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The McQuaid Brothers and The Case of the Twisted Teacher

Chapter One

"Boys, can I see you for a moment?" Captain Fuller addressed Tom Hanson and Doug Penhall with a wave of his hand motioning them to follow him to his office. Both men looked at each other with fear in their eyes. What had they done?

"Uh, Fuller if this is about the whole water balloon incident," Tom began, earning himself a nudge in the ribs from Doug.

"It's about a case, Tom," Fuller said as he took at seat behind the mahogany desk, "But now that you mention it, what is this about a water balloon incident…"

"It's nothing really…" Tom shrugged, tugging on his ear as he had a habit to do when embarrassed or nervous about something.

"HANSON!" Detective Judy Hoff's shouts echoed throughout the renovated chapel. Tom scrunched down in his seat, hoping to not be seen by the very enraged, very wet Judy Hoffs.

"Captain!" Judy rushed into Fuller's office leaving a trail of snickering officers behind her.

"What seems to be the problem, Judy?" Fuller asked, concern lining his voice.

"Tom and Doug are the problem!" She was still shouting which only caused Tom to sink further into the chair. Doug on the other hand didn't see the need to be as discrete as his partner.

"Uh, excuse me Jude, but what seems to be the problem?" Doug asked.

"This!" Judy shouted as she turned and pointed to her wet backside, "Is the problem!"

"What happened?" Doug asked trying to mask his snickers.

"Someone – or rather someones – put a water balloon in my chair!"

Tom, who had previously had his hand clasped over his mouth couldn't control it any more and burst into a fit of sniggers.

"Hanson!" Judy shouted as she walked over to him and whacked him upside the head.


"Yeah, that's what you get! Look what you did to me!" Judy pointed once again at her wet behind. Tom completely lost it.

"Why…why…do…you…think…think…I…had…something to do…to do with…with your little…problem?" He inquired between fits of giggles.

"Because only Tom Hanson would be as capable of something so childish!"

"Hey!" Doug objected.

"And you too Doug," Judy nodded kindly in Doug's direction before directing her animosity back at Tom, "You are a dead man Tom Hanson. I will get you back. You won't know when but I will. Mark my words, I will!"

And on that note, she turned on her heel and stormed off towards her desk. Tom looked at Doug with alarm in his eyes.

"What…what do you think she means by that?" Tom asked.

"Chill," Doug's voice was calm, "She's probably just messing with you and if she isn't, we both know the only prank she's capable of is…well nothing. She doesn't have it in her!"

"You sure?" Tom asked uncertainly.

"Positive. Right cap?"

"Riiiight," Fuller nodded sarcastically, "Anyway boys, back to the case. It seems that there have been several incidents concerning the new English teacher. He seems to have a liking for his female students."

"Perv!" Doug hissed.

"You two are enrolled in the school and start tomorrow. The teacher's name is Mr. Josep Kramer. You have been placed into his English class. On this case, you two fill find inside info on this guy and maybe befriend a girl or two that also has a liking for him. Got it?"

"Sure thing Coach," Tom grinned, "Sounds like a piece of cake. We're gonna catch this sick bastard and put him in the pen where he belongs!"

"What's the school?" Doug asked.

"Well…" Fuller cleared his throat, "Um…it's a different kind of school than the ones you are used to."

"Different how?" Tom looked suspicious.

"It's…a private school."

"What?" Both Tom and Doug practically shouted in unison.

"You heard me – Lady of the Lake Prepatory."

"Uh…sir," Tom lifted a finger, "I'd just like to remind you that we don't do private schools."

"Oh but you will," Fuller grinned morbidly.

"But…we're the McQuaids!" Doug objected.

"Exactly. Your dad," Fuller nodded towards Doug, "Your step dad," he nodded towards Tom, "Has put you in practically every school in the district and you've been thrown out of all of them so he thought he'd try his hand at private school for more discipline. That's your story and you best stick with it."

"There aren't nuns with rulers are there?" Tom asked, recalling horrors of the large penguin-looking women with rulers back in preschool. He practically shuttered at the memory.

"No, Tom."

"We don't have to like wear uniforms do we, cap?" Doug asked.

"That reminds me," Fuller pulled out two bags marked Katy Towner's Uniform and School Supply, "This is yours, Tom and this is yours, Doug. In it you will find the appropriate uniforms and your schedules."

"Uniforms?" The two boys made gagging noises as Fuller merely rolled his eyes and excused himself to go check on Judy and make sure she was still sane.

"I'm not wearing this," Doug tossed the bag on the floor; "McQuaids don't do uniforms!"

"And who are we?" Tom urged before the dynamic duo shouted, "THE MCQUAID BROTHERS!"

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