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I was fighting monsters. They were everywhere. Tartarus was at my back and I was wounded in several places. Was I going to die? Were all my friends going to die?? Suddenly a giant was attacking me he batted away riptide and raised his club for the final blow when……..

I woke up in my room hearing a voice. It was my moms' voice. So cheery…. "Last day of school!" she said. Then she went back to the kitchen to start making breakfast." You have five minutes!" I sat up rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and thought. Was my dream a vision of the future? I seriously hope not." OK mom!" I said and started to get dressed. I can smell what she's making…. Mmmmm blueberry pancakes. Then it hit me I made it through all of the school year. I went into the kitchen triumphantly. I quickly ate my breakfast said bye to my mom and I went to the last day of school. I thought nothing can ruin this day! Oh man how wrong I was. I walked up to goode high school and then started the day.

I ran through the entrance just in time because the bell rang and I wasn't late. Now I had five minutes to get to my first class. I was on my guard because this would be the perfect time for a monster attack. I saw rachel sayed"hey Rachel whats up?" and she said" oh nothing much well see you later," typical day. My first class was french and I was really on the guard because he hated me because he was so boring and I fall asleep in class. I would not be suprised if he turned out to be a monster. Well today is no different because right when he started talking I took the snooze train right out of new york or so I thought. I was on top of a building overlooking my moms apartment and looking through the window into the living room.

Paul and my mom were there and I was confused shouldn't he be teaching english right around now? But then a monster attacked and Paul took out a knife? I wasn't confused about the knife part because lots of people carry knifes around for protection. I was confused because it was celestial bronze. Celestial Bronze? Wow. Ok back to the action. The monster attacked and my heart was leaping but paul was fast really fast. He killed and just when I thought he and my mom were safe another monster, that looked like a panther/bear together but both deformed, attacked from behind and knocked paul out and then it turned to my mom and raised its claws for the death blow and...

I woke up to the bell ringing and shook my head in my mind I was saying I have to get home! But it was probably just kronos messing with my mind. most of the time my dreams didn't come true but... what is up with my dreams and death blows?