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.:Live to Love:.

.x. midnight .x.

It was on midnight, August thirty-first, when I was born. It was on midnight during an angry nightmare that I accidentally set my bedcovers on fire.

In short, things happen to me on midnight.

So, it would make sense that it was also on midnight I was first kissed by Scorpius Malfoy.

It reminded me of the fairy tales we always read about in Muggle Studies class. The one thing the Muggles did to occupy their time seemed to be to write stories about princesses and princes that magically fell in love. My favorite had to be Cinderella's tale. The talking animals were lovable, and the fairy godmother was the closest thing to a witch I had heard of in Muggle literature. And, of course, something happened on midnight in that particular fable.

But in my fairy tale, things were… slightly different.

My prince wasn't anywhere near as charming as the one in that fairy tale, seeing that he often mocked and sneered at me. He was tall, pale, and blond, often strutting around like he owned Hogwarts. Being top of the class like I was, he was my enemy, and therefore, my best friend. He wasn't incredibly popular outside of the Slytherins, but had a smile that could send your heart fluttering like a million butterfly's wings.

I didn't quite have an evil family or a fairy godmother either. Unless you count Victoire Weasley, who made it her goal to make me feel guilty for not going to the upcoming ball by sending me a beautiful gown. Or my cousin James Potter, who appointed himself as my personal bodyguard, 'protecting' me from any hormonal boy.

Nevertheless, I still got my Cinderella fairy tale ending the night of the Christmas Ball sixth year.

Albus Potter had set me up with some cheap Gryffindor last minute, since I really hadn't wanted to go until I received that dress in the post. I knew I promised to meet Scorpius Malfoy sometime during that night – he was going with some stupid Slytherin girl who had bigger hair than brains – but he hadn't shown up yet. So I just sat there at the table with my cousins and little brother for the majority of the night.

When my date had left for a second to go get some drinks, Albus told me to go look for Scorpius with only one request: I had to be back by twelve midnight. Hugo Weasley, my little brother, wanted to go back to the common room then, and he sure had a bad temper when he didn't get his way.

So, I got up and searched through the dance crowd, making my way through swaying hands and hips, to only come up with a fruitless search. No Scorpius Malfoy. Defeated, I started walking back towards the Ravenclaw dormitory – Hugo had to have left early, he was paranoid like that – when I bumped into a hard, stony chest.

"So sorry, I'll just be on my…" I stopped babbling when I met the gray gaze that was staring into my blue one.

"I've been looking all over for you," Scorpius said, smiling a little as he put a hand on either one of my arms to steady me. My legs felt like a bunch of pudding. "Where've you been?"

"Sitting with my cousins," I answered simply. "But the real question is where you have been."

"I don't really think that is. I remember someone saying, I quote exactly, 'Christmas balls are an excuse for girls to bawl their eyes out'."

"Stuff it, Malfoy," I snapped. "Victoire sent me this dress, and I couldn't waste it. You know that. And I remember you being less than enthusiastic about going too."

"Only because you weren't," he admitted with a completely straight face. I could feel that familiar Weasley blush creep up my neck and averted my gaze from his.

"So, what made you change your mind?" he asked with one eyebrow raised and a smile on his lips.

I stuck my hip out and put one hand on it. "How do you know I changed my mind? I'm not even at the ball, mind you."

"You're certainly not dressed for, I don't know, the library." He gave me the once-over with those piercing eyes of his.

"You're not either." It was true. He was in fancy dress robes, green, just like a true Slytherin would be. If I didn't know better, I would say he was dressed for, oh, I don't know, a ball.

"Well, then what are we dressed for?" Scorpius asked, leaning closer to my face. "If we're not dressed for a ball or the library."

"Mmm, I don't know. You tell me," I challenged. And I knew he would accept. Mr. Never-Turn-Down-a-Chance-to-Beat-Rose-Weasley Malfoy always grabbed at every chance to have something to brag about in front of me. Best friends make the best rivalry.

"Maybe… something… entirely…" And soon, he was inches from my face, leaning down. Our lips brushed, and the contact was already sending tingles shivering up and down my spine. I stretched upward for more, and he leaned downward, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, and his encircled my waist, and –

"Rose!" I pulled away quickly at the sound of my name. Standing behind me was the usual gang of cousins, including Hugo, Albus, and James Potter. He was the one who called me and looked livid at the prospect of me kissing a guy that wasn't approved by him. "Get your bloody hands off of him!"

"C'mon, it's midnight, let's go!" Hugo intervened, beckoning me.

I gave one last, long look to Scorpius. He was as surprised as I felt, but then I winked and followed my cousins down the corridor without looking back.

It wasn't exactly as if my dress suddenly turned into rags on the stroke of midnight, or I left a glass slipper right in the palm of Scorpius's hands. And, okay, I didn't exactly have a carriage to ride me to the Ravenclaw common room either – just a few nagging cousins.

But this fairy tale was more than all right with me.

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