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"We're back!" Kitten called as she, Pon-chan and T-chan walked in.

D was at the door, his head bowed and his hands clutching each other. Kitten stopped in front of him.

"Count D?" she asked.

"T-chan, Pon-chan…" He said softly "Go in the back…and shut the door behind you…"

"What's going on?" Kitten asked, suddenly alarmed.

"Come…" D said, turning and walking slowly to the tea room where Leon was sitting. Jill was sitting next to him, looking up at Kitten with an angry, yet puzzled look.

"Dad?" Kitten asked "Daddy, what's going—"

"Don't call me that!" Leon shouted. He took a deep breath and looked at the girl, a painful stare making Kitten tremble.

"Wh-what's going on?" She asked.

"We know you stole the birth certificate…" Jill growled.

"I…I didn't!" Kitten said, raising her trembling hands over her heart.

"Leon's real daughter died…" Jill continued "You're just an imposter."

"No!" Kitten yelled. "I'm his daughter! Me! Me!"

"Why…" Leon asked, standing "Why did you pose as a Koneko?!"

"I'm Koneko!" Kitten was screaming now. "I'm you daughter!"

"No your not!" Leon yelled.

Kitten fell on her knees, tears flowing down her face. She was hyperventilating now.

"Yes…" She whimpered "you're my Daddy…"

"Why?!" Leon yelled again.

"Because…" She whimpered "…Father's are supposed to love their children…I just wanted someone to love and love me back…"

"So you posed as my daughter," Leon asked "Just for me to love you?"

"I know it was bad…" She whispered "B-but Xiao Fua said…"

She stood on shaking legs. She looked from D to Jill to Leon.

"You loved me…" She asked "Right? You loved me, at least a little, right? You loved me as a daughter…at least a little?"

Leon looked into the green orbs of the girl. He turned away from her.

Kitten whimpered, then ran out the door. Leon sighed and sat again.

"I'll go find her…" Jill said and shot off.

"Are you just going to sit here?" D asked.

"I…I don't know…" He said

"Leon…" D said "tell me. Even if you relations were false…did your life as a parent seem better than this?"


"I'm going out to find her…" D said

"Why?" Leon asked

"Because...even if we look nothing alike or we are not blood…I told that child that I'm her new Mother."

Leon looked up. D smiled at him.

"…Yeah…" Leon said, covering his eyes

"Yeah, what?" D asked.

"It was better…" He said, standing up. "Can I join you?"

D smiled and nodded.

"Let's go find our daughter." Leon said and ran outside.

"Jill!" Leon yelled. "Have you found her?"

"No!" Jill called back "I thought I saw her…but there's no one here."

Leon felt a drop of water on his cheek. He looked up as it began to rain.

"Help Jill over here," Leon said "I'll look behind the buildings."

D nodded and went to Jill's side.

Leon ran into an alley. It had been three hours now. He walked down it, his chest heaving.

"Kitten!" He yelled. "Kitten!"

He walked past a dumpster and heard a small mewling sound. He opened it and saw a tiny scrap of wet fur. He reached in and took the held the small kitten in his hands.

"Hey…did you loose your parents?" He asked. The tiny yellow furred animal looked up at him. Leon gasped.

Those green eyes

"K-Kitten?" He asked

The cat mewed and closed its eyes. Leon held her to his chest and stroked her wet fur. He let tears fall down his cheek.

"So…" he said "You were a Kitten all along…"

The poor kitten opened her foresty eyes. Leon rocked her in his arms like a baby.

"It's okay…" He said closing his eyes

"…Dad…dy..." A soft voice called.

Leon looked down and saw that a very human Kitten was in his arms, leaning on him, her hair drenched. She looked up at the detective.

"I'm sorry…" She sobbed

"I'm not." He said and hugged the child close.

"B-but…I lied…" She said

"Maybe…You were meant to find me…or some bullshit like that…" He said. "But we both needed something to love. I lost a butterfly and a plant…but I'm not loosing you…"

"But, I'm not your--"

"Please…I loved you the moment I saw you…" He said. "You will be in my heart as my daughter…not just a random kid."

"Daddy…" She cried and started to sob into his chest.

"It's okay Kitten…" He said, holding her. "we're a family again…"

"Leon!" a voice called.

"Hi, Uncle!" Kitten said, setting up the table for tea. "Dad! Uncle Chris is here!"

"You don't have to call me that…" Chris said with a blush. "I mean, your older than me…"

"Okay." Kitten said "Dad and the Count are in the back."

"Just stop right there." Chris said "I don't need a peek into their love life…"

"I agree." D said, walking in, Leon on his heels.

"So…" Leon said "the gangs all here."

"Merry Christmas…" Kitten said.

"You guys want to open your presents yet?" Leon asked.

"Why?" Kitten said hugging both D and Leon. "I've got something better than anything under that tree!"

Leon smiled at D and hugged his daughter closer to him.

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