CHAPTER #1: First day at a new school

Out of his many lines of successful hotels and Casinos, making smart investments in both major and minor business' across the country. To Vincent Kennedy McMahon owning and running a school was childs play.

"Good Morning everyone" the billionaire mogul Vincent Kennedy McMahon greeted his family as he came down stairs to the breakfast table.

"Good Morning" His wife and kids replied back in unison

"Today is the day!" Vincent plastered his billion dollar smile.

"Yes it is, today is going awesome" Vince's daughter Stephanie replied

"Dad I don't know how you do it" his son Shane said taking a sip of his orange juice "I mean first you have a line of hotels and casinos, and now you own your very own school, you should teach me" Shane complimented his father

"First you have to graduate college" Vince laughed "Then I'll teach you everything I know"

"Speaking of which, I should go before I'm late" Shane replied leaving getting up from the breakfast table.

Shane kissed his mom on the cheek, and gave his dad a nod before walking out of the door.

"You two should get out of here too, you don't want the students to be there before their principal" Linda said to her husband and daughter

"She's right dad and we have to pick up Hunter" Stephanie reminded her dad about her boyfriend

"Right!" Vince agreed with his daughter as he kissed Linda and walked out of the house to be greeted by his driver of a long stretch black limo

"Bye, have a great day" Linda waved them off as the limo was pulling off

The McMahon's limo pulled out of the golden gates that led to and from their house. They drove down the main street in which many of the students going to McMahon Community lived…

"Whoa I wonder whose in there" Ashley Massaro said to her best friends Torrie Wilson and Maryse Ouellet, as they watched the stretch limo ride by.

"Whoever it is, they're luck they aren't walking" Maryse replied.

"So are we having our usual back to school sleepover" Torrie asked "I mean we haven't seen each other all summer, and I have loads to tell you guys"

"Me too" Ashley smiled "We can have it at my house tonight, I'm sure my mom or Michelle won't mind"

"It's a plan then" Torrie said as the others nodded

"Can you guys believe we are sophomores now" Ashley said as the three girls walked down the street.

"This year is going to be great" Maryse told Torrie and Ashley "Do you know how long I've waited to attend a performing arts school?"

"Tell me about it!" Torrie agreed

"Yeah! I'm actually excited about school this year" Ashley added

"Do you think everything or anything is going to be different, from last year?" Maryse asked

"I doubt it, It's still the same school, same people from before, they just renovated and they added more fun programs" Torrie replied

"And it's under different management" Ashley added

"Oh, yeah I'm really going to Ms. Taylor" Maryse told referring to their old principal

"Me too" Torrie agreed

"I'm not, do you know how many time she gave me detention" Ashley remembered making the girls laugh

"Do you know how many times you deserved it" Maryse replied, causing Ashley to give her a glare. "Change subject!" she chuckled "Hey Tor, isn't that your step-brother Randy Orton and best friend John Cena? Maryse asked

"Who is the blonde?" Ashley added another question

"Oh, that's just my brothers' new girlfriend Kelly Blank, she's cool" Torrie informed her friends "Come on" Torrie said as the three girls approached the crew.

"Randy do you think you could wait for me next time" Torrie yelled at her brother Randy punching him in the arm

"Nope" Randy bluntly answered

Torrie looked at Randy and rolled her eyes then looked at John "Oh... Hey John" Torrie replied feeling a little awkward

Torrie and John had an interesting summer, when Randy went away for wrestling camp. After their encounter she went off to tour cities like Los Angeles and New York for dance, so this was her first time seeing or talking to him since.

"Hey Torrie... Alison, Melony" John replied

"Dummy its Alexis and Madison" Randy added trying to correct John

"Its Ashley and Maryse" A little sweet voice came behind the guys

John rolled his eyes, as he saw his little sister Joy Giovanni-Cena standing behind him.

"And you forgot to wait on me too" Joy replied hitting her big brother

"Kid you are in the seventh grade, you should know your way to school" John stated "Beside I thought you were walking to school with your little friend Minnie" John asked

"It's Micki" Joy corrected "And she said she was going to meet me there" Joy finished, tugging on her backpack

"Whatever" John replied "Just come on before we are all late" John replied as they all walked to school, as a group.

Further behind them were other sophomores Melina Perez and her best friend Maria Kanellis, along with Melina's younger half sister Micki James.

"Are you guys excited I am so excited the first day of school and this year I am in the seventh" Micki squealed to her older sister Melina jumping up and down.

"Is that good?" Maria asked

"Um... Yeah, last year I was a sixy this year I get to be a sevey" Micki replied still rowdy

"Micki I said you could walk to school with us, not next to us back up a couple of feet" Melina order her younger sister

Micki frowned seeing Melina rolled her eyes and focus back to her best friend.

"Like I was saying, this year is going to be awesome. I am so excited" Melina replied

"Me too" Maria said "I hope we get hotter guys! Anybody specific we going after this year?"

"Nope... I'm tired of going after guys." Melina scoffed "Every guy I go after I.E Jeff, they always end up being Mr. Wrong, so I'm just going to sit back and let them come to me"

As the two best friends continued to walk to school with Micki strolling along behind them, They had to past the house of Junior Eve, and her young step-brother Christian Cage.

"Christian why do you insisted on following me" Eve asked her younger brother, tucking a string of hair behind her ear

"I'm not following you, I am here to see my baby" Christian replied in his hand held mirror, fixing his hair

"For the thousandth time Michelle does not like you" Eve snapped as Christian just looked at her with a pathetic look on his face

Eve rolled her eyes and knocked on the door of her best friend Michelle McCool, who live directly next door.

Michelle opened the door with a smile

"Hey girl"

"Hey" Eve replied back

"Hey baby" Christian said with a smile to Michelle

Michelle frowned at Christian as Eve snickered

"So you ready" Eve asked in between smirks

"Wait I just have to get my stuff" Michelle replied walking back in her house to gather her things as Eve laughed at her brother

"That's okay she is just playing hard to get" Christian stated

"Christian you had a crush on her for five years, you would think she'd stop playing by now" Eve continued to laugh at her brothers' pathetic face

Christian looked at Eve and walk off to school alone…

"Okay, I'm ready" Michelle came back out and replied

" Are you going to wait on your sister" Eve asked

"Oh Ashley went to school with her friends" Michelle stated as her and Eve walked down the street, past the houses of a few more classmates…

"Christopher Keith Jericho come on or else we are going to be late!" Chris younger sister Candice Michelle yelled into the house as she was waiting on her brother outside, watching students pass her by.

"Relax... I'm here" Chris replied coming outside with his backpack in his hand

"Let's go I have to meet Layla" Candice replied telling her brother to speed up

"Just go you know where the school is" Chris snapped trying to go back into the house but Candice grabbed his arm

"Dad says we suppose to stay together" Candice said tugging on him

"Yeah... Right" Chris scoffed going back into the house

Candice rolled her eyes "Just don't be late" Candice yelled before walking off up the street to the nearby school.

Everyone stood outside V.K.M Community School talking and catching up with old friends when they saw a stretch limo pull up; they all stared and saw the Queen and King Bee of the whole school. Seniors Stephanie McMahon and Hunter Hemlsey step out of the limo, and gradually walked into the school building.

"Well those two don't have to worry about making a reputation" Melina replied to Maria in reference to Stephanie and Hunter.

"Attention all students" they all heard as they directed their attention to the tall man standing at the top of the school steps

"Welcome" The man continued "For all of those who don't know who I am, allow me to introduced myself" he said "I am your principal Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and welcome to the opening year of Vincent Kennedy McMahon Community school of the Performing Arts, where your dreams matter" Mr. McMahon replied with a smile on his face

"Now what are you waiting for, come on in…" Mr. McMahon finished as all the students bomb rushed into the huge school building….