Lizzie and Miranda were headed over to Gordo's Sweet Sixteen

Lizzie and Miranda were headed over to Gordo's Sweet Sixteen. He didn't invite a ton of people; Gordo wasn't a very sociable person. Just the three of them, as always.

The 2 girls were at Lizzie's house, getting ready for the party. "Miranda, do I look OK?" Lizzie said, looking at herself in the mirror. She had her long, straight blond hair perfectly brushed, and her outfit complimented her curvy figure. She had on a knee-length denim skirt and a slightly tight blue t-shirt with a white heart on it. "Yeah, Lizzie." Miranda said, putting on her berry-flavored lipgloss, "You look pretty." "So do you." Lizzie blushed. Oh, God. Was Miranda going to find out sooner than planned?

Miranda looked hot, too. She was wearing a green tank top and blue jeans. She looked so cute. Natural, yet sexy. Why the hell would Miranda think she was fat? Lizzie thought, Miss McGuire likes her ladies with plenty of curves.

They were walking to Gordo's house, both nervous to say how they really felt. "So…" Miranda said, "you excited for the party?" "Yeah," Lizzie said a little too late, "it's going to be just like always."

Neither one of them could take it anymore. Lizzie's face felt hot, and Miranda's was bright red. "Lizzie, I have to tell you something…" she began, "No." Lizzie said, putting her finger on Miranda's lips, "I'll beat you to it." And she softly kissed Miranda on the lips. "Whoa." Miranda said, smiling brightly.