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Chapter 4: About Truth and New Life

"I seriously think that's not supposed to happen… and I'm no expert," Krad said. Light rolled her eyes.

"Brilliant deduction, Sherlock," she muttered wringing her hands in agitation. He raised an eyebrow in obvious confusion; wondering who 'Sherlock' was. Groaning, she sat down on a bench with her head in her hands.

"Something wrong?" he asked in alarm.

"Yes! Of course there is. You." He snorted and sat down next to her.


"I'm astonished at how naive you are. Seriously! Did you live in a cardboard box or something?!"

"No, technically it was not a box I lived most of my life… it was more…"

"Alright, alright I don't care about Satoshi-kun right now, but still!"

"You really need to learn how to manage your anger, you know."

"And you need to learn how to manage your stupidity!" Krad sighed and stared at her warily.

"You obviously need some help. As I said before, I'm no expert." He turned his eyes towards a couple walking past them then back at her again.

"No… I am not getting help for I don't need any! Help for what, by the way?" Again he sighed and leaned back on the bench.

"You've changed since last we met… I mean, before I actually decided to come back. You're actually nice." Krad exhaled and looked at her again.

"And you're different too… not such a baby."

"Oi! I was never a baby! I'm not a baby! That's insulting!" Krad chuckled and turned away again.

"Now you have anger issues… before you were all depressed. Big difference if do say so myself." Light paused and gave him a glare. Standing up she stomped off down the path.

"Oi! Where are you going?" he called after her. Jumping up, he ran after her. She halted and turned to face him.

"See? You have changed… before you would have left me… like you did before."

"So that's why you stomped off? To see if I would follow?" She scowled and punched him square in the jaw.

"BAKA!!!" she cried as tears began to flow down her face, "maybe you didn't change! You're just playing a new game! You're using me… us!" Krad looked at her in astonishment as she ran down the hill.

"Guess so," he shrugged looking at the sky, "I am who I am… she can't change that." He turned and began walking back in the opposite direction. He froze however when a familiar shape passed over him. His blood ran cold as a shriek pierced the air.

It can't be… why during daylight! He's going to get himself caught by the police. That idiot! He sprinted in the direction he had heard the scream.



Daisuke sat staring at where his partner had disappeared. To him, Dark's plan was completely foolish. Stupid thief was going to get himself caught by the police this way. It was kind of hard to not recognize the famous phantom thief; especially the fact that he had so many adoring fan girls. No way is he going to get out of this one unscathed. He flinched when a scream was heard.

What is Dark doing?

"Niwa-kun!" Daisuke turned to see a brunette waving her hand and running towards him. His eyes widened in horror.

Riku! No, I can't bring her into this again! "Riku!"

"Niwa-kun! I haven't seen you in so long!" she cried hugging him tightly. Daisuke grimaced and looked fearfully at the sky.

"What's the matter, Niwa-kun?" she asked as two more people ran up; Risa and Hiwatari. Daisuke groaned; of all times for them to show up.

"What's going on Niwa-kun?" Risa asked him in concern. Daisuke looked over his shoulder and cried out in alarm as a black being flew at him.

"Delivery!" Dark laughed as he grabbed him and flew off.

"Dark?!" all three cried out in astonishment.


"Light! Wait!" Light continued to run as tears streamed down her cheeks. Her stomach pained her terribly but still, she continued on. Krad ran faster than she so he quickly caught up. Grasping her hand, he pulled her towards him even when she struggled.

"No! Let me go! I swear it this time!" Krad ignored her complaints and held her close to him.

"Light, you are right, I have not changed… but my feelings for you have. I do love you." Light stopped crying immediately and looked up at him. She grimaced and clutched her already swollen belly.

"I tell you, Light! You cannot do this on your own. Something is wrong, I know it. Even though I don't know anything about babies… I know you're not supposed to be that pregnant after just a month!" Light stared down at her swollen stomach and placed her hand on top of it.

"Yes… we are not human, Krad. It would make sense."

"No," he growled, "then we will have to find someone who knows about these things!"

"But no one does, Krad! This has never happened before!"

"Someone who knows more than us, for sure." Light paused and turned away from his sharply.

"We cannot go to the Niwa's. Not yet at least."

"Or at all."

"Like Dark would let us do that."

"Right…" Krad and Light fell into silence and looked around the empty park.

"By the progress… when do you think it will happen?" Krad paused and looked at her abdomen.

"I'd say at least another month… if it stays on the current track it is."

"But when it's born…will it be alive? Have a gender? Grow at the same rate? Be human? An angel? Be…" Krad held up a hand.

"I don't know. We'll just have to find that out now shall we?" Light nodded in nervousness and grasped his hand in earnest.

"You will be there right?"



"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S PREGNANT??!!" Dark shrugged his shoulders and looked at their astonished faces.

"Yeah… strange feeling I got; similar to Krad's, Light's, and mine…"

"No way…" Daisuke stuttered.

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