I had this idea one night and had to write it down. I didn't believe Krad was evil; he just had a good reason for acting as such. This story took me awhile because I wanted it to be perfect. PLEASE NO FLAMES!!

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Justice will only come when strength comes with hope and light along with the darkness. To find life and love the darkness must flourish and the light to waver. Balance brings destruction if not held between the plates of righteousness. Only two of the unexpected night would test this theory with unknown consequences.


The loud city streets drowned out the noise of the vast ocean. The continuous rise and fall of the waves against the rocky ledge caused life to continue its never-ending cycle. Small smiling gulls cried out to each other with intense shrieks o f joy as small fish swam effortlessly to and fro across the colorful reefs. Ancient ruins lay beneath the bouquets of life and supplied nutrients to the bountiful plants. And blue sky met the gold-green water in a miraculous spray of color as the fluffy white clouds soared high above.

The hand of man captured all of this colorful world. By his brush the living masterpiece became a part of another. His ruby eyes played excitedly upon the lovely sea as he slowly pulled his hand back. His work stood proudly upon the rock ledge as the artist slowly turned away to meet the new arrival that stood behind him.

He gasped in surprise at her lovely face with the startling gold eyes and hair. Her magnificent smile left him stunned, as she stood transfixed looking at his strange ruby eyes. Slowly stepping forward, Daisuke went to meet the new arrival. As his body removed the looming shadow of his frame his painting became illuminated in the half-light.

As soon as it appeared her smile vanished into a frown. Her delicate hands flew to her face and she cried out in fear. She turned and fled without looking back over her shoulder. Daisuke stood in stunned silence as he watched her retreating back. What had just happened?


Nothing is more comforting than your own home, right? Well, not for a boy called Niwa Daisuke.

Slowly, as if in a dream, Daisuke walked through the familiar maze of his home. Soft voices ghosted silently through the halls causing an air of tension to grow within him. He walked silently towards these voices and opened the now impending room.

As the door swung open, he gasped and stared at the golden haired girl from before. She turned her head and stared idly at him. Slowly, once more, her face paled and jumped up.

"What are you doing here?" she cried out in a soft crystalline voice. Daisuke shook his head.

"Because, I live here." The girl sat back down in shock.

"So you are not a Hikari?" Daisuke shook his head once more. His family stood silently in the corner as the two teens cleared things with each other.

"Are you done yet?" The pair looked up and smiled sheepishly at the adults.


"Good, now back to where we left off," Daisuke's mother said insipidly. Daisuke looked up in astonishment at his parent's faces. What were they talking about?

"We must find a way to release Krad and Dark from the Black Wings," his father began, "and once they are released we must destroy Krad."

"But, how?" asked his mother, "we do not know how to release the Wings or how to kill him!" the young girl shook her head.

"That is what I am here for." Daisuke took this opportunity to interrupt.

"What are you talking about?!"


Rising through the air flew the magnificent Black Wings. The appearance of its dead body produced shivers of horror down the spines of those present. It was their creation but it still did not cease to frighten them. Through its skeletal body ran a silver sword. But, before this great sculpture hovered a magnificent white angel with his hand outstretched towards the Wings. He was created by the Black Wings so; he would be the one to make the next.

Swirling currents of wind and energy consumed the once calm room. With astounding speed the White angel thrust his hand upon the Wings but was quickly thrown back by an unknown force. To the joy and fear of the watching men, a gold figure fell silently to the ground. She landed nimbly on the ground with her golden wings outstretched. She stood and looked coldly upon them with her soft golden eyes. Behind her also landed the form of her captor, the white angel.

She turned and watched him approach. What was their plan for her? A struggle of the Light and the Darkness was soon to occur. But, who was the Light and who was the Darkness? To whom her loyalties lied depended on with whom her heart rested. But, who was that? Maybe the white angel would know the answer.

End Flashback

Daisuke stood with his mouth hanging open comically. Light laughed at his face and leaned back in her chair.

"There are three angels?"

"Yes. The Hikari's finally after many years came to realize their predicament. They decided to create another angel to defeat Dark. With the help of Krad, the Black Wings created another angel by using the souls sacrificed by the Hikari. She was named Light and her powers were much greater than either Dark's or Krad's. This was because Dark and Krad had only half of the Wings power when Light had the full. Seeing this they believed that victory was just around the corner. They were wrong. Light rebelled and almost destroyed Krad, but she could not."

"Why not?" Daisuke's mother asked with interest lining her voice. Light shook her head and lowered her eyes.

"Wait, what are you saying you are Light?" Light stood up suddenly and glared at all of them. They stared in surprise at her abrupt act.

"You do not know what it is like to be hated and despised by everyone!" she cried, "to live without a point or purpose. My heart had no soul and with no love! But, I had no idea what love was or felt like until…" she stopped and sat down with tears streaming down her face. No one could gather enough courage to comfort her. Not when she was like this.

Light looked up and smiled at their astounded faces.

"Sorry about that," she laughed, "I did not know what I was saying." They nodded and sat down. Preparations must soon be, well, prepared.


Silently, a great burst of wind raged through the large hall. A great white cloth lay upon the fearful shape of the Black Wings. Before it stood four shadowed figures; two adults and two teenagers.

Daisuke tore his eyes away from the menacing figure to look at the golden girl. Her eyes were set calmly upon the wings and her hands held firmly at her heart. Only she knew what was going to happen next.

A glow of iridescent gold appeared around her small frame.

Feathers of an unearthly gold began to flow in torrents around her. From her back appeared two gold wings and her clothes changed into an immaculate white gown. It hung loosely from her shoulders and traced her body until it halted at her calves. The simple design of roses and vines outlined the border and chest was fashioned from golden thread. Golden circlets adorned her wrists and a golden chain around her neck. Her hair flowed loosely down her back and on her shoulders as she looked intently upon the black wings with golden eyes.

Raising her wings, she flew to the Wings. She placed her hands softly upon the sculpture. After being thrown backwards, two forms materialized before it and alighted on the ground. She cried out in accomplishment and landed beside the pair. Dark straightened and stared at the family oblivious to Light. But, Krad stared with amazement at her.

"Light?" he whispered. Dark turned at his voice. Light shook her head in agony and stepped back.

"I will never allow it."


Light stood upon a balcony looking over a vast forest. A light breeze blew softly through her hair causing it to swirl across her face. Her gold eyes never swayed from the red sun as it set behind the small village. She heard soft footsteps behind her and she slowly turned her head to look at the new arrival.

"What do you want?" she growled at Krad who leaned imperturbably against the cold stone. He shrugged his shoulders and walked forward.

"We haven't talked in awhile," he answered.

Turning back around her narrowed her eyebrows into a scowl.

"I wonder why," she snarled under her breath. Krad laughed and stopped beside her to look at the sunset. Silence engulfed them until he decided to break the awkward quiet.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Light and gaped at him in astonishment as he stared calmly forward.

"What?" Krad turned to look at her composedly.

"I never thought you would appreciate something such as this." Light lowered her head and closed her eyes. Small tears began to leak down her cheeks as she thought about what had just happened. No one had acted like this towards her before. Especially not him; he was the one she expected it the least from.

"Thank you," she whispered to his surprise, "perhaps… but stone may be softer than I thought." Krad smiled and turned to leave.

"Maybe so, but every rose has a thorn." Lights head flew and her eyes dimmed with her growing tears. He was right every rose has a thorn, especially her, the darkness. Was his heart smooth as glass and soft as velvet? To her now it was, yes. Harshness of stone could no longer be measured on a scale of great vastness but on a meek and menial heartbeat.

He was to her maybe something more than she thought. Wait, what was this? Her soulless heart had become to his blackened one. Maybe, his heart no longer held desolate ash but her immaculate white rose. She shook her head this was forbidden. They would never be forgiven by their masters. Never. Not till the end, this was near, too near for something that had finally made itself known to her.

End Flashback

Dark narrowed his eyes and crouched into a menacing position. He jumped towards her but was blocked by Krad. He snarled and looked at the black angel below him.

"Stay back," he growled. Light scowled and turned to face them. From behind her back she drew a long golden sword and lunged at Krad. He turned just in time to block her blow with one of his own. The pair jumped into the sky in aerial combat. Dark tried to accompany them but found that he could not.

"Let me go!" he cried out as he struggled against the magic. Daisuke walked over and bent over him.

"She must have done it for a reason, you know." Dark glared at him and stopped struggling.

"Who is she anyway?"


Through the darkened corridors she ran as tears streamed down her cheeks. Her body was racked with shivers of fear and hatred. She was created… by sacrifice? Why? Now they were going to sacrifice their children? This will not be allowed… she would not let it! There was no way to escape. To become a part of another would mean complete enslavement. No one would help her, even if they could.

She stopped before a great oak door and threw it open. She fell silently to the dirty ground and placed her head upon her invisible legs. Her wings vanished and she returned to the form of a regular human girl.

The bright moon created irony that irritated her already delicate emotions; she cried out in agony and placed her hands upon her heart. With a gentle stroke of her hand she brushed her golden hair from her face. Depression consumed her and she fell to its dark depths.

Raising her head, she watched the dark door open. She no longer cared what happened to her or who was on the other side. Her tears flowed once more and she turned away from the influx. He walked through the door and knelt silently beside her.

"Do you understand?" he whispered into her ear. Light turned her head and looked at him in confusion. "You must be strong to hope and hope gives you strength. Darkness will flourish and the light to waver so that those of the darkness can give light. Every labor of our hands will produce results that may be futile to our eyes. Someone else may have to be the one to save another's dying heart." He paused and looked at her passive face.

"You once said that stone was softer than you thought. Stone is smooth as glass and soft as velvet, a solid base. One needs a solid base to support their hopes, dreams, emotions, lives, and all that one lives for. How can love be forbidden? Love gives one wings to fly, lips to sing and feet to dance. My soul lived without hope and love but, now you have filled it with something more." Light lowered her head and chocked back a sob.

What was this she felt? A forbidden attachment? He was right, though, love should not be illicit. Of timeless exhilaration she would fly on wings of gold. Live to hope. That was what she had been taught but now, he gave her a reason to hope to live. Now, not maybe, there was something more. Something that darkness has never shown before.

Many beings hide who they truly are because of fear. Fear of embarrassment is what rules most of the world. Fear of hatred and despise and fear of neglect; what is this all for; personal gain, of course.

It must end, though; she was going to open his heart, through hope.

End Flashback

Through the early morning mist fell two golden figures. They landed softly upon the ground only to continue their intense combat. On golden wings she would not let the shadows fall. But, with tranquil light she would destroy the darkness. She will not kill him, but will save his soul. Her hand fell to her side and she knelt upon the ground as the shadow of a dark sword fell towards her.

Light opened her eyes and stared across the clearing at the solitude figure. His bent head gave him a bereavement appearance. She walked over to him and placed her comforting arms around his waist.

"You will live," she whispered, "Punishment belongs to only those who deserve it. One does not choose to be weak; only strength can be criticized. To be punished for such as this would be callous and cruel. I heal only for what is just and right."

I understand now. You hated, killed, and destroyed not because of what was not in your heart but what was. Betrayal leads to these things. Can I be forgiven? I can never know for, you are lost to me forever.