Written for scarlett71177's birthday!

Living in Forks, it wasn't uncommon to be caught out in the rain, but the downpour had caught them both by surprise.

Bella watched as Edward closed his eyes and turned his face upwards, letting the drops splash against his skin. Her favourite half grin of his was curling up lightly on his cheeks as he let the rain wash over him and let out a long contented sigh. Completely at peace.

At this moment it seemed that just holding his hand in the rain wasn't enough for her. All Bella wanted was to be closer to him, to Edward, while he stood embracing the storm. She edged around so that she was now standing in front of him and leaned in close resting her chin against his solid chest, looking toward his upturned face.

The contact of her warm flesh was enough to snap his eyes open and he looked back down, his golden eyes glowing eagerly as they met. He had always said that she had smelled even better, amazing, in the rain. She couldn't let this moment pass them by, hearing the thunderstorm building behind them and the electricity raging between their bodies, warm and cold meeting.

Before she could make her move, she found that her lips were already meeting his. Edward had the same idea. Unlike so many other times before, he was the leader, the instigator in their hormonal charge. His right hand was on the side of her neck holding her steady, as his left found itself tangled into her wet hair bringing her as close as she could be to him. Her arms wound their way around his neck and her lips were eagerly matching his. She could smell his enticing scent, drawing her in, making her want more. She parted her lips inviting him in, and she could hear Edward both groan and growl simultaneously; the battle between the monster and the man. A small gasp of surprise slipped past Bella's lips when she felt Edward's tongue caressing softly, but insistently against her own. The man had been victorious. For once, he was allowing his enthusiasm to match her own. She too was having her own internal debate, the want of more Edward, or the silly human need for air. Her desire for Edward won out.

She could feel her mind growing fuzzy and her lungs were beginning to scream in need, and her body cried out for more. Her hands ran their hands up the course of his neck and latched themselves onto his bronze hair, in an attempt to somehow bring them closer, to keep this moment alive until the very last possible moment.

Edward severed the connection, allowing her to take in a straggling breath. Her lungs and brain were overdosed with oxygen, the light headedness overwhelming her senses. Bella could feel herself slipping on the increasingly muddy ground

Just as she expected to feel the ground beneath she felt herself rushing upwards instead. She opened her eyes to find herself not lying on the wet ground, but cradled in Edward's statuesque arms. He chuckled to himself as he leaned closer to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead, lingering there longer then usual, taking in her wet scent and brushing his finger slowly down her cheek.

"I love you, Bella Swan."

Bella could feel the blood rising in her cheeks at his words and whispered back the same to him. He held her tight in his arms and walked slowly out of the field to return to the house for cover.

She never would have guessed when she had first moved to Forks that she would learn to love the rain more then almost anything else.

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