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Too Fat

"Mmm… What happened?" Miroku asked as his head throbbed.

"I think… Ow…. I think we were in the spirit world." Sango answered, slowly sitting up.

"Hey guys!" Kagome yelled happily, entering camp.

"Why the hell are you so happy?" Inuyasha asked, not opening his eyes or getting up.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot you guys get a hangover afterwards," The priestess said sheepishly. "Well, I got some water for you."

"Wait, did we really get the whole jewel?" Inuyasha asked, opening his eyes to stare at his mate.

"What?" Miroku and Sango asked in shock. Kagome pulled out the complete Sacred Jewel. After all of this time, it was finally complete.

"We sure did, with a little help from Inuyasha's family." Kagome said, smiling. She stared at the shiny bobble that has caused so much trouble.

"Inuyasha's family?" Shippo asked. Kagome nodded.

"They were collecting them somehow." Kagome said absently, not really caring too much how the family had done it. She smiled at the bobble in her hand. 'A wish?'

… Morning…

Kagome opened one eye from her seat in her mate's lap. She looked around and saw all her friends still sleeping off the affects from going to the afterlife. She just smiled and closed her eye again, leaning and cuddling a little further into the half demon.

'I'll let them sleep a little longer.' Kagome thought, slipping into a light sleep. Perhaps she wanted to sleep a little longer as well.

"Lazy." A whispered voice said from above her. Kagome lifted her head and opened her eyes.

"Oh?" Kagome whispered, smiling. "Then why are you still sitting here with me?" Inuyasha opened his eyes and looked down at the girl in his lap, smiling only slightly.

"Because if I got up, your fat ass would've fall out of this tree." He replied. Kagome's smile disappeared and turned into a frown. "Frown too often and you'll get wrinkles faster." Kagome took a deep breath before scooting off his lap and then onto the branch. She then hopped off. Inuyasha smirked, following his mate off the tree branch.

"Why are you so mean?" Kagome said angrily and slightly too loud. Miroku and Sango slowly roused from their sleep to see the priestess and half demon off to the side of camp, having an argument.

"Only telling the truth." Admonished Inuyasha. He smirked and crossed his arms.

"Jerk!" Kagome yelled, not caring if it woke up anyone else.

"Looks like things are back to normal." Miroku whispered to his wife. Sango giggled lightly and nodded her head.

"Inuyasha is always so rude to Lady Kagome." Kohaku commented quietly.

"What are they screaming about now?" Shippo asked sleepily, sitting up and rubbing his eye with a fist. The demon slayer and the monk just shrugged.

"Where are you going?" Inuyasha asked as he saw Kagome walk into the forest.

"Why do you care?" Kagome retorted without turning around. Sango just shook her head negatively before getting up and following her friend.

"Good job, Inuyasha." Shippo grumbled. He plopped back down to the ground and closed his eyes, hoping to fall back asleep.

"Keh, I'll go catch us breakfast." Inuyasha said, jumping off.

…A little later…

Kagome sat around the fire with the group. Everyone ate happily and talked to each other about nonsense. Now that the jewel was whole, their lives can finally start to feel normal and free. No more responsibilities and no more worries. The rag tag group can finally go home. The priestess just picked at the piece of rabbit in front of her, thinking absently.

"Why aren't you eating, Kagome?" Shippo asked innocently.

"Are you ill?" Keiko asked, rubbing her furry heady on Kagome's thigh. Kagome snapped out of her thoughts and smiled down at the little demons.

"I'm okay." She responded.

"Then eat." Inuyasha said roughly, staring at his mate, clearly unhappy.

"I'm not that hungry." Kagome said softly, putting her piece of the food down.

"We have to travel far, you should eat something." Miroku said, concerned. Kagome just smiled slightly and shook her head negatively.

"No, it's alright. I'm really not that hungry." Kagome answered, putting a hand to her stomach to make sure it wouldn't grumble. She then slid the hand down to the top of her thigh then to her knee. 'I'm not that fat, right?' She thought in concern. Inuyasha stared at his mate, worried for her health. The priestess let the group share her portion of the meal.

Soon, the group packed up and set off back home. They stood around, waiting for their leader to start moving. Inuyasha looked at the group, crossing his arms before huffing and turning around to start walking. The others followed, chatting away happily.

"I can't wait to get back!" Shippo exclaimed, stretching his arms into the air.

"Mew!" Kirara meowed in agreement. The cat then ran around the fox demon, hoping he would play a little game with her. Keiko soon joined Kirara in the fun and playfully pounced on the cat. Avion landed on the ground and transformed herself into a small fox cub, joining in the fun, bothering Kohaku as he walked as well. Sango and Miroku laughed at their friends. The human couple held hands as they walked aimlessly. Behind them, Kagome brought up the rear by herself, her mate up front. Kagome sighed, looking up into the clear sky with a smile.

'This is how it's suppose to be.' The priestess thought. 'Everyone is happy. I'm so glad.'

Inuyasha turned his head slightly and moved his eyes to look at his mate. He saw her squinting at the sky from the sunlight and smiling. He smiled to himself, glad his mate was doing alright. The half demon's arms were still crossed in front of his chest.

'She seems happy.' Inuyasha thought, closing his eyes briefly. 'I hope she stays happy, it looks good on her.' His smile disappeared for a second. 'I hope she's not hungry.'

"Look," Miroku whispered to Sango. Sango looked up at him then to the direction he was looking at. "Inuyasha looks happy." Sango smiled.

"He deserves it the most." Sango whispered back, hugging his arm to her. "I'm glad everything worked out for him."

"Me too." Miroku said, keeping a steady pace.

… Late Afternoon…

'Ah! Really! I'm so hungry.' Kagome complained in her mind. She sighed and looked to the ground but kept trekking forward. 'No, I have to be strong. I'm going to lose some weight and be a worthy mate for Inuyasha.' She thought determinedly. 'I'll only eat half meals and stay on my feet.' Kagome fisted her hand in determination before giving a big sigh and dropping her fist. 'But I'm so hungry!' she whined, about to give a temper tantrum like a child. She stomped her feet lightly and kicking at the dirt path.

"Kagome?" The voice of Sango broke her out of thoughts. She instantly stopped in her tracks, standing still with her hands to her side. Kagome was now the kid who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "Are you okay?" Sango asked cautiously. Kagome nodded furiously.

"Fine." The priestess replied quickly, giving a huge fake smile. At this point, everyone in the group had stopped and looked back at Kagome. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, still having his arms crossed.

"Hurry up, then, if you're so 'fine'." Inuyasha grumbled, turning around to keep going. "What? Are you weak from eating a little less for one meal?" He teased. "Regretting that you weren't hungry at the time, are you?"

"I'm not hungry." Kagome said stubbornly, praying that her stomach didn't make noise. She started walking again, pouting only slightly.

"Well hurry up." Inuyasha said to her gruffly. "You're slowing us down from the back." Kagome gave a huff and started walking faster. Inuyasha smirked, loving how his mate reacted to his teasing. 'She sure seems hungry, though. I wonder why she didn't eat before.' He thought. 'She won't die from missing one meal.'

"Why don't we stop for lunch?" Miroku asked suddenly. "Besides, we could use a break."

"Keh! At the pace we're going, we'll never make it to the village." Inuyasha retorted but veered off to the side of the dirt road. "Fine. Eat then, pathetic humans." He plopped down to the ground, leaning his back on a tree trunk and closing his eyes.

"I'll go catch lunch, then." Sango said, getting out her sword.

"I'll go with you." Miroku said instantly, following his wife into the forest. A slap was heard.

"Can't you keep your hands to yourself?" Sango complained, her voice becoming distant. "Be quiet!"

"I'll get some water!" Shippo exclaimed, grabbing a few water bottles. Kohaku, Keiko, Kirara, and Avion went as well, taking the rest of the water bottles.

"Oh, wait, I'll go as well," Kagome said, hoping to find a waterfall to keep her full and energized.

"Stay," Inuyasha said in a commanding voice, opening one eye. Kagome stopped.

"Why?" The priestess asked.

"Come here." Inuyasha commanded, opening both eyes. She walked to stand in front of him. "Sit." Kagome grumbled and gave him a sneer but sat down.

"What?" Kagome asked, angry she couldn't go get some water.

"You're not eating." He stated.

"I wasn't that hungry." Inuyasha stared at his mate, daring her to lie to him.

"Fine." He said shortly. "Go, then." Kagome just raised an eyebrow but didn't question him further. She got up and followed the smaller members of the group to the river they heard flowing near them. When she was out of sight, Inuyasha gave a huff in disbelief. "Liar." He had scented her lie the moment she said it.

Sango had caught some fish with Miroku and brought the bunch back with the group who went to the river to gather water. When the group got back, they saw Inuyasha taking a nap.

"And he calls us weak humans." Miroku said softly.

"I heard that." Inuyasha growled without opening his eyes. Miroku just laughed, knowing the half demon.

"We don't have wood to start the fire." Sango noticed, still holding the three fish that were pierced though on a string.

"Thanks for helping, Inuyasha!" Shippo complained.

"I will go gather some." Miroku said heroically, purposefully walking back into the forest. Sango shook her head. The demon slayer went to lean up against another tree, waiting to put the fish on some sticks and cook them on the fire. Kagome went and leaned on a different side of the tree Sango was leaning on. The priestess sighed and started to slip down the tree.

'No waterfall.' Kagome thought, sighing again. 'Oh well.' Shippo, Keiko, and Kirara carefully placed the water bottles down on the ground. Avion, still in fox form, sat patiently by Keiko. Kohaku sat down tiredly by Shippo and leaned back on his hands.

"Why don't you start readying the fish?" Inuyasha grumbled. "Bunch of lazy humans."

"I don't see you helping." Sango said calmly. "You're eating the fish, too."

"Keh!" Inuyasha scoffed. "I don't want you're damn fish. Give my piece to Kagome." Sango stared at him in slight shock, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Kagome asked loudly, getting up from her sitting position.

"Alright." Sango said, shrugging. 'How sweet of him.' The demon slayer thought with a smirk.

"Won't you be hungry?" Kagome asked, almost frantic. "Knowing you, our next meal won't be until dinner."

'Feh, I'll be fine, unlike you humans." Inuyasha said, leaning his head back onto the tree trunk and closing his eyes again.

"I got the wood!" Miroku announced happily, bursting out a bush.

"Great, now light the fire. We're starving." Sango said flatly and not amused.

"Yes, dear." Miroku said, feeling scolded. He quickly went to work lighting the fire. "Hey, Kirara," Miroku whispered.

"Mew?" Kirara questioned.

"Light this for me." The monk whispered back. Kirara cocked her head before transforming and lighting the fire.

"Pathetic, monk. Can't even light a simple fire? How are you going to provide for you wife?" Inuyasha scoffed. Miroku just gave him a glare.

"I can! I just thought it would be easier with Kirara's help." Miroku defended.

"Mhm," Kagome hummed playfully.

"Yeah, easier as in it wouldn't take more than an hour." Sango said, smiling. Kagome laughed behind her hand softly.

"You can't make a simple fire, Miroku?" Shippo asked, looking up at the monk with his big green eyes.

"I can teach you if you really don't know how." Kohaku said, not meaning anything rude by it.

"The fire is lit, so what's the matter?" Miroku said, getting embarrassed. Sango smiled, taking the extra sticks and piercing the three large fish.

"Mmm, that smells so good." Shippo commented happily after the fish have been cooking for a little while.

"They're almost done, Shippo. Wait just a little long." Sango said, hoping to calm the boy's thought of food. Inuyasha still sat by the tree, taking a small catnap.

"I think they're done." Kohaku said, looking at the skin of the fish, which was starting to look burnt.

"Oh!" Sango said, surprised. She quickly took the fish away from the fire and blew on them, hoping to stop their process of cooking.

"Great couple you guys are. Inuyasha mumbled, being able to smell everything. "One can't start a fire and one can't cook."

"Maybe not being able to start a fire is a blessing." Shippo whispered. "Then she wouldn't cook."

"But Sango can light a fire well." Kohaku whispered back. Kirara and Keiko gave an equivalent to a sigh and lied down, their heads getting covered by their paws.

"Hopefully Miroku can cook." Avion added. "Then there's nothing to worry about."

"All done!" Sango said happily, looking at the fish on sticks in her hand. She then cut the fish into almost even filets and handing them out in small bowls that they carried. Kagome nodded in thanks as she got her two filets. She stared worriedly into her bowl, slowly eating the first one. Without anyone's notice, Inuyasha opened an eye and looked at his mate.

Everyone ate happily, enjoying their break and the, almost, well cooked meal. Kagome finished most of her first filet before putting it back in the bowl. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. Kagome looked around for a second.

"Hey, do you want some more? You two are growing, after all." Kagome asked softly and hopefully, eyeing Shippo and Kohaku.

"Are you sure?" Kohaku asked, worried that she wasn't getting enough to eat. Kagome nodded excitedly.

"Here, split this." Kagome said, taking the filet given up by Inuyasha and splitting it.

"Thanks, Kagome!" Shippo said, not thinking much about it.

"Thank you." Kohaku said softly.

"Don't worry about it." Kagome said happily. "Keiko." Kagome whispered happily. The small two-tail dog demon looked up at her mistress, cocking her head to the side in question. "Eat more, you've done well these past few days." Kagome put the rest of her filet in front of Keiko.

"Woof?" Keiko questioned.

"Eat. Think of it as a reward." Kagome said.

"Are you full, Kagome?" Sango asked.

"You barely ate this morning." Miroku said in concern.

"I'm just not very hungry. My digestion must have slowed from the crossing to the afterworld." Kagome reasoned.

"If you're sure." Sango said, going back to her meal. The demon slayer looked at the priestess with concern. Inuyasha, whom was sitting away from the group, just raised his brow again and scoffed soundlessly. The rest of the group ate among chitchat. When they were done, Kagome quickly stood up and put out her hand.

"I'll do the dishes." Kagome said. She gathered all the bowls and jogged into the forest towards the river.

"Hey, Inuyasha." Miroku called. Inuyasha twitched an ear signally he is listening. "Is Kagome alright?"

"Seems fine to me." The half demon said roughly, his eyes still closed.

"Are you sure?" Sango asked. She then looked towards the forest where Kagome disappeared. "It doesn't seem like she's eating."

"Keh, she's fine." Inuyasha said. "It's her body, she should know it best. If she says she's not feeling hungry, she's probably not. Don't force her to eat."

"You're not the least bit worried?" Kohaku asked. "When people are sick they don't want to eat and they don't feel hungry, but it really helps their body."

"He has a point." Miroku agreed.

"Keh. She's fine." Inuyasha said shortly. The group stayed quiet. A few minutes later, Kagome appeared from the shady forest with a questioning look.

"Why is everyone so quiet?" Kagome asked.

"Keh, come on, wench. We have to keep going." Inuyasha said, getting up. "We've been here for too long." Kagome pouted but packed the bowls back up quickly. She then gathered her bag and put it on, standing up and walking up to Inuyasha. Everyone gathered their things and put out the fire.

"Ready." Sango said, shifting Hiraikotsu on her back. Inuyasha nodded and began to walk.

The group walked until near sun down, however, Inuyasha kept pushing forward. Another half a day and they would finally be home. The sun glared into their eyes from the horizon, making the group squint.

"Shouldn't we stop?" Kagome asked, putting her arm above her eyes. Her stomach gave a silent growl. The priestess closed her eyes, hoping the feeling would go away. She stumbled – right into Inuyasha. Inuyasha stopped as he felt her hit his side, prepared to catch her if she needed the help. "Sorry." Kagome said, embarrassed. "I wasn't looking." Inuyasha stayed still and looked at her.

"Let's catch dinner." Inuyasha said, turning around to eye the group. The others stopped and looked at each other, deciding who should catch dinner. Inuyasha shook his head. "Fine. Then you guys set up camp." Inuyasha then hopped into the forest.

"I'll find a river or something." Kagome said. "Keiko, Avion, can you help me?" The two creatures quickly followed the priestess into the forest.

"Can you find some fire wood?" Sango asked Miroku, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

"Would you like to accompany me?" Miroku asked, holding her hand. Sango just fell to the ground, her hand still in Miroku's.

"I'm tired." Sango said, hoping that would get him to do the chore. Miroku sighed; kissing her hand and then letting it go.

"Okay, I will gather the fire wood." Miroku said, walking into the forest. The remaining members of the group looked around.

"We should look for a clearing or at least somewhere safe to sleep." Sango suggested. The demon slayer got up and stretched.

"I thought you were tired." Kohaku said in concern.

"Just a little." Sango answered. "But we can't sleep out in the open like this."

"What about Miroku? He won't be able to find us." Shippo said.

"Then you find him, Shippo, and bring him to us." Sango said without a thought. "You need to hone your tracking skills, right?"

"Well, yeah." Shippo said sheepishly.

"Well, here's your chance." Said the female demon slayer. "Go." Shippo nodded and quickly scampered off.

"Will he be okay?" Kohaku asked.

"He should be fine." Sango said without a worry. "Come on, lets go find a place to set up camp. It's getting dark." Kohaku nodded. Him and his sister started walking a little further into the forest.

"Mew!" Kirara cried, running after the two siblings.

They wandered around in circles before finding a good spot. It was a small clearing, barely enough to fit the group. Wasn't an ideal spot, but it would have to do.

"We're going to have to switch off to keep watch all night." Sango said, circling the clearing to look at the possible spots where they can get attacked. Kohaku just nodded, knowing he is now old enough and skilled enough to be on watch duty. "We should gather some rocks to build a fire pit." Sango suggested, looking around. Slowly, she slipped her fingers into the straps of Hiraikotsu, using the other hand to unstrap it from her body. Kohaku was looking on the other side, his back facing his sister. Sango eyed something in the forest. She lifted her arm, taking Hiraikotsu with it. She slammed it down.


Kohaku jumped, quickly turning around.

"Sister?" Kohaku asked timidly. "Did you kill something?" Sango turned to her side and re-strapped her weapon to her body.

"Do you think this is enough rocks?" Sango asked innocently, letting her brother look at the pile.

"You destroyed a perfectly good boulder." Kirara commented.

"There were plenty of rocks, Sango." Kohaku said, holding a pile in his hands. Sango just shrugged.

"I thought it was easier." Sango said off handedly. "Help me make the fire pit." She started picking up the rocks and moving them to the center of the small clearing.

"There you are." A feminine voice said in relief. "I was following your auras forever."

"Welcome back, Kagome." Kohaku said politely. The priestess put all the water bottles down and let one spiritual bubble float near camp.

"What's with all the rocks?" Keiko asked, eyeing the very stacked up fire pit.

"We needed to build a fire pit." Sango said, sitting down and folding her legs to the side. "It was just a small boulder." Kagome raised an eyebrow.

"Good, you found a camp." The group looked towards the voice as Inuyasha immerged with a boar in his hands. "Where's Miroku?"

"Still nothing, Shippo?" Miroku asked. Shippo shook his head in a negative fashion. The monk sighed. "We might never make it back." He whispered.

"Hey!" Shippo complained.

"Was that out loud?" Miroku asked nervously.

"We can't cook it yet, but we can prepare it." Sango suggested, reaching out to take the boar. Inuyasha nodded.

"Wash your hands." Kagome said, motioning towards the spiritual bubble.

"Keh, fine." He said, walking to the side of camp. Kagome motioned the bubble to be right above Inuyasha's hands and let a small hole open.

"Shouldn't we look for him?" Kohaku asked. "Miroku has been gone for a long time just to collect wood."

"Where's the runt?" Inuyasha asked, shaking his hands to get rid of the water.

"I sent him to find Miroku and then to scent us out." Sango said, looking up from her work.

"Keh, he'll never make it back – at least, not anytime soon. We should collect the wood, then." Inuyasha said, looking at the smaller demons. "Kirara, Keiko, come with me." The half demon walked back into the forest. Kirara and Keiko both quickly transformed and then followed their leader.

"But what about Miroku?" Kagome questioned, looking to the two demon slayers. They both shrugged. The priestess looked worriedly into the forest, bringing a thumb to bite on the nail, slightly.

"I'm sure Shippo can get him here." Kohaku said.

"I don't know. He hasn't been trained too well lately." Kagome said. She slowly sat down, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them. She then put her chin on her knees to rest there. Kagome sighed. "We have just been so busy." Sango nodded, giving Kohaku the prepared meat.

"Once we get back, there's only one thing left to do." Sango said. "We have the rest of our lives to do the things we should, so don't worry so much." Kagome smiled.

Inuyasha, Keiko, and Kirara came back with enough firewood to last until the afternoon of the next day. They would be leaving well before that, however. The half demon set up the fire pit and had the two two-tail demons place their wood off to the side. He then used Tetsusuaiga to hit a rock and started the fire.

"Miroku still not here?" Inuyasha asked, sitting next to Kagome. Kagome shook her head no. Kohaku started spearing the pieces of meat with the extra wood and set them near the fire to cook.

"Should we look for him?" Kagome asked.

"If he's not here when we finish dinner." Inuyasha said.

"What if something happened to him and Shippo?" The priestess asked, lifting her head from her knees. Inuyasha stayed quiet, contemplating.

"He can take care of himself, right? He's not much of a fighter if he let's the forest surprise him." The half demon answered. "Let's just make this a test for Shippo. He fails if he doesn't bring Miroku back." Kagome let out a big sigh.

"We should've trained him more." Kagome whispered.

"We didn't have the time." Inuyasha replied back. "We'll start when the Jewel isn't a problem anymore." Kagome nodded.

"Maybe I should look." Sango said, getting up.

"There's no need for three people to get lost." Inuyasha said. "He'll get here when he gets here, or after dinner Kagome and I will look." Sango bit her lip in worry.

"Sango, why don't you wash your hands? Kohaku, you too." Kagome suggested. The two demon slayers went up to the bubble and washed their hands as Kagome let it leak again. Kagome sat up and turned the meat so it wouldn't burn.

"I hope you cook better than Sango." Inuyasha mumbled. Kagome gave him a cold stare.

"Hey!" Sango yelled. The demon slayer huffed and splashed water onto Inuyasha. The half demon put up his arm.

"Hey, yourself! The fish were burning this afternoon and you thought it should be cooked longer!" Inuyasha yelled back. Sango just huffed again and crossed her arms.

"Now, now, children." Avion scolded. She flew down and landed on Inuyasha's shoulder. "Calm down." Kohaku laughed.

"Are these the people who I'm suppose to look up to?" Kohaku asked. Kirara and Keiko just gave a shrug.

"Dinner's ready!" Kagome exclaimed. She carefully crouched down and handed each person a stick and laid down two for Keiko and Kirara. Kagome went back to sitting next to Inuyasha.

"Are you eating this time or are you still not hungry?" Inuyasha asked softly, biting into his own dinner. The others were oblivious to the conversation. Kagome stared at her dinner, getting reminded of what she was supposed to be doing.

"I uh…" Kagome mumbled. "I guess I'm not that hungry." Inuyasha scoffed silently, but didn't let it show on his face. "Do you want it?"

"Fine." Inuyasha said, stuffing his mouth with his and holding out his hand. "Give it." Kagome took a big bite and then handed it to her mate.

"I'm hungry!" Shippo whined, plopping onto his bottom.

"Well if you found their scents we would've had dinner by now." Miroku complained, his patience wearing thin.

"I'm just a kid!" Shippo yelled.

"You can't be a kid forever!" Miroku yelled back. The monk then let out a big breath to calm himself down. Clapping was heard from the surrounding forest. Miroku quickly dropped all the firewood he was carrying and held his staff up.

"W-who's there?" Shippo asked nervously. An arrow whizzed through, landing right next to the fox demon. "AH!" He screamed, scampering up to Miroku's head.

"Dead." A female voice said. Rustling was heard before a scythe flew through, narrowly missing Miroku's head.

"Dead." A voice of an older child said. More clapping.

"Nice, Miroku. You have officially become the worst fighter." An older male voice said. He emerged.

"Inuyasha." Miroku said, letting his staff rest.

"Why'd you scare us like that?!" Shippo yelled, still clinging to Miroku's hair.

"We came looking for you. We already had dinner and you guys weren't back yet." Kagome said, walking up to her arrow and putting it back in her quiver.

"That was a test, Shippo." Inuyasha stated. "You failed to use your senses and bring Miroku back."

"I'm just a kid!" Shippo yelled again.

"Don't use that excuse." Kagome said, staring at the fox.

"You need to learn." Sango said next. "When Kohaku went through tests when he was younger. He didn't pass all of them but he didn't whine and use that excuse." The two girls sighed.

"Miroku," Inuyasha said calmly, turning furious eyes to the monk. "What the hell was that!?" Inuyasha yelled, losing his cool. "You would've been killed! You need more practice."

"Sorry," Miroku said, slightly embarrassed.

"Keh! Spar with your wife more often then." Inuyasha concluded. "And why the hell are you here, anyways?"

"Shippo thought he smelled you scent over here. Right, Shippo?" Miroku asked, hoping to get the angry half demon's attention away from him.

"Yeah! So I followed it here!" Shippo said. "I didn't fail!"

"You failed, Shippo." Kohaku said quietly. "It has been hours since we last saw you guys."

"Idiot." Inuyasha scoffed. "I was hunting! Of course my scent would be somewhere away from camp! Besides, I never went this far."

"Far? Where are we?" Miroku asked.

"Over a mile from camp." Kagome snickered.

"What?!" Miroku yelled. He grabbed Shippo from his head. "Where were you taking me?!"

"I smelled Inuyasha's scent!" Shippo defended.

"Where?" Sango said calmly.

"There!" Shippo yelled, pointing to a spot on the ground. Inuyasha went over and started sniffing the ground like a dog.

"Keh, you're stupider than I thought." Inuyasha said. "That was just the scent of a rabbit. You think I smell like a rabbit?!" The half demon whirled around, staring the fox down.

"N-N-No. Did you try to catch a rabbit but let it get away?" The fox demon stuttered.

"Keh! I caught a boar for dinner. I didn't even look for a rabbit." Inuyasha replied. "Come on, let's go back. We have a long day tomorrow." The half demon started jumping back. Kagome ran to catch up with him, Kohaku soon following.

"Come on." Sango said, holding out a hand. "We have to run so we don't get left behind." Miroku took her hand. The two of them started running.


This day was the same as any other day. The group woke up and started breakfast. Kagome, once again, barely ate anything and gave the rest to Keiko, saying that she deserved a reward for watching camp last night when they went to find Miroku and Shippo. Inuyasha said nothing and let his mate do what she wanted. They started the day. The group stopped for lunch when the sun started to become too hot to handle. Again, Kagome barely ate. Finally, a few hours after noon, the group crested a hill just in front of the village.

"Finally!" Kagome yelled. She started running down towards the village.

"Hey! Wait up!" Sango yelled as she, too, started running. Kirara, Keiko, and Avion soon ran after them, leaving the guys behind.

"Shouldn't we run after them?" Kohaku asked.

"We will get there even if we walk." Inuyasha scoffed. "Run if you'd like." Kohaku hesitated for a second before running as well.

"Kohaku!" Shippo screamed, following him by running on all four limbs.

"Keh! Women and children." Inuyasha said, crossing his arms and walked at his steady pace.

"They are just excited, Inuyasha." Miroku reasoned as he smiled.


"Kaede!" a loud voice sang. The old priestess looked up and saw the reed mat covering her door jostle, letting in a very excited woman. "Kaede!"

"Ah, Kagome, ye are back." Kaede said. Kagome went over and gave the old priestess a hug. Keaede was sitting so Kagome had to bend over.

"Kagome, slow down." Sango said, going into the hut more calmly.

Soon, everyone made it in and said their greetings. The group sat around talking about what they've done and whom they saw. Kagome even enthused about finishing the Sacred Jewel with the help of Inuyasha's family.

"Do you have any idea what should be wished on the Jewel, Kaede?" Kagome asked, holding the jewel to her eyes.

"Aye, child." Kaede said, shaking her head negatively. Kagome frowned but shrugged it off.

"That's alright, I'm sure I'll figure out something." Kagome said, dropping the bobble again so the necklace rested on her chest.

"It's getting late. I'll help you make dinner." Sango suggested.

"Kagome, why don't you help, too?" Inuyasha suggested.

"Me?" Kagome asked, being jerked out of her thoughts of the Jewel.

"Yeah. Help them. I'll get some water." Inuyasha said as he got up and took the small bucket from the side of the hut. "Hey, monk, why don't you be useful and gather more firewood?"

"A-Again?" Miroku stuttered. He slowly got up and went outside with the half demon.

"I'll go too!" Shippo exclaimed.

"No! Stay where you are!" Miroku yelled from outside. The girls giggled as the fox demon pouted.

"I'll go help him, then." Kohaku said, quickly following the men.