"You alright, love?" Wilf asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah…I just think I'm getting another migraine," Donna mumbled into her palms.

"Another one?" Sylvia cried, finally emerging from her newspaper, "Oh, Donna, you've been getting them so often lately!"
Donna was about to reply when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her chest. She groaned, hissing slightly in pain.

"Are you okay?" Sylvia asked. Donna nodded, putting a hand on her chest, and grumbling, "Yeeeeeeeeeah…"
Sylvia looked worried, "Is your chest still bothering you? I said, you should go to a hospital!"

Donna shook her head. She hated having a big fuss made over her health, and she hated going to the hospital. Luckily, she was saved by someone knocking at the door. She got up immediately with a cry of "I'll get it!" and she ran to the door, swinging it open.

Her brow immediately furrowed in surprise and confusion. On her doorstep stood three unfamiliar people. One was a young black woman with brown hair tied back and brown eyes. One was a young black man with a closely shaved head and brown eyes and the last…

Was probably one of the fittest men Donna had ever seen!

Suddenly, she was very aware that she was in her pyjamas.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Donna Noble!" the fit man suddenly exclaimed, "Good to see you again!"

Donna's face must've betrayed a look of surprise, as his face fell.

"How do you know my name?" she asked slowly.

"It's me." the man cried, "Jack!"

Her face remained blank.

"Captain Jack Harkness?" he prompted, "'Outer Space Facebook'? We put 27 planets back in the sky together?"

Donna's brow furrowed even more, and she stepped back as if to close the door, "Sorry, you must have the wrong house. Well, I'm busy so--"
"Wait!" this mysterious 'Jack' said, stepping forward so she couldn't close the door.

Jack's eyes met hers and he said anxiously "Do you know who I am?"

The familiar redhead shook her head, "No."

"How could she not remember any of it?" Martha whispered. The trio sat in a café, all with hot cups of coffee and were pondering what on Earth had happened to Donna.

"Something must've happened," Jack said thoughtfully. He had given Donna his card if she ever needed it - which must've left the poor woman even more confused, he realised - and the three had left and settled in this little shop.

"Maybe it was an accident!" Mickey cried, "You know how dangerous it is with the Doctor. Some alien could've kidnapped the Doctor and brainwashed her,"

Martha grinned, "Yes! That is probably it! Mickey, you genius!"
Mickey went understandably red and mumbled something into his coffee. Jack sighed.

"If only the Doctor would magically appear," he said grumpily.

2 Months Before

The Doctor lay unconscious on the floor of the Tardis. The person kneeled beside him, a sad smile on his face.

"We're back," he said absent-mindedly, "And I'm going to leave you here with him."
"What about you?!" his companion exclaimed, "You're not well,"
The first person smiled, "I might as well go and live out the remainder of my days back home,"
The second person nodded sadly, kissing his head, and, in another blinding flash, the first man was gone. The second smiled and kneeled beside the Doctor, placing a hand on his cool cheek.

"I'm here," she whispered, a smile on her face.

"I'm back, and I'm never leaving you," Rose Tyler whispered, before placing a kiss on his forehead.

Like I said, 10/Rose :) I wouldn't lie!


Mostly, this is going to be about Donna with the Torchwood team. Obviously, they don't know remembering will kill her. Sorry if my naïve-ness about "Torchwood" is apparent. XD

This wasn't my best chapter...hmmmm...sorry :( But I actually began this at like 5.30 and since then have had loads of interuptions, like my dad coming home, my dad going to help my grandad with something, my dog peeing on the carpet, dinner etc. etc., you get my drift. :)

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