It has been sixteen years since Bridget and Ryan gave up the twins. Things have gotten better. Ryan, Bridget, and Lilly all graduate college. Bridget and Lilly went through the full transformation into a vampire when they were twenty years old. They both have powers. Bridget has the power to create mental visions in others minds. Like an illusion. Lilly can make people do what she wants. With the exception of their mother. Bridget changed Ryan when he was twenty two years old. He is ungifted. The Sinners have been getting good missions. Everything is starting to shape up. That's what they thought.

Bridget POV

Ryan, Aunt Thorn, Uncle Emmett, Lilly, Mom, Dad, and I were out hunting. Being a full vampire is exhilarating. I think giving up the babies was the better thing to do. They will be alright. I hope. Mrs. Lynx was really nice when I met her once. I crossed a track that I didn't recognize. It was not full human but it had blood. "Ryan." I whispered almost silently as the wind. He was at my side in a second. "Smell." I whispered. Ryan smelled the air and raised his perfect black brows.

"What is that?" He whispered, just as silent. I shrugged and started out towards it. Ryan followed. We came to a small meadow were two teenagers argued. There was a girl with long, silky black hair and bright emerald eyes. She was gorgeous and exquisite. Pale skin. Then there was a tall boy with soft brown hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. He was taller than the girl by at least six inches. He had strong muscles coming through his tight shirt.

"Mom said that they live in the Volturi castle!" The boy yelled. His voice was smooth and clear. With a hint of southern drawl in it.

"Where is that Sherlock!" The girl shouted. Her voice was a low soprano.

"Can we assist you?" I asked. Both heads snapped in our direction. Their eyes widen in shock. A million different emotions crossed their faces. Sadness, anger, love, joy, hate, furry, loyalty, but mostly shock.

"Bridget and Ryan Cullen?" The two whispered. "Mom and Dad."