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Boredom was not something that Mariku had originally mused over in the beginning. In his reign of terror, he had thought many times of what would happen should the part of himself that was Malik decide to take control again. He had imagined feeling hatred if such a thing were to happen, fear of what would happen to him, and of course, the loneliness that he would be forced to endure until Malik died, forced to the very back of their mind from where he had been born. Or until he claimed rightful ownership over their body. But boredom was not something he had imagined.

But like many things that he had come to learn, he had been wrong. There was still anger, hatred, loneliness, yes, but above all was the boredom of a constant void of black that never changed, numbing his mind to a point where he thought he had begun to become sane. It was pitch black, and nothing could be seen apart from his own body which stayed clear, still clothed in what he had worn on the blimp. But if there was no color, how could his world be black? Mariku thought about things like these, when there was little else to do. Sometimes, if he concentrated hard enough, Mariku could imagine a path lined with small pebbles where he walked for hours, assuming there was time in his banishment. And if he leaned down, he could reach out and pick one of the pebbles up and feel it, twisting it in his fingers before throwing it into the blackness, the nothingness. And in the sense that there was nothing around him, there was also something with him.

It wasn't physical, and he couldn't lay a finger on it, but it was a presence that seemed to watch him. Mariku had at first assumed that it was the abstract idea of himself, of his personality that was Malik, making sure in the back of his mind that he would not…misbehave. That idea was cast aside shortly when he realized that there was no mental imagery inside of this world; Malik was Mariku, he was himself, and nothing different, and what he did to himself that was Mariku would be thought of not in this space of nothing. Ideas like those made Mariku's head hurt. It was there constantly, that feeling of being watched, and so Mariku gradually learned to ignore it. Even though, if being watched meant that there was something besides him here, he would welcome it as a change from the black hell he was forced into.


Mariku never truly knew if he was walking. He could feel his legs move and his heart rate increase just a small fraction, but when his world never changed, Mariku could never know for sure if he was going somewhere at all. It didn't stop him, though, from wanting to walk. At least then it gave him something to do. But today, like every other day, he had nothing, and his head hurt with boredom. That path of pebbles had come back, and Mariku liked to imagine that it was leading him to something, a savior of sorts. He frowned at that idea. He didn't need anybody to save him… or at least, that's what he would have thought if he was still in control of the body. Now, he knew that he had been naïve, and that he was just in need of saving like anyone else, if not more.

Exhaling, Mariku sighed and looked down at his feet. He still wore the same shoes that he had during the Battle City Finals… Vaguely, he wondered how the soles hadn't been completely worn out. Scuffing his feet along the rocks, he scattered pebbles out into the blackness, frowning again when they were lost. Making a move to kick some more, Mariku was surprised when he continued to hear the pebbles he had kicked skid across what could have been considered the ground, there was the sound of something being plopped into water.


His heart beating faster at the prospect of something different to amuse himself with, Mariku couldn't help but grin as he picked up a nicely sized one and chucked it into the direction that he had heard the sound. Listening for it to hit the ground, his heart rate increased even more when another audible 'plop' sound was heard. Abandoning the paved path, his strides became longer until he was running to the sound of water, anticipating what all he could do. And when the distractions of the water failed to entertain him, Mariku decided that he would drown himself, and end his lonely misery.

There was something suddenly ahead, and Mariku laughed at the idea that he could finally see something other than black, that there WAS something more to his world. Coming to a stop, Mariku had been right when he thought he had heard water, an endless body of water stretching out before him, light reflecting off of the surface as its tide lapped up against the blackness of the shore. But if light reflected off of it, where did that light come from…? Not thinking about it much, Mariku crouched down, staring at the ripples the water made against his feet. He reached out, apprehensive if he was just hallucinating, he was reassured and his nerves were extirpated when the water was physical, smooth against his skin. Lifting his hand out against it, Mariku rubbed the water onto his face, the feeling of something different than space so good against his skin, making him feel like he was drowning in the sensation. Putting his hand back into the water again and swishing it around, Mariku moved onto his knees so that he could reach his whole arm into the water, moaning in euphoria at the feeling.

It felt good to feel.

He stayed like that for a while, leaning over so that the sensation of water stayed against his skin, making little, happy noises at the touch. The feeling of water made him delirious. But he pulled his arms quickly out of the water and scooted back so quickly that he landed on his backside, heart beating faster not out of giddyness, but out of fear. With his arms in the water and his eyes closed, he hadn't expected something to wrap around his hand and try to tug him in. It was more shock, then anything else.

Feeling a little sick as his heart continued to beat faster than it had been, Mariku tried to calm himself by breathing slowly, feeling embarrassed that he had gotten so upset over what had happened. Of course there was nothing there, what he had felt he had just imagined. Laughing out loud at his own, stupid mistake, Mariku moved back onto his hands and knees and tested the water again, sliding his arms forward so that his chest now rested in it as well, head just above the water. He closed his eyes and smiled, wondering if this was a sort of apology from whatever divine intervention that decided to take pity upon him. He appreciated their gift, this gift, and Mariku sighed. He hadn't felt happy in a long, long time…

Moving himself back out of the water so that he could pull off his clothes and appreciate it fully, Mariku's eyes shot wide open when he felt something slide around his neck and pull his entire body into the water. He was confused as to what was happening when that thing around his neck started to tighten, and he clawed at it with his hands, gasping for breath as it tried to squeeze it out of him. And then there were more things. They were everywhere around him as they pulled at his legs and arm and chest and stomach and everywhere, each one trying to tug him down into the water. He could feel himself go light headed, not once screaming, no one there to listen, and Mariku was scared; he wasn't ready to die. Taking one last final gulp as the long thing around his neck squeezed a final time, Mariku's limbs went limp as he fainted.

And maybe the water had been sent by Odysseus. After all, it wasn't a gift at all. It had been a Trojan Horse, and he had let himself be blinded at the idea of happiness.

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