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Okay, Edward is a father to two month old Elizabeth Michelle Mason. Tanya is the baby's mother but she has skipped out on the two of them. She didn't want a child. You will learn the rest in the next few chapters. Hope you enjoy.

A New Beginning

Chapter 1

Lizzy ran out of diapers…and I am the only one home! This is just great!! I mean don't get me wrong…I love my two month old daughter to death but I'm always scared I'm going to hurt her or something. And sometimes…fear is just too much. Normally, Alice, my best friend's girlfriend, does the baby shopping for me. But they were on vacation; actually I think that the whole school but me is on vacation. My parents are even on vacation. They thought that Lizzy and I could use alone time in the house. Yes, I really need alone time with my two month old daughter so that I can become sleep deprived!!

So now, here I am getting in my car with a bundled up baby and driving to Wal-Mart. I don't think that I have ever gone shopping alone with my own daughter.

I walked in with Lizzy and quickly got a buggy. I placed the car seat in the buggy and she began to stir. About five seconds after I had set her down she had begun to scream. I quickly picked her up and tried to quiet her. I hated to see, or hear, my daughter cry but unfortunately it was a common occurrence.

I saw a Wal-Mart employee walk towards me.

"Is there anything you need help with?" She asked. I read her name tag.

"Actually yes, Bella. Can you show me where the diapers are?" I asked, over Lizzy's crying.

"Right this way," she answered. I smiled great fully and began following her.

"You know the baby might want her pacifier," She suggested since Lizzy was still crying. I quickly found it in her car seat and put it in her mouth. She stopped crying and I laid her back in her seat.

"Thank you so much. My name is Edward Mason by the way." I said really looking at her for the first time. She had brown eyes, brown hair, was absolutely beautiful. But you could tell her beauty was more than skin deep. She smiled and I felt my heart skip a beat. Her smile…was beyond description.

"No problem. I love kids, and she looks sweet. What's her name?" She asked curiously.

"Elizabeth, but we call her Lizzy."

"She's so cute…is she you sister or niece? Or what?" She asked, stopping at the diapers.

I swallowed…"Actually, she's my daughter." I stood and waited for her to be disgusted and walk away.

"Wow. Well, she is so cute, and she looks like you. God, how could I not know she was yours? She looks just like you. I feel stupid." She said, blushing.

"It's okay. Most people don't notice. Thanks for showing me where the diapers are. I would've never found the," I said picking up the right bag.

"You're welcome. It really is my job so you have nothing to thank me about. If you ever need a babysitter just call." She said taking a pen and scrap piece of paper out of her pocket and writing her number on it. She handed it to me.

"Thanks Bella. You really are a sweet girl. If you want to, can you come over after your shift is over and have dinner. You know, and you can play with Lizzy since you like her so much." I said, teasing her. I don't know why I said that. Normally, or since Lizzy was born, I don't date. All the girls who know I have a daughter think I'm scum and I always put Lizzy first. No one seemed to like that. She likes Lizzy though…so maybe she won't be like other girls.

"Sure, I'd love to. My shift ends at 7:30 so depending on where you live I could be over around 8," She said, smiling.

I gave her my address and directions to my house. Then I left and went to the grocery section. I got a few things, went to the self-checkout and paid. Then I left.

Once at home, I put Lizzy in her playpen and got the groceries and diapers out. Then I changed Lizzy and started dinner. I looked up at the clock. 7:25, I have to for Lizzy's bottle, then finish dinner, and then take a shower. Wow, that's a lot to do.

I heated up Lizzy's bottle and went to her play pen to get her. Then, the phone rang. I ran, got it, and quickly pressed talk.

"Hello, Edward speaking."

"Hey, how's Lizzy?" My mom asked.

"Perfectly fine. You know you don't have to check up on me with my own daughter."

I walked back over to the kitchen and got the bottle. Then I sat down and began to feed Lizzy.

"Well, I thought I would anyways. Sorry we all kind of abandoned you. But we wanted a vacation and Lizzy is kind of young to be taking a vacation." She said.
"Yeah, well I'm feeding her right now. So I have to go but I'll call you back later."

"Oh, okay. I love you. Bye."

"Love you too. Bye."

I quickly hang up and finished feeding Lizzy. Then I burped her and turned all eyes on the stove to low before heading upstairs. I put Lizzy in her crib and went to the bathroom, leaving the door open so I could hear if she started to cry. I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I put on a pair of faded blue jeans, a black shirt, and tennis shoes. Then I brushed my hair and teeth before me and Lizzy went back downstairs. I put her in the playpen again and went to the kitchen to check on everything. I turned it all back up and looked at the clock. 7:49.

Great, Bella will be here soon. I just tended to the food, trying to keep my mind off her beautiful smile. It was all finished at 8:15. I was sitting in the living room with Lizzy when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and opened it.

There she was. Her hair was down, and she was wearing a blue shirt, faded blue jeans and sandals.

"Come in," I said, nervously.

She came in and saw Lizzy. She walked right up to her and then turned to say something.

"Do you mind if I hold her?" She asked.

"Go ahead," I said. Then I went to my stereo and turned on some music. I walked back over to Bella, who was still holding Lizzy. And, amazingly, Lizzy was still quiet.

"Wow… amazing." I muttered.

"What?" Bella asked, looking up.

"Not many people can hold her without making her scream. Especially if they don't know her." I said, thoroughly impressed.

She laughed and went back to playing with Lizzy, who was looking at her with her vibrant green eyes.

Soon Lizzy was asleep and Bella and I were in the kitchen eating our food.

"So, what's your whole name?" I asked.

"Isabella Marie Swan. Yours?"

"Edward Anthony Mason. What's your favorite color?"

"Varies. It kinda changes daily. Today it's green. Yours?" She asked, blushing.

"Blue… why is your favorite color green?"

"Um…the color of yours and Lizzy's eyes. What about you? Why blue?" She asked, still blushing.

"Well," I said, looking down. "It's the color your shirt is."

We both laughed and then continued our questions.

"Can I ask what Lizzy's story is? Or does that offend you?" She asked, at one point.

"No, it doesn't offend me at all… Let's see. Well, I had been dating this girl, Tanya, for over a year and a half when she found out she was pregnant. But she shocked me. You see she wanted to have an abortion. 'I'm too young to have a baby,' she would say. So I talked to my family who reacted….well shocked. I've always been the 'perfect' child until Tanya. Then I began to act up.

Regardless, they were all shocked at what Tanya wanted to do…to kill a child is the ultimate crime in my eyes. So we attempted to change her mind. Still she said she wanted an abortion.

One day I just went off on her. Screaming. Punching walls. Throwing things….I told her that after the baby was born she would never have to see it again. Never have to see me again. I would move away if need be. Finally she broke.

So when Elizabeth was born she got the name Elizabeth Michelle Mason. Michelle because my best friend's sister…well, she was kidnapped when he was eight. They never found her and her name was Michelle. He's the godfather. His name is Jasper. And the name Elizabeth after my mother.

Tanya still… lives around here. I see her around sometimes, but I turn and walk in the opposite direction. That is Lizzy's story…" I finished and looked into her eyes. They were shinning with tears.

"That's so sad. I can't believe that Lizzy's mom didn't want her…That is horrible. Who wouldn't want her?" She asked, and that one question sent my heart beating faster. She absolutely adores Lizzy, and I adore them both…

We continued to talk about Lizzy. Bella's attitude towards my daughter is so very different than most people's. We ended up in the living room with the stereo on low. Then We Danced by Brad Paisley came on and I stood.

"May I have this dance?" I asked.

"I don't know…I really can't dance."

"Come on!" I said, dragging her up with me.

I put my hand on the small of her back and pulled her closer. Her head rested on my shoulder and we danced.

The bar was empty
I was sweeping up the floor
That's when she walked in
I said, "I'm sorry but we're closed"
And she said "I know,
But I'm afraid I left my purse"
I said, "I put one back behind the bar
I bet it's probably yours"
And the next thing that I knew
There we were, lost in conversation
And before I handed her purse
I said, "You'll only get this back on one condition"
And we danced
Out there on that empty hardwood floor
The chairs up and the lights turned way down low
The music played, we held each other close
And we danced

And from that moment
There was never any doubt
I had found the one
That I had always dreamed about
And then one evenin'
When she stopped by after work
I pulled a diamond ring out of the pocket of my shirt
And as her eyes filled up with tears
She said, "This is the last thing I expected"
And then she took me by the hand
And said, "I'll only marry you on one condition"

Like no one else had ever danced before
I can't explain what happened on that floor
But the music played
We held each other close
And we danced
Yeah, we danced

This is perfection to the core.

Soon we were sitting on the couch again, laughing about something. It felt as if I had known Bella forever. As if she were my best friend in the whole wide world and I could tell her anything.

We finally fell asleep on the couch around one in the morning. It never occurred to us how late it was or that Bella should go home. But, as I lay there, I didn't care.

As we lay there on that on that couch. Me, holding her tight. My only thought was, truly, perfection to the core.

Mood Music

We Danced By: Brad Paisley

Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore By: Bon Jovi and LeAnn Rimes

What Hurts the Most By: Rascal Flatts

Making Memories of Us By: Keith Urban

Complicated By: Avril Lavigne

Lost in this Moment By: Big and Rich

With You By: Chris Brown

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