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"No you are not!" I yelled as I sprang to my feet. My fiancee turned to me, her eyes beautiful and golden but dramatically intense. She clenched her jaw tight as she looked at me; I loomed a few inches above her but she was doing a fantastic job at scaring the shit out of me,

"Yes. I. Am." She ground out, "You promised me Edward. You promised that if I wanted to help you with this then I could and I do. So either you let me go with you or you don't go at all, Emmett seems awful eager to kill a werewolf today." She was hitting below the belt and she knew it but what could I say? I had promised her a long time ago that she could help and I would never break another promise to Bella as long as we both existed.

"She has a point Edward. She's not breakable anymore and she could help to…lure Jacob." Carlisle said. I shot my father a look that made him raise his eyebrows,

"Are you suggesting I use my fiancee as bait?" I asked. I didn't care how breakable Bella was I wasn't too keen on using her like a fisherman used a worm. She wasn't a piece of meat. Bella rolled her eyes,

"There you go again assuming that I can't take care of myself. I got away from him when I was human didn't I? Let me do this, let me help, please Edward." All of my siblings were looking at me as Bella and I stood staring at each other. I longed to read her mind, to know what she was thinking, but I couldn't. I had no choice but to trust that she wouldn't be foolish in her actions,

"I just don't want you to get hurt. I know, I know, you can take care of yourself don't give me that look dammit. I just don't know what you're planning, if anything." I rarely swore, especially at Bella but I couldn't help it,

"I promise you that I'll be fine. I'm strong now Edward. Two against one shouldn't be a problem…we'll be back in time for movie night." Bella winked at Alice who hopped up excitedly,

"I forgot it was movie night!" She sang happily. Carlisle pulled me to the side,

"You know that we'll go with you if you need us." He said quietly. I contemplated this for a moment, having my family waiting in the wings didn't sound like such a bad idea. We didn't know, and couldn't know, if Jacob had brought friends with him to Alaska and it could be a good thing to have some extra hands,

"I know Emmett would love a good fight. But if you do come I ask that you stay back from Jacob, Bella, and myself. This is our fight, as she pointed out to me, and we don't want to risk anyone else. Unless…" I leaned in closer to Carlisle, "Unless I go down." Carlisle scowled at me as if dismissing the entire idea, "Don't dismiss it Carlisle you know that it's entirely possible that he may be able to take me down. I'm not counting on it but we don't know how strong he's gotten over these years, Bella didn't look at him in the classroom so we're not sure how much he's changed. If he takes me down Emmett has my full permission to pounce just as long as you get Bella out of there." I whispered to him. He didn't want to admit it but he knew I was right. Carlisle placed a hand on my shoulder and nodded,

"You know that we'll do anything to prevent that from happening. Your mother said it best 'we fight as a family'. She'd never forgive me if we let you get hurt. We'll be waiting but we'll stay put unless we have to act." With that Carlisle and I rejoined the rest of our family who were eagerly discussing attacking werewolves and what movie to watch that night,

"I want to watch Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long blog!" Alice was saying while perched atop Jasper's shoulders,

"What the hell is that pixie?" Emmett asked,

"Uh…amazingness in lyrical form…duh." Alice replied. Emmett rolled his eyes,

"Whatever…I say Bella and Edward pick." Rosalie said as I rejoined my siblings,

"We'll pick when we get back." I was amazed at how normal everyone could act while we were on the brink of a fight that could, potentially, end badly. I wound my arms tightly around Bella and breathed in the mesmerizing scent of her hair,

"Are you okay?" She whispered to me. I took her by the hand and led her out back away from prying eyes. We knew we had a big task ahead of us that night. I felt that we were the only ones that knew the importance of taking out Jacob Black and what a relief we would feel once we didn't have to glance over our shoulders repeatedly.

"I love you." I told her, and then, I didn't hesitate a moment longer. I clutched Bella against my chest holding her as tightly as I could. Then, I brought her face to mine and kissed her as deep as I possibly could. Our tongues were locked in a fierce dance as I tried to pour every ounce of love I had for her into one kiss. She seemed to understand and knotted her small hands in my hair. We didn't need to breathe so, in theory, we could have kissed all night, and I would have been perfectly fine with that. Bella brought me closer to her, if that was possible, and I melted against her as I felt her chest press up against mine, if I were meant to die tonight I would truly die happy if this was the last thing I got to do. Bella urged me on as my hands flew, instinctively, to her waist. Some would see the back porch in the dead of winter a poor choice for love making but we didn't quite feel the cold, we felt each other and that's all that mattered. I smashed her up against the side of the house, away from the large window that over looked our backyard. I continued to kiss her, my kisses traveled down her neck where I let a protective growl escape my lips and I grazed the mark I left on Bella three years ago. I loved the feeling of her skin against my lips, so smooth and cool almost like glass. Her hands found the buttons on my shirt and managed to rip through them quite effortlessly, I grinned at the fact that her vampire strength allowed her to undress me quite quickly nowadays and I didn't have to wait for her to undo all the buttons at a human's pace (that would have been torture), though, I had lost a few good shirts due to her impatience. I inhaled sharply as her hands grazed my chest, that's when I smelled him. The distinct smell of werewolf hit my nose and I quickly withdrew my hands from under Bella's sweater and spun around to crouch in front of her. A snarl ripped from me as I scanned the area for him, I found him, standing right in front of the tree line, I straightened up and glared at the menacing creature. He knew I saw him too because he turned and sprinted quickly into the dark firs.

"Son of a bitch." I growled. The fact that Jacob had been standing there, no doubt, watching Bella and myself made my stomach churn and a feral growl snapped from me. What a sick bastard. I didn't even turn around to look at Bella, my eyes were focused ahead, "If you want to be a part of this fight then follow me." I said and I took off running towards the trees. Bella followed behind me quickly, I was happy for her speed, and I could tell by my family's thoughts that they weren't too far behind either. The snow flew up behind us as we ran towards the woods, I glanced to my right and saw Bella staring straight ahead, as concentrated and fearless as I was.

We chased him for a quite awhile. We were faster but, I had to admit, he was crafty in the way he evaded us. Watching Bella hunt made me feel proud and guilty at the same time. I was proud that she wasn't scared, or nervous, in her actions anymore and that she was fully capable of taking down, pretty much, any animal that dared cross her path. I felt guilty, however, that it was me that had brought her to this point. If I hadn't have been so foolish to think that she would be better off without me then her trust in Jacob Black would never have grown and she would never have been attacked. I was guilty because I had allowed her to come along thus, putting her in danger that could have been easily avoided. Still, it was difficult to argue with Bella nowadays, she had remembered the promise I had made and was determined that I wasn't going to go back on my word. I was staring at my beautiful fiancee when we both heard the cracking of twigs in the distance, simultaneously we tore off in the direction of the noise and exited the trees into a clearing, there we found Jacob Black standing, or towering take your pick, smack in the middle of it. He had grown an extreme amount since I had last encountered him, his hair was cropped short which was an odd look on him and, if possible, made him look even more like a massive tool. He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt and dirty jeans, it appeared that he had been running for days. I looked down at myself and noticed that my shirt was still in the disrepair that Bella had put it in, I sent a smirk my fiancee's way and squeezed her hand.

"Did you bring your little family with you leech?" Jacob called. I could sense my family around me in the dark trees. I knew they were there, waiting and a small smile crept over my face,

"Nope. Just us mutt." I snarled instinctively stepping in front of Bella. Jacob shifted his weight to match mine,

"Hi Bella." Jacob said in mock sincerity. I was trying my hardest to not let his thoughts get to me but he was making it extremely difficult. He kept playing his encounter with Bella three years ago over and over mixed with images from the way he stalked her on her way to class earlier that day.

"Hi." Bella squeaked. I looked back at her, seeing Jacob again had terrified her. No matter how strong she was, and she was strong, it was evident to see that Jacob Black still elicited a certain amount of fear in her.

"You're alright…you can leave, everyone's in the woods." I whispered low enough for her to hear but not him. She shook her head,

"No." Was all she said. I turned back to the mutt and started to walk forward. I had to admit, Jacob Black did look intimidating, I was certain in my abilities to take down a simple werewolf but I was not confident in my ability to block out the disturbing images he was sending my way. I would never tell Bella but I was just the slightest bit nervous as I approached the towering creature. He stared down at me,

"We fight man to man, no phasing understand?" I told him. This was between Jacob and myself not between a wolf and a vampire, "Or can you not control it well enough?" I said,

"Oh I can control it just fine. And when I'm done ripping you apart and burning the pieces Bella will come skipping back to me." He said menacingly,

"She would never come back to you, she was never with you, not in a million years." I growled,

"I'm bigger." He said. Here we go again with the high school talk, I though to myself. I rolled my eyes,

"Yeah, but I'm prettier." And with that I sprang for him pushing him instantly off balance and to the ground. He quickly pushed me off though and I knew in an instant that I had underestimated his strength. He growled and we danced around each other in the circle while Bella stood back watching me quietly. I knew she was scared but she had no reason to be.

Jacob's fist tried to collided with my jaw but I evaded it and sent a kick to his chest. We tumbled like this for a time being, he'd get a punch in and I'd return one, it was difficult to tell who was winning. If I could get to his head then it would be all over but, for being as big as he was, he was still fairly quick. I ripped into his arm which made him howl with pain and his form shook a little,

"Uh-uh, bad dog, you agreed, no phasing." I growled. It's not to say that Jacob hadn't gotten few good punches in, I was sure my cheek bone was broken but I knew it would heal quickly. He had crouched a bit, holding his arm, and I saw my opportunity but just as I was about to spring towards his head when a howl erupted from somewhere in the woods. I turned, instinctively at the sound, my mistake. I felt Jacob behind me but I was too late to react I felt my feet leave the ground as the wolf whipped me at a nearby tree, I landed against the bark with a sick, snapping, sound. Pain shot through me as I opened my eyes to find Jacob standing not twenty feet from Bella,

"STOP!!" She screamed as I brought myself to my feet. Bella had walked forward,

"Edward don't…please." She looked at me and I couldn't tell what she was doing, and that frightened me. Bella walked toward Jacob and ran her hand along his jaw. I felt and instinctive growl build in the chest, "I love him Edward. Please don't hurt him." She said. Jacob began laughing,

"Told you leech! She'd pick me in the end, she'd pick the bigger man!" He laughed and stared at Bella with wide eyes,

"Jacob?" She asked innocently. Jacob turned to her,

"Yes beautiful?" He asked, his voice thick with acid. Bella beckoned for him to lean closer, he did and I saw Carlisle standing close to the edge of the clearing,

"I'll see you in hell." I heard her whisper to him and with that Bella quickly strode away into the trees. Carlisle shot forward and, while Jacob was stunned with what Bella had said, he slammed him against a nearby tree,

"Messing with my son, not the smartest idea." I heard my father growl, Carlisle hated violence but it was always a bad idea to mess with any of his children. Jacob roared and pushed my father off. My brothers were closing in quickly and I saw my chance, I took off into the woods, heading in the direction I was sure he was going to flee. And flee he did, my brothers had left a small gap and Jacob had pushed through, now he was running, scared, towards me. He ran right up to me and stopped dead, he wheeled around to run the other way but I pushed him quickly to the ground holding him there with all my strength,

"I agree with you Jacob. She did pick the better man, the only man. Bella is more of a cat person than a dog person. But I disagree with her, she'll never be in hell, never. Me on the other hand…I'll see you there mutt. Now fetch!" and with that I ripped the werewolf's head clean off and tossed it into the woods, I would let Emmett find it. He and Jasper would get some enjoyment out of burning the pieces. My mind was concentrated on getting back to Bella.

I found her with the rest of the family eagerly awaiting my return. She threw herself into my arms,

"You reek honey." She said as she clung to me,

"I know. Don't ever scare me like that again." I told her as I kissed her head over and over,

"Like I'd pick a dog over you." She whispered.

Later that night we sat in the living room. Peter and the Wolf played on the television, we thought it was a fitting movie to pick, and I realized, for the first time in three years, for the first time in all my ninety years of existence, I finally felt peace. We were safe, we were happy,

"I love you with every ounce of my being." I told Bella,

"I love you Edward, I always will." She whispered.

"EMMETT GET MY CLOTHES OFF THE BEAMS!" I heard Jasper roar from upstairs. Yes, everything was finally back to as normal as it could get in the Cullen house.