Ruby never was one for staying up late. He needed his beauty sleep after all.

But when a certain little cave girl disappears for the day and tries to sneak in through the front door near midnight, he thinks he'll be prepared to stay up all night to find the answers.

Until it does happen...

"Where have you been?"

The teenage boy's hand flipped the light switch in a split-second. His bright, red eyes remained fixed on the girl holding the doorknob of a half-closed door. She remained silent as he slipped her hand off the doorknob and closed the door shut.

"You didn't answer me" he continued. "What were you doing outside at this hour?" The girl's uncertain, azure eyes tried to avoid his gaze as she answered.

"I was just…out…" she said. The guy raised an eyebrow as she stood uncomfortably on her spot. He had a red and white hat over his black hair. The dark-colored shirt he wore reflected the light from the ceiling as it hung loosely over a pair of comfortable-looking knee-length shorts.

"Well…in any case, it's already late. Let's just get some rest." The girl returned her gaze to the boy with a confused look on her face.

"You're just going to let me go that easily?" She scratched her head in confusion. Strands of her long, brown hair weaved their way between her fingers.

"Guess so" the guy replied. He turned around and started to walk away. The confused girl dashed to his side and tried to match her pace with his.

"Who are you and what've you done with Ruby?" A smile slowly spread across her face. The red-eyed boy stopped in front of their bedroom door. His friend stared at him with her annoying grin, waiting for his answer.

"He's already asleep" the somewhat annoyed Ruby replied. A yawn escaped his mouth and he wiped the tears from his eyes. "And you need to go to bed." He examined his friend once more. A light blue T-shirt clung loosely to her light frame. Black, worn-out capris were kept on by a plain yellow belt.

"Sapphire, don't tell me you're sleeping in those?"

"And what's so wrong about that?" she replied. The girl was obviously trying to get on Ruby's nerves tonight.

"Just change" he said in a slightly commanding tone. A familiar click sounded as he turned the doorknob. The wooden door opened to reveal the dimly-lit room, lit up by a pale silver light coming from outside. Two beds stood side-by side next to the window, with the closet door located in the far right corner of the room.

Ruby opened the closet door and started searching for something in the many shelves along its walls. He turned back to Sapphire, matching light blue pajamas in his hands.

"Here. Change into these." The red-eyed boy handed the clothes to his friend. Sapphire took the clothes from him, the smile still on her face.

"You are Ruby." She punched him playfully in the shoulder before heading over to the bed to the left of the window and placed her clothes on the blue sheets.

"I'll be in the bathroom" the red-eyed boy said. Without waiting for a reply, he slipped out of the room and headed towards the end of the hall. He mumbled a curse under his breath as he rubbed his sore shoulder.

The guy entered the brightly-lit bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush. After putting some toothpaste on the pale, red brush, he stuck it in his mouth and began. Ruby looked into the mirror thoughtfully, the toothbrush spreading the minty toothpaste all over his teeth.

The two have been together for the last two years, sometimes traveling to different regions for contests and battling tournaments. Ever since he got the guts to ask her out, they've been more than just best friends.

Ruby spat out the foam that had collected in his mouth. He filled a cup with water and took a sip to rinse.

"Nothing's changed" he said, after wiping his mouth with a towel. "She's still the same wild girl...and we still get into arguments." A small smile spread over his face. "But we always figure it out…" He looked into the mirror; his smile slowly disappeared as other thoughts came to his mind.

Sometimes, I wonder though… he mumbled in his head.

If this'll last.

He came back to his senses and shook his head to clear that thought.

"What am I thinking?" He reached for the light switch and turned off the lights.

"Of course it will" he mumbled to himself as he closed the door and stalked back to their room. Ruby silently opened the door and peeked inside.

There, on her bed, was Sapphire, sleeping peacefully in her pajamas. The boy went over to the sleeping girl and was surprised to see that she had folded her clothes into a neat pile on her dresser. The azure-eyed girl was curled up on one side of her bed.

"Goodnight" Ruby whispered. He pulled up the light blue blankets up to her shoulder. The boy was about to go over to his bed, when something from the corner of his eye caught his attention. Something on top of Sapphire's dresser was reflecting a speck of silver moonlight. Ruby leaned forward to take a closer look.

There, cleverly hidden in the shadows, were two, small Pokémon dolls. On the left was a Torchic and next to it stood a Mudkip.

Ruby picked up the two plushies and examined them carefully. They seemed to be hand-made, but the seams were made with so much care that whoever made them seemed to have taken geat care in perfecting the stitches. They looked almost like something he himself would do.

"Who would…?" Ruby stopped mid-sentence as he noticed a small piece of paper placed underneath the plushies. He put the Mudkip doll in his other hand and picked up the picture. A smile spread over his face as he looked at the familiar photo.

It was a snapshot of his a few years ago. There was a Christmas Party with all the Pokedex Holders and Blue brought a camera. Sapphire took this picture of him, with his permission of course.

Ruby flipped the picture and was somewhat surprised to see words written in the back. He put the picture under the moonlight and read the rushed scrawl.

Happy Birthday!

I've asked Blue to teach me how to sew…and that's obviously the reason why I was out so late. Luckily, I had Tororo with me and I managed to get back home before midnight. I just wanted to make you something special for your birthday. Hope you like your presents…

Love Sapphire

PS: You owe me an apology for bein' too harsh with the questions! And...I guess I owe you one for disappearin' the whole day... But! We'll talk 'bout that in the mornin'. Nighty-night.

Ruby looked up at the clock. Both hands pointed straight up, signaling that midnight had passed…and it was already the start of the next day, the 2nd of July. The red-eyed boy looked down at his friend and smiled. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. After placing the Torchic doll beside her bed, he went over to his and pulled up the pale, red blanket over his body.

"It'll last…I'm sure of it"

hey guys!...
I just wanted to make a Franticshipping One-Shot for Ruby's B-Day!
I made the deadline...but it was only now that I decided to post it here
hope you readers liked it!