Standing in an open cornfield drenched in sweat, Dave wiped a hand across his forehead. Today was one of those sunny summer days that the wind decided not to blow by and cool him down. Of course today would be the day he had to put up a new fence border around the Kent Farm, not that it was much to complain about. Within a few seconds Dave had already placed half of the stakes and his work was half done.

Leaning on a post he had just placed into the ground; he took off his shirt, wiping his forehead once more with it, and tossed it away. Growing up in Metropolis he never experienced the full heat of a Midwest summer. In general he had spent his days in the city or in an air conditioned room. Needless to say, as much as the sun blessed him, he wasn't appreciating the sweat it was causing him.

"Hey I'm sure Cassie loves the view but can you put a shirt on?" asked a voice from behind Dave. Turning around, he saw the familiar faces of Kyle and Cassandra. Over the past year, Kyle had grown to be one of Dave's best friends. Originally he had seen the son of the green lantern as a rival, especially as he was vying for Colleen's affection at the time. Once it came out that Kyle was also a gifted individual, they quickly formed a team that eventually translated into a close friendship.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from you two?" Dave questioned, dusting his hands on his pants.. "And I prefer my shirt off by the way." He added with a cheeky grin, causing Kyle to roll his eyes.

"We're heading to the lake and you're coming" Cassie said very matter-of-factly, pointing to the beach bag she held. Cassandra Sandsmark was a completely different case then the rest of them. When she had arrived on the scene it was during their battle against the army of Darkseid. Dave didn't know if he was taken back more by her attitude and strength or her looks. Gifted with the abilities of Wonder Woman, there were times when Dave thought she could beat him. She was certainly more experienced in the art of being a hero.

It had been a month since the events of the battle with Darkseid. As with every international crisis, the Justice League handled everything properly but Dave was not part of that process. After finishing school, his parents had decided that it was best if spent the summer in Smallville as well. Obviously some people might have seen him in the battle against Darkseid, and they thought it was appropriate for him to avoid any chance of being recognized. Despite his disagreement, the young man obeyed and returned to his room at his grandma's house.

As for the little team they had assembled, they had gone their separate ways for the most part. They were still teenagers after all. Robin was still living in Gotham under the tutelage of the Batman. Starfire returned to her travels around the world, while Terra disappeared to wherever she goes. Cassandra had moved to Smallville, though she patrolled Metropolis for the most part while Kyle and Dave continued to 'watch' over Smallville.

"Sounds like a plan" Dave said happy to have an excuse for leaving his work. He knew this knew fence idea was more his father's than Grandma Kent's anyway. "Just let me change," in an instance Dave sped away towards the Kent house and returned wearing his swimming trunks and holding a beach towel. "Okay, let's go."

"Should I carry you?" asked Cassie seriously, which caused Kyle to break out in laughter.

"I can run" replied Dave glaring at Kyle. Ever since Cassie moved in Dave felt even more outcast in not being able to fly. He knew Cassie only meant good intentions but having Kyle around never helped the situation and Cassie ended up doing more harm than good; to his ego at least.

"See you there then speedy" Kyle joked as his body became covered in a green aura and he took off. Grumbling as Cassie gave him a kiss on the cheek, Dave waited until they were on their way to speed off. Luckily, he had come to know the area around Smallville pretty well; especially having gone to the lake as a child with his parents. He arrived at the lake within a matter of minutes.

"Wow, a little crowded" he commented as he looked over the beach. It was filled with adults and teenagers alike. Smallville obviously wasn't a place with tons of attractions to visit, so in the summer time the hangouts were you could find teens were pretty typical. As he glanced around Dave realized Cassie and Kyle had not yet arrived. A grin crossed his features as he got some satisfaction. Who said you needed to know how to fly! Walking over to the snack bar and ordered a vanilla ice cream, he figured he had some time to waste.

"You know you're going to share that right" came Cassie's voice, right next to his ear. Startled, he jumped slightly almost dropping his ice cream cone, causing Cassie to giggle.

"Where's Kyle?" Dave asked after gathering himself.

"In the water, he couldn't wait" Cassie replied. "I went searching for you and instead I found something better." Grinning she took a lick of the ice cream as Dave gave her a mock angered look. He found that it was fairly hard to be actually angry with the blonde haired girl.

"Hey babe!" called a voice from behind Dave. He didn't have to turn around to see the owner of the voice as a the person soon walked past him; shoving him over in the process to stand next to Cassie.

Cassie practically burned a hole in the man as she moved to help Dave up. "Can I help you?" he asked as he dusted the sand off of him.

"No, but she can. Now why don't you go scurry off little man" said the jock. From what Dave could see he was the typical beach jock. Tan, around six feet tall, muscular, gelled hair, and the attitude that said 'I own the beach and can get every girl on it'.

Now Dave wasn't going to take offense to the little man comment but then the man added a slight push as if telling him to leave. Sense told him to walk away and let Cassandra deal with this clown. However, a slight crowd had already started to grow and he couldn't just be shown up by this beach jock. Placing a hand on his shoulder, Dave turned the man to face him.

"Do you really want to do this little man?" asked the jock in a threatening voice and putting his hands up. The crowd probably thought Dave was crazy because this jock was considerably bigger than him. Of course the crowd didn't know he was the son of Clark Kent.

"Trust me you don't want me to" Dave replied. The jock curled his fist as if ready to punch him square in the face when an outside interference came.

"Whoa, whoa! Break it up" said a man as he came running over. Standing between the two of them, Dave assumed he was some sort of authority. "Brody back off, or you'll have more than this kid on your hands" he threatened. The jock known as Brody seemed to hesitate before walking off in a furry. "Hey man, don't worry about him he's all talk, most of the time" said the man, turning back to face Dave and Cassie



"Well thanks Jan. I'm David Kent, and this is Cassandra" Dave introduced offering his hand which Jan shook.

"If you ever need anything, just let me know" Jan said. "I'm always around. These guys are just a bunch of over inflated egos"

"I'll be sure to remember that" Dave replied laughing lightly as they began walking towards their spot on the beach.

"I could've taken care of myself if anything went wrong" Cassie said. He had come to notice that she had a habit of reminding him that she could handle herself whenever he intervened in a situation. She never got mad at him for helping out as she knew his intentions were good, but always she would remind him that she was super powered as well.

"Yeah well…as much as he deserved to have his ass kicked by a girl, I couldn't just let myself look like a wimp" he tried to explain. "Besides you wouldn't want to be seen dating a wimp would you?"

"We aren't dating remember" Cassie replied a smile on her lips.

"Oh yeah" Dave muttered remembering what she had told him a few weeks ago. "Well the water sure looks inviting huh." Leaving no room for another word Dave jumped into the water, went over to Kyle and proceeded dunk him under water though some might have called it drown him.

"So Brody how are we gonna get that kid back?" asked one of Brody's friends. After the confrontation with Dave, Brody had taken his crew to the woods surrounding the lake.

"We'll jump him and beat him so bad he'll wish he never messed with me. Then we'll take his girl too" Brody said bitterly as he pulled out a cigarette out and put it too his lips.

"Yeah, yeah, I like that plan" agreed another friend. "Can I bring a bat?"

"Bring whatever you like this kid is going to regret meeting me today" Brody said as he pulled out his lighter. As he tried to light his cigarette the flame caught his finger,"Shit!" he exclaimed pulling his hand back. Looking at his hand, he saw there was no damage and he realized that it didn't even hurt.

Flicking the lighter again he put his hand directly over it but felt no pain, confirming what he felt earlier. "Brody man what's going on?"

"Shut up" Brody snapped. He put his hand in front of his face and snapped. Sparks flew and when he did it again a flame appeared above his hand. "Yeah, he'll regret this day" he said with a sadistic smile.

Sam stood at the copy machine waiting for her papers to print out. So far the first month of the summer had been spent working inside a building, but it was worth it. An internship at the Daily Planet was her dream and a job was right next to it, however through the summer Sam couldn't help but have one thought on her mind: Dave's secret.

Before she left for Metropolis, Sam had it set in her mind that she was going to tell her friend that she knew about his secret. If it stayed unsaid between them they simply wouldn't be able to have a functioning friendship and eventually it would fall apart. Unfortunately her plan didn't go as she had intended it to. When she had walked up to him the day before she left, instead she said:

"I'm going to miss you"

Now Sam couldn't get it out of her head. If only she had told Dave the weight would've been lifted off of her shoulders. She couldn't help but think what she was so scared of. Was it that she feared how he would react to her knowing or that she had held the knowledge to herself for so long. Even worse, maybe she was afraid of her own reaction. What if he was more than just a meteor infected person?

"Sam…Hello Sam?"

Sam snapped back into reality as she saw a hand waving in front of her face. "Oh hey Richard." A smile instantly crossed her features as she did her best to appear like nothing else was on her mind.

"Are these the papers I asked for?" Richard asked.

"Uh, yes here you go" Sam said handing them to him, which he accepted with a thank you.

"Also I think Lois wants to see you at her desk" Richard added before leaving.

Sam walked over to her relatives' desk with curiosity. "You wanted to see me Ms. Lane?"

"Sam we don't use formalities around, well actually I guess it's good for you since you want a job here and all..."

"Lois, you're rambling" Clark said as he looked over his desk.

"Right, back to the point" Lois said getting on track. "I've got a big report down in the city and I was wondering if you wanted to tag along. You know live experience."

"Sure, I'd love to" Sam said as a smile came across her features.

"Well this was a great day in my opinion" said Dave as they walked through the parking lot. "I got out of farm work, went to the beach, and almost go into a fight." The comment earned him a look from Cassie, but even her 'looks' couldn't make him feel bad about today.

"Don't forget almost drown me" Kyle added sourly.

"Hey, you were asking for it. That's what you get for making your little flying jokes" Dave replied with a shrug. It seemed like a fair enough explanation for him.

"What about me?" asked Cassie, feeling left out.

"Awe, did you want to be held under water until you couldn't breathe too?" joked Dave as he put an arm around her. Kyle burst into a fit of laughter and Cassie couldn't help but join in after rolling her eyes.

"Jerk" she said, pushing him away playfully.

"So are we ready to head out of here?" Kyle asked, coming to a stop. They didn't exactly walk or drive there going through the parking lot seemed pointless.

"Yup" Dave said, making sure he had everything. "We should call up Dick when we get back, the sun is barely going down. The day is young."

"I'll call him when we get there" Kyle replied, preparing to fly off.

"So are we flying or-" Cassie was cut off as a fire ball flew past the trio and exploded into a car; sending it sky high.

"Just when it was getting peaceful" Dave said waving a hand in front of his face to fan the smoke. As he turned to look for a source he spotted the jock from earlier standing at the far end of the lot. "Hey look its Brody."

"Very funny little man, but this time I brought some fire power" Brody said.

"Ha-ha, it's funny cause he means it literally" Kyle said. Dave had to agree that the bad guys could be quite cliché when they wanted to.

Brody snapped his fingers and another fire ball appeared in his hands. Lurching forward he tossed it directly at Dave. Seeing as he was still in beach wear, and this guy had seen his identity already, Dave opted to duck down rather than take the blast head on.

"I'll handle this" Kyle said as he was surrounded in a green light, his costume bursting through.

"I don't know where you came from but you're going down fly boy" Brody said, seemingly unfazed by the glowing teen before him.

"He's not the brightest is he" Cassie said looking at Dave, who simply shrugged in reply.

Kyle flew towards him but stopped when Brody fired a barrage of fireballs at him. Doing his best to protect himself, he returned a blast of green light causing the barrage to break momentarily. "I could use some back up" Kyle called back.

Dave looked over and saw that Cassandra was already putting on her silver bracelets. "You wouldn't happen to have something I could use would you?"

As Kyle waited for back up Brody fired a full blast of heat towards him. The young hero quickly attempted to protect himself but was blasted backwards and came to a sliding halt on the blacktop.

"I got it from here Kermit" Dave said as he sped towards Brody. When they collided he sent the would be villain flying into the air and crashing hard onto the hood of a car. "Well that wasn't too hard." Turning back to look at Cassandra and Kyle, he suddenly flinched when a car exploded behind them.

"Now I'm angry." Brody created a large fireball in his hand as Cassie flew forward and was sent flying backwards due to the blast.

"Ouch" said Dave. "Can you give me some cover Kyle?" he looked over to see his friend give him a thumbs up.

Dave began to walk forward as Kyle countered the fireballs with blasts of his own. Dave picked up speed and went into super speed as he slammed into Brody and sent him tumbling throw a fence that bordered the parking lot.

"Did I over due it?"

"Just a little" Kyle answered.

"Come on, let's get Cassie and get out of here" Dave said as he heard the sound of people advancing to where they were.

"Why are you wearing a pink jacket?" asked Kyle as he noticed the apparel his friend had chosen to do battle in.

"It was all I had" Cassie commented as she pulled herself up.

"Oh you are never hearing the end of this" Kyle grinned looking over at Dave.

"Shut up. Let's just get out of here.

"Whatever you say princess."

A/N: so this was the first of the revised chapters. if you are re-reading or it was your first time, i hope you enjoyed it. I wanted this chapter to have a sort of same-old, same-old feel to it. Despite everything that happened at the end of Son of Superman, things are still the same. Meteor freaks are still running around and Dave is still putting them in their place. Hopefully you guys liked it and continue to read on as I update my other chapters.