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Bella was nervous.

Everything was riding on tonight; the life of the multi-purpose center, her job. Her music.

If this recital tonight did not go well there was no chance that they would save the multi-purpose center, and she couldn't let that happen. For the last three years she had worked here every afternoon, running an after school music program for the children in Forks, Washington. She started the program with her mother and two friends, Alice and Rosalie, and now it seemed that all of their hard work and dedication to the program was done in vain.

As she paced backstage waiting to play her set in the recital, she thought back to the phone call she got nearly two months ago telling her that the multi-purpose center was being purchased by Cullen Industries. She fought with everything she had in her, petitioning and attending city council meetings, but the young man buying the center could not be swayed.

In one last attempt to change his mind, Bella had put together a recital showcasing herself and the other two teachers as well as their top students. It was her hope that this recital would show the impact that this after school program has had on so many children.

He was here tonight...this young businessman. Edward Cullen was his name. After many e-mails on Bella's part, he had finally agreed to come for a short visit to see the recital and tour the small school she had set up. She only had two weeks to change his mind.

As Alice finished playing, Bella paced by the stage door one more time, taking a deep breath. This was it. Fifteen more minutes and the recital would be over and she could work on convincing this Edward Cullen to keep her school, and her music, alive.

She took the stage, smiling as the audience applauded, and sat down at the piano. Playing through her set of familiar songs, Bella allowed her mind to clear of all the drama surrounding the multi-purpose center and focus solely on her music. The piece she was now playing, a Brahms Intermezzo, was her favorite and the last piece to her set.

When she finished playing, Bella stood and bowed, scanning the front row of the audience. What she saw shocked her. A stunning young man stood and clapped for her, his bronze hair shining in the lights from the stage. His eyes locked with hers and he smiled, nodding at her. Bella quickly left the stage and met up with Rosalie and Alice to head to the reception in one of the larger classrooms.

She had to find this beautiful stranger.

Bella spotted the young man as she was serving up some punch for herself and her friends. He caught her eye across the room and slowly began making his way towards her, smiling politely at those he passed.

Oh my, she thought as he grinned at one of her students. His smile was breathtaking.

"You play beautifully," were the first words he spoke, spooning some punch for himself. She found herself staring at him, unable to make a sound. He raised his eyebrow at her in amusement.

"Oh! Um...thank you. Very much. I enjoy it," she stuttered as she blushed, embarrassed at being caught.

"The Brahms you played," he began, taking a sip from his drink, "It's one of my favorites."

"Oh, really?" Bella asked, surprised, "Do you play?"

He was silent for a moment before softly answering, "No...not anymore."

Bella was drawn to this beautiful man, his gorgeous smile and smooth voice. "I'm Bella Swan," she said, holding out her hand. He opened his mouth to introduce himself as well but was interrupted as Bella's mother came to her side.

"Bella! I see you've met Mr. Cullen," Renee said, putting her arm through Bella's.

Bella froze, her hand still outstretched to shake his hand. She found herself staring at him again; this time for a different reason entirely.

"You're Edward Cullen?"

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