It had been two years since The Cullens moved in with The Volturi. They are not on the Volturi but they do live with all of us. Ashley and Edward got married last year in August. There has been a lot of crazy shit and missions that we have done over the last two years. Felix went through a tie-dye phase. Demetri went through a speedo phrase. Jane went through a goldfish craving phrase. Marcus went through a matchmaking phrase. Alec went through a smoking phrase. I honestly didn't know vampires could get high. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Caius went through a 'my little pony.' Phrase. We have been in many situations and created many new things. The Volturi are not as strict but we still are very strict. We made an underground club for mythical creatures called 'Myth.'. Jane invented a holiday that every vampire must celebrate called 'Chainsaw tag.'. It's pretty self explanatory. Let's just say we've been in a lot of shit. Dean and I are out hunting for more animals to restock the room. We convinced the entire Volturi to switch to animals. I heard someone scream and I dropped my dear and ran towards the scream. I came to a small clearing and there was a ruby red eyed vampire delivering twins from a human that he bit. The vampire killed the human and was about to kill the twin girls. "Stop." I said, using my mind control on him. The vampire stopped. "Go home and this whole thing never happened." I said. The vampire ran off. I ran over to the twins. They were crying. They didn't smell human but they had blood and a heartbeat. They were obviously half vampires. I picked up the children in my arms. "Dean." I said and then my husband was in the clearing with me.

"Bella what happened and why do you have twins in your arms?" Dean asked.

"A vampire killed the father then bit the mother sending her into labor and then he killed the mom. I saved the babies." I said softly. "Can we keep them?' I asked. "Please Deany please?" I begged.

"Well, they have no parents and they need them so; We are the parents of twins." Dean smiled at me. My smile must have been huge. I handed one of the girls to Dean and we ran back to the castle. I opened the door and ran to the throne room with Dean behind me. Everyone was inside.

"Aro!" I said excitedly. "I found these babies. A vampire killed the father then bit the mother sending her into labor and then he killed the mom. I saved the babies." I said. Aro looked shocked. "They are half vampires. The mother must have gotten some venom into the babies. Can I keep them?" I asked with hopeful eyes. Aro chuckled and nodded. Rosalie looked extremely jealous, Alice was glowing, Jasper was trying to sort the emotions out, Emmett was beaming at me, Edward was smiling, Esme was radiating, Carlisle was also smiling at me, and The Sinners were all smiling. The rest of the Volturi was happy also. Dean and I sat on the couch with the babies.

"What are we going to name them?" Dean asked.

"I liked the name Lillian Mae." I said softly looking down at the brown haired baby with deep blue eyes. I smiled. "You pick for the other." Dean looked thoughtful for a moment then said;

"I name her Bridget Emalee." Dean said while gazing at the black haired girl with brown eyes in his arms. They had already had some vampire qualities. They were pale, cold but not freezing, and they had hints of scarlet in there eyes. I sighed and grabbed a black blanket from the drawer. I laid it over Dean, Bridget, Lillian, and I. Heidi awed at us.

"Bella we will have to go shopping." Alice and Heidi said together then they laughed. I shushed them and pointed to the babies. They got quiet. Dean and I carried them to our room and put them in the bed. I hugged Dean and gazed at them.

"They are beautiful." I whispered.

"Not a beautiful as you my love." Dean whispered back.

"I am going to shop for them. Baby-sit?" I asked. Dean nodded.

"Stick to dark colors. Don't ever buy pink." I laughed silently and ran out the door. I grabbed my cloak and called for Heidi and Alice and the others.

"Let's go shopping. No pink." I said. Alice and Rosalie groaned. I laughed and walked out to my Ferrari. Jane got up front and everyone else in back. "Ok we need bassinets, bottles, baby food, diapers, wipes, changing table, cribs, bib, diaper bags, high chairs, car seats, baby powder, baby soap and shampoo, bath seats, clothes, formula, toys, teething rings, blankets, strollers, bouncers, baby carrier." I listed. Everyone nodded. I pulled up to one of the biggest baby stores in Volterra. I got out and the others followed me into the stores. Heidi and Jane were behind me catching clothes I throw into the basket. I filled up 15 bags with clothes for each age until 24 months. I then moved to cribs. I picked out two Santa sleigh type cribs in black. We went through the store and I bought everything I needed for the babies. A total of 55 bags in all and boxes will be delivered tomorrow at the castle. We put all the bags in the trunk and some in the backseat and I drove home.

"You're so lucky Bella." Rosalie sighed.

"I know." I said softly. I pulled into the driveway and Felix, Aro, Demetri, Alec, Marcus, Caius, Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward were there to get the bags. I went inside the castle and to my babies and my hubby. I walked in the room and saw the cutest sight ever. Dean had both of the girls in his arm and was talking to them. I walked out of the room and around the wall; I listened.

"Mommy is the very best person I know. You two will love her. She is so beautiful and selfless. She is the sweetest, kindest, loving, deadly person I know. I am happy that she is my wife and your mommy. The way she looks at you is incredible. "I could almost hear the smile in Dean's voice. I walked in the room and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

"Thank you. I love you." I whispered against his neck. I felt Dean smile into my hair.

"Your welcome Mommy. I love you too." Dean said while kissing my head.