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" No one will get hurt, I promise."

I knew that with this plan and Kira watching us that we were bound to get hurt one way or another. I just went along with my friend Mello's plan, thinking it will all work out. My part was to create a diversion, while Mello make off with Takada. It was simple really, but it was also dangerous.

I never thought being hurt was painful. Metal boring right into my skin like butter. Some shots went into my head as if it was nothing. The pain I felt was terrible, at least, this saved some time for Mello to do what he was planning to do. I was just another part of the plan in capturing Takada, probably one of the main links to Kira himself.

So when I awoke to see the scene below, I knew what was going to happen. Mello was going to die and it wasn't even his time yet. I didn't want him to die when he wasn't meant to, so when I saw the truck suddenly veering off the road and crashing into some church, I knew immediately that I had to save him some way, somehow. So, I protected him with my soul, I gave everything I had in order to revitalize him and protect him from the fire that was soon starting to spread.

With my last thoughts, I let everything go. Mello woke up the next day feeling very dazed and confused about the outcome. How did he survive the death note? It was just impossible to comprehend. Later that day, Near confronted the current L and found out that Yagami Light was indeed Kira and was shot by Matsuda after trying to write Near's real name on a piece of paper from the notebook.

Surprisingly, Light slipped away from Near when Mikami decided to stab himself with his pen, spewing blood all over the place. But they soon found Light's body the next day at an abandon building which was still under construction. Misa heard the news and killed herself that day.

Back at Wammy's Orphanage, Mello and Near still both fought over being L's next successor and me? I continue to watch over the blond every single day. Protecting him until the day we meet in our next lives.



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