"What do you want Slade!" Beast Boy nearly roared. Slade, without pausing whatsoever, punched ivy hard in the stomach, knocking her out instantly, strode towards Beast Boy.

"Why, that is quite the question. Perhaps we can discuss it at length later on?" A sharp, new pain hit Beast Boy, the dart in his neck shooting a tranquilizer into his bloodstream. Beast Boy was out cold within seconds. Slade grabbed the unconscious boy. Just as quickly as he and his small army appeared, they left. Leaving Poison Ivy inside the burning building, the fire catching the attention of the entire neighborhood.

A figure crept down an alleyway, smoke rising off her body in waves. Glaring at the burning building somewhat hidden by other buildings in the distance, Ivy shook her head. "I had my chance and I blew it. Green one, I will not make the same mistake again. Ugh, my babies, they're hurting." Ivy cried out as her ties to the plants called to her. Knowing there was nothing to be done for her babies that were in that inferno she just escaped from, she made a beeline for the park. Joker be damned, Slade be damned, this entire city be damned. But most importantly, Beast Boy be damned. She would make them all pay.

After a half hour of walking, she made it to the city park. Looking around the city, she couldn't help but compare it to Gotham. In Gotham, towering structures flew in all directions. pollutant humans and their waste covered every inch of the city. Here, there was something of a shine, the people had a bit more umph in them than is Gotham. In Gotham, supervillains..true supervillains caused havoc. Batman invited all kinds of crazy. From TwoFace to Killer Croc. Joker to the Mad Hatter, Ivy to the Riddler. They all had their own little scheme going, their own plans, their thoughts. But they all revolved around Batman in some fashion. Joker would follow Batman to the ends of the earth, this entire trip in Jump City, well as far as she could tell, was all a big joker to him. He was after Beast Boy, but even that could be connected to Batman due to his association with Robin.

Jump City was, well before they showed up, far more lively than Gotham. The people carried an air of hope. Morons. Pollutant idiots. This city had never even seen the type of Super Villain that could truly be unleashed before she and Joker showed up. Mad Mod? Dr. Light? Killer Moth? Imbeciles, all of them. Only Brother Blood and Slade, aka Deathstroke have been the only two constant true threats Jump City has ever faced. But Brother Blood was far more concerned with building his material empire. His underground connections in the city still surpassed hers and Jokers, but he and Slade had both been here longer. They knew the ins and outs of the city.

Settling herself in a tree, cooing at it as nature responded around her. She knew her temporary alliance with Joker, if it could be called an alliance was over. Now it was time to give this nature back to its true masters. The planet itself, and her plants. She was merely the guide.

Elsewhere in the city, a small group of teenagers were walking through a hallway, trying to be quiet, all the while the cameras and motion sensors watched their every move. Robin was in the lead, as always, followed closely by Raven as she kept her eyes pealed around her, focusing her powers to see if she could sense the emotions of others nearby. Jinx was besides her, knowing her way through the HIVE's halls. Behind them was Starfire holding Cyborg, barely summoning enough happiness to float a couple of inches off of the floor, and Finally Sarah and Nicole made up the rear, both of them extremely nervous about where they were.

They had been traveling through the HIVE base for close to thirty minutes and there was absolutely no sign of anyone around. Nicole had her katana out, but as Robin observed, despite her assurance of being practiced with it, she instead seemed to be shaking, barely holding together. He honestly doubted her skill. As for Sarah, he wasn't sure what to make of her. She looked exactly like, sounded like, and appeared to have the same powers that Terra had. So by that definition, she was almost certainly Terra, if it weren't for her constantly saying she wasn't Terra.

The group turned another corner when suddenly lights turned on suddenly, spotlights aimed directly at all of them. The wall behind them suddenly moved, a hidden door coming down from the ceiling, locking them in, unable to turn back. And Brother Blood's voice echoed around them. "Welcome Titans. It's been a long time since you infiltrated our Hideout. I hope you aren't planning on destroying this one."

Lights on top of the walls turned on, revealing they weren't just in a room. They were in a stadium. Students of the Hive were in bleachers surrounding them on all sides, and Brother Blood stood on a podium overlooking them. Strongly hoping he wouldn't use his mind controlling abilities on him or his friends, Robin rushed forward. "Don't worry. We're not here to fight."

For some reason, what he said must have been humorous as all the students started laughing and Blood was grinning...sneering at them. "And why should we believe you Robin? Would it be because you Titans are now criminals in Jump City?"

"No." A voice broke out from behind him. Turning around, he could see Jinx stepping forward. From behind Blood, Mammoth and Gizmo came out, both of them glaring at Jinx.

"This is going to go well." Raven said sarcastically as Sara and Nicole both started smiling. Jinx, for her part, maintained a calm composure. Along with some swollen eyes from her crying and a slightly running nose.

"Headmaster, I...that is we...would like to rejoin the HIVE." Several sounds of muffled laughter and snorts could be heard from the students. Blood merely rolled his eyes.

"We already know that, and I can make sure of that," his eyes started glowing red, "and I can make sure you listen very well." Robin felt a buzzing in his head. Shaking his head to free himself of it, it only got worse. He could feel Brother Blood's mental claws making their way into his brain.

"Don't do this...maybe we can make a deal!" Sara called out, her hands holding her head. Besides her Nicole was on her knees, barely holding on as Brother Blood crept in their minds. Blood shrugged his shoulders.

"I see no need to."

Raven could feel her willpower leaving her as she tried to resist the powerful psychic attack. Turning her head, she saw that Nicole, Starfire, and Robin were now firmly in Brother Blood's control, Sara was not far behind, desperate to maintain what free will she and her friends had, she called out the first thing that came to mind. "What about Cyborg?" The psychic attack stopped almost immediately. Blood was now leaning forward with interest, along with Gizmo. Raven could see Blood's eyes going over the broken Cyborg.

"What do you mean?" Okay Raven, think fast. You are one of the smartest Titans in this Dimension. You have a grass stain to rescue, friends to save from mind dominion, a city of corrupt officials who are against us...no pressure.

"Well, Cyborg is completely resistant to your mind control. You know this, we know this. He is also a very powerful person when he is at his utmost capacity. Gizmo, here in the HIVE is the only one who can truly fix him. You always wanted him on your team, but you can't coerce him." She paused to gauge his reaction. Everyone in the room was completely silent, listening to her cold monotone voice as she tried to reason with their headmaster. "With Joker in the city, he is proving to be too much for us to face on our own, and I suspect the same applies to you." Raven, she thought to herself, you have their attention, just keep it until you can think of something. "We have the city against us, Joker, and Ivy. We don't need even more on our plate. Great, make it all about you, they're losing interest, Blood's eyes are narrowing. Not good.

Shut up Rude!

"But if you allow us to keep our own free will, we will not be fully under your control, but we can work with you...and help convince Cyborg to help once he's repaired. Need more, skilled bodies on your missions, we can help." Looking out the corner of her eyes, she saw that the others were being released out of the mind control. The podium that Blood was on disconnected and was hovering above them as he viewed them with skeptical eyes.

"You'll help us? Heroes turned villains?" Raven could see his mouth turn upwards at the irony.

"Yes and no. We are here about an alliance. We need help repairing Cyborg and need help against the Joker. What you get are heroes who owe you favors." I hate playing politics. Blood was now in front of them, the other Titans were paying close attention, although she could sense that Robin and Starfire were both increasingly aggravated. No one liked having their minds invaded, and even less people trusted those who could invade your mind on a whim, and then control your actions. Cyborg was their only bargaining chip...

How she hated calling him that. Especially as Blood was looking at him like he was a priceless treasure to be stolen.

Author's Note: Hello Everyone. I know it's been forever since I last updated...and I apologize. However, I was recently struck by lightening and have been quite unable to write. Again I apologize and will try to get this story (along with my others that are still in the running) back on their feet and running.