David had never been to this part of Metropolis. In fact he hadn't been to a lot of places in Metropolis. When he was sent to the farm he was just a young teenager, beginning his exploration. The only areas he had witnessed were parent approved. Sure he had been through the downtown district with Cassie but this was a much darker side. Similar to the dark alleys downtown where thieves prowled waiting for the next purse to snatch.

He kept his head down, hands in his pocket as he walked forward. The red and blue scheme had been abandoned and he was grateful for doing so. A black hood fit in much better in this neighborhood. He didn't have to use x-ray vision on the group of men sitting on the front steps of a house to know they were carrying weapons.

"Whatcha got, boy?" one of the thugs called out to him as he walked past. Mentally David cursed; he kept his eyes down in hopes of avoiding this kind of event. Deciding to keep his mouth shut, David merely continued walking down the street. "Hey! I'm talking to you!"

Clearly annoyed by the treatment, or rather non-treatment he was getting the thug got up from the stairs and started to shadow the young man. "What you think yous too good to talk to us?!" he demanded, getting more frustrated the longer he was ignored. Pulling out a knife from his waistband, he drew closer to David. "We'll see how good you are when you're lying on the street and bleeding out!"

The knife came down on David's back, cutting a hole in his jacket but as soon as it made contact with his skin the steel blade shattered. The thug stumbled backwards, holding the handle and what was left of the knife in his hand. "Wh-what the hell!?"

His friends could only watch in horror as the boy simply shrugged off the pieces of steel that had landed on him and kept walking. Sure he could have pounded the thug but what good would that have down him? Beating up thugs did nothing, just look at Gotham. DIck and Bruce spent their livelihoods trying to clean up the streets and it still had one of the worst crime rates in the nation.

As he walked along, David's head shot up when he heard the blaring of a car alarm. Instantly his gaze zeroed in two teenagers working on jimmying a car door open. He started to step a foot in their direction before stopping himself. 'Saving the day was what got you in trouble in the first place Kent' his inner voice spoke. For a moment he just remained frozen, thinking of what his next move should be. When the screech of tires sounded and the car shot down the street, he knew he had made his choice.

Then he said what no parent wants their teenager to say. "I need a drink."

When he arrived at the club he had a few things going against him. For one he was the age limit for drinking, not to mention he didn't have any fake id or the means to get one. Luckily this area provided him with some of the more shady bars. Ones that didn't ask questions once you threw someone a block away.

Choosing a bar seemed like a double edged sword. He could get a drink, but there was more than likely some drunk who either wanted to tell their life story or start a fight. If he was lucky, David would get neither.

Not knowing what to order when he took a seat on the bar stool he merely glanced at the bartender. "I'll take a beer" he said and almost immediately regretted it. How could adults drink that stuff?

Beer a waste and nothing left to do Dave merely sat at the bar, every now and then looking at the TV to see the score of the baseball game. For the most part though he let his thoughts roam, often going back to his last moments in Smallville. Perhaps he had been a bit rash with his friends; after all they weren't the cause of his disenchantment with the hero lifestyle. They only ever tried to help him. And when he thought of Cassie, god Cassie. He had just finished telling her he wasn't going anywhere just to bail on her again. Part of him hoped that she never spoke to him again, she deserved better.

"Ain't you a little young to be in here kid?" the voice broke Dave from his thoughts and he turned to his left to see a middle-aged man had taken the seat next to him. Before the kryptonian could muster an excuse the man waved him off with a toothy grin. "I'm just yanking your chain. I snuck into my share of bars when I was your age too. A lot easier back then."

Dave was silently, partly because he had nothing to say, partly because he had nothing to say. The man looked him over before frowning and reaching into his pocket. "You're looking a little down on your luck, kid. Here have one of these, on the house." The man placed a red tablet, the size of an aspirin on the table. Dave's eyes were instantly drawn to it. He had little to no knowledge about drugs but this did seem curious to say the least.

"Thanks but I don't do drugs-" he trailed off when he saw that the man who had been sitting neck to him had left the bar. 'Very curious'. Deciding it couldn't hurt to carry it around; Dave shoved the small aspirin in his pocket and left the bar. 'At least mom would be happy to know I hated my first bar experience' he thought. Looking on the brightside for the first time that day.


Cassie shot up in bed, her body covered in a cold sweat, her chest heaving as she let out heavy breathes. Once she realized she was just in her room she looked down at her body, seeing that she was clad in her pajamas and not the armor she did battle in.

"Was it just a dream" she wondered out loud but even in her current state she knew the answer to that.

She tried to remember the images that she had seen but could only recall blurs. The most prominent thing she could recall, and something she feared would not be going away anytime soon, was the voice.

It had been a long time since she had heard it, or at least since she acknowledged it. The fact that it had seeped through to her sub-conscious terrified her and she could only wonder how long it would take it to reach the forefront of her mind 'No' she thought determinedly. 'I've beaten you back before, I can handle you now.'

She could practically hear the voice laughing at her claim because she knew the fact herself. Alone, she could only handle the armor for so long. She relied on her friends heavily for their support and strength. Now when she needed him the most one of her rocks had flew the coup.

"David you better get your ass back in shape" Cassie muttered as she glared out her window. "...I don't know how long I can do this."

His attempt at using alcohol as a solution having failed, David found himself sitting atop the shiny Daily Planet globe. It seemed like a cliché spot to be but he figured that was mostly for heroes that could fly. Hardly anyone actually ran up there. Which made it seem like an ideal position to be in.

There was always the chance that his dad could fly by or that his mom and dad would have one of their secret Lois and Superman rooftop moments so for that reason he merely kept his eyes pinned to the sky. No child wanted to be witness to that. Reaching into his pocket he raised the red tablet to eyes.

"Now if your dad was here he might give you a talking to" a strangely familiar voice came from behind him. Turning around quickly, he saw his cousin Kara floating in her scandalous Supergirl outfit as always. "Don't worry little cousin, you're secret is safe with me."

"I don't do drugs" he repeated, an annoyed tone to his voice. He immediately felt a bit guilty seeing as Kara hadn't done anything wrong and this was his first time seeing her in some time. "I don't even know what it is."

"Well there's only one way to find out" she said with a suggestive wink. Dave wasn't completely shocked as he heard some stories of the trouble Kara had caused when she first arrived on Earth.

"I'll keep that in mind" he grinned, shoving it back in his pocket. "What are you doing in Metropolis?"

"Just patrol" she said simply, floating down to sit next to Dave. "What brings you up here at..." she paused looking across town at the Watchtower, "1 am."

"Does running away from my problems sound too childish?" he mused with a wry smile as he looked over at her. She merely responded with a knowing smile, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Of course not. Though I say running away from your problems does not solve anything. It's in the Justice League handbook or something" she said, waving her hand dismissively.

"Well fuck the Justice League" Dave said before realizing it had come out.

Kara gave him a surprised look. She wasn't judgmental by any stretch but she was extremely curious. "Now I need details" when Dave merely looked away and said nothing, Kara gently floated to the other side where he was staring. "I'll just take a wild guess and say it has to do with that Luthor thing Kal-El mentioned?"

Dave scoffed at her wording before nodding. Had his dad really called it a Luthor thing? "How much do you know?"

"Not much, just that Luthor almost found out who you were-" "-And tried to kill me." "-AND tried to kill you. Would you let me finish!"

David couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes he forgot how much Kara helped him out. They weren't separated by that many years and she experienced much of the same hardships under Clark as his young adult cousin that Dave was having as his teenage son. Suddenly he felt a pang of disappointment wishing they could spend more quality time like this.

"You should come around more often" he said, voicing his thoughts.

Kara smiled sweetly, wrapping one arm around him. "I really should. I also heard you have a girlfriend now."

A brief smile appeared on his face as he thought of Cassie before remembering that should was probably going to castrate him and then dump him whenever he returned. "Had is probably a better term. But yeah...Cassie Sandsmark, an archaeologist's daughter."

"We know what a great place Smallville is for archaeology Kara grinned before seeing the look her cousin was giving her. "Don't worry; I know she's one of us. That Doomsday thing was televised remember."

"Yeah I had to save the lead reporter from death" Dave recalled as he thought back to when he had to save his mom during the battle.

"Lois Lane, ace reporter" Kara laughed, causing Dave to join in. The laughter slowly subsided when the sounds of sirens reached their super powered ears. "Well, I guess that's my cue. Care to join me?"

"Nah, I'm done with the whole saving people stuff" Dave mused, realizing for a moment how selfish he sounded.

For a moment he feared he was going to receive a lecture similar to what Dick had given him but instead his older cousin merely smiled. "Alright, just know you don't have to wait for me to come around to talk. Call me whenever you like" she paused then continued, "And Dave, find what you want to do. Whether it's saving the world or stock exchange. I made the mistake of trying to copy Clark too and it took me a while to find my own footing." She stood up to fly off but stopped once more, "And don't do drugs."

David couldn't help but laugh as he looked down at the aspirin in his hand before back to Kara. "Don't worry, I won't." he stood up and gave her a warm hug then watched as she raced off to chase the sirens in the night. It surprised him that instead of feeling the urge to follow her, he merely felt content. He was fine with letting her go off and be the hero while he went and got some sleep.


"Cassie, are you sure you're up for this?" Kyle's concerned voice reached Wonder Girl as they flew through the sky. The blonde haired girl didn't look over at her friend, merely keeping her eyes focused straight ahead. The armor was making her weary, an irony in a way, and she hardly wanted to discuss the topic now. Unfortunately Kyle was a good friend...or just persistent.

"I mean Dave has a point, we don't have to do this. And you definitely don't have too many attachments in Smallville..."

"I'm staying alright, Kyle?! This is what I want to do. Now let's go take care of the meteor freak and be done with it" Cassie snapped, her brow furrowing in frustration.

Knowing better than to argue with that, Kyle merely shrugged, "Alright, alright." For a while the only noise between them was the wind as they flew by until Kyle gathered the courage to speak again. "Assuming Dave is just leaving the saving stuff behind and returns to Smallville…is it going to be awkward or what?"

Cassie was silent for a moment as she thought, her eyes focused straight ahead. Honestly she didn't know how she'd react when the kryptonian returned but she'd like to think she was more mature about things than he had been.

"I have no reason to make it awkward. We aren't even broken up…technically" she added, her gaze flicking down for a moment.

"Awkwarrrrd" Kyle said until he received another threatening glare from Cassie.

"Shut up, Kyle."

A/N: so this may feel like a filler chapter, and i guess to a degree it is but I also liked some aspects of it. eventually the red pill will come into play to cause some trouble and in the next chapter David returns to Smallville and receives mixed reactions. A lot is still in development but i hope you guys liked this chapter. I did decide to go with a bit of the new52 Cassie Sandsmark, but i think i'll keep the rest the same. Also, Kara reappearance! i'm rewatching season 7 so i had to include her somewhere. might ad an appearance from Batgirl as well? we'll see what the muse kicks out!Not to mention Darkseid and Luthor's seperate schemes continue. until next time (: