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"I am in the study." Haruhi called back as she started to walk to him.

"Wait" Fuyumi said. "Let's see if he comes into the room." They both sat down the couch and waited for the owner of the footsteps they hear getting closer and closer. Kyoya stopped at the door way.

"It is getting late, I think it is time I get you home." He said at the edge of the room, being so close yet still not in.

"Do you have to take me now?" Haruhi asked. "Fuyumi and I were start getting started, why don't you join us? Fuyumi was just about to tell me about you and Tamaki-sempai in middle school."

"No, I don't need to hear stories, I was there. I will be in my room when you are ready to go." He said and left.

"See what I mean." Fuyumi said when she was sure he was out of hearing range. "It's been years and he still can't come in this room. I use to worry so much about Kyoya when we were small. Our brothers were more worried about pleasing father then us. I being a girl would never inherit and Kyoya being the third son they didn't have to worry about us taking their glory. But then Tamaki and I was so happy he found a friend then the Host Club and he was getting out of the house and having fun. I felt like I didn't have to worry about him anymore and it was a good feeling. But then you came along Haruhi, you have made so much of a difference in my brother's life and made him so much happier then I, the company, and anything else."

"Arigato, I think" Haruhi didn't know what to say. She made no idea she was that big of a deal. "Well I think I should be going I wouldn't want to make Kyoya drive to late." The ladies stood and started to walk out of the room when Haruhi got this feeling. 'Oh no not now' she taught as she held he hand over her stomach.

"Haruhi, are you alright?" Fuyumi asked.

"I'm fine; please excuse me for a moment." Haruhi answered as she tried to walk to the closest restroom. She shut the door and not a second to soon. 'Such a waste, all the good food gone. ' she cleaned herself up and looked at herself in the mirror. "I guess you don't have the same taste buds and your father." She said as she rested her hands on her children's temporary home. She started to see what her father was saying. It wasn't a big bump, not a bump never the less. It's been almost three months how long can she go without telling everyone.

*Knock, knock* "Haruhi, are you ok?" Fuyumi asked on the other side of the white mahogany door. "I'm coming in." the door swung open and Fuyumi can in with a frown. "How far along are you."

"Far along of what?" Haruhi asked trying to save what she could but the look on Fuyumi's face, the face she had seen a million times on Kyoya. It was far gone from saving anything. "Almost three months."

"I'm guess Father does not know." Fuyumi asked.

"No, the only people who know is, the Kaoru, my father and Akito." Haruhi told her.

"Well I think tonight would be the best time to tell him. After the way the night has been I do not think he will be too bad. Come on let go see Kyoya." They walked up to Kyoya's room and walked right in.

"You know some people knock before entering a room." Kyoya said.

"When were you going to tell me about this?" Fuyumi said pointing to Haruhi. Kyoya didn't have to guess what she was referring too.

"I would have told you when the time was right." Kyoya said running a hand through his hair. "We found out shortly after you last you child and we didn't want to unset up."

"I understand, but you know that sooner you tell dad the better." She said giving him a hug. Kyoya know he was right and looked and Haruhi. Without a word they agreed that it was time and they held hands as they walked down to his office. With a knock on the door Kyoya and Haruhi entered his father's office. He sat behind his desk with both of Kyoya's brothers were in front of the desk in two arm chairs.

"Father, Haruhi and I need to speak with you." He addressed.

"Yes, yes. Come in, all these wedding details must be set up." He said.

"It's not about the wedding." Kyoya stand tall as he addressed his father and brothers. "Father, Haruhi is pregnant with twin girls" The room fell quite.

"I am sure it is nothing, Akito, you will see Miss Fujioka tomorrow and set the record straight." Their Father said.

"Father, I saw Haruhi last month and gave her the news myself." Akito told him.

"How far are you?" his father asked looking directly at Haruhi. She had only ever seen those eyes once, at the festal her first year. The Host Club was open to both students and parents. He can in and slapped Kyoya so hard across the face his glasses flow off his face.

"I am three months, Sir." She answered.

"We will hold the wedding at the end of next month. Madam Hitachi will make you a dress that will hind hide any extra weight you may have by then. A month after that we will make the amusement that Haruhi is expecting, Miss Fujioka will them has to be home schooled. Due to having too much stress at school her doctor wants her home to rest. Then when the baby comes we will tell everyone it was a premature labor due to being stressed. Then then Kyoya show Miss Fujioka to a room different then your own." Haruhi could not believe what she just heard. What is with the Ohtori men and being able to come up with these plans out of thin air? Is it some kind of gene that that's past one? Will my sons be this way?

"Agreed." Kyoya answered.

"Then it is settled. I want all the details for the wedding by Monday." His father said. "Now you may retire for the night." And with that Kyoya and Haruhi left the room.

*ring, ring* *ring, ring*

"How could be calling you at this hour?" Haruhi asked.

"You have to ask?" Kyoya questioned and answered his phone. "Hello Tamaki"

"Kyoya I found this wonderful little church for your wedding. The windows by the alter open up into a rose garden." Kyoya could tell he was jumping on the other line.

"Tamaki, I and on my way to bed." Kyoya looked at Haruhi. "I will be turning my phone off for the nights so please do not try to call."

"Ok Kyoya, but tomorrow we must meet up to go over commoner customs. Do you know at some wedding they step on a glass bottle." He continued.

"Not tomorrow." Kyoya was tried and did not want to deal with him. "Oh and Tamaki, Haruhi is pregnant." he then hung up the phone and shut it off.

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