Disclaimer: I own nothing except the desire to find my own Edward

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the desire to find my own Edward…

A/N: If you are underage then GET OUT! I don't want to be responsible for corrupting a minor…this is extremely sexually explicit! You have been warned. On a lighter note this is my first Twilight fic and I felt compelled to write this scene because I highly doubt that Meyer will. I hope you enjoy it; even though it was nearly entirely self serving.

The Wedding Night

Chapter 1: Angel face

Edward had been completely successful in keeping the location of our honeymoon a secret and now I was glad he had. The anticipation that swelled in me was suddenly released as I was distracted by the stunning beauty of our hotel room.

The Honeymoon Suite at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas was beyond extraordinary. My mouth fell open as he carried me over the threshold after exiting the private elevator that had taken us to our own floor.

"Edward…" was all I could say as he set me gently down along with all of our luggage. I continued to gawk around the room bewildered as he bustled about. He threw open the lavish curtains to reveal a stunning view of the glittering city that lay beneath our hotel room (or rather our hotel floor).

"Well I did promise you Vegas love," he said gesturing to the room at large. And as we explored further I found that there was also a fully stocked kitchen, dining room, and bathroom with its own Jacuzzi bathtub.

"Edward this must have cost you a fortune" I insisted.

"Nonsense" he promised offhandedly leading me back to our bed. "Nothing is too good for my wife" he said lovingly. "Besides…you only get one Honeymoon right?"

I nodded as he pulled me to lie down beside him on our enormous and gorgeous bed. It was only as I nestled myself against him that I noticed our ceiling was painted. "Oh wow…" I murmured and Edward followed my gaze to the perfected artistry I was marveling.

The first thing I noticed were the angelic faces staring back at me. There were several of them, and although they were all different, I couldn't tell which was the most beautiful. Their skin was painted white, their lips crimson, and their eyes were so bright that I thought for a moment they might come to life. I then noticed the soft texture of their garb; each a pastel color that reflected the sun and rippled in the unseen wind of this masterpiece. Next I saw the clouds that their bodies danced about. They were angels. But they had no wings…perhaps Gods and Goddesses then. Colored ribbons flowed through the female's tresses dancing along with them in the wind and my eyes followed the movement of the painting daring to believe it would suddenly come to life. I examined one face in particular and a sinking feeling hit me; his face reminded me of Edward's; beautiful and pale and perfect…everything I wasn't.

I turned my head away from the ceiling to face my own work of art. Edwards's eyes were serious as he looked back at me. He touched his lips to mine more gently then I believed possible and then spoke softly in my ear. "What do you want to do tonight my love?" he asked.

I rolled my eyes at him. "You must be joking Edward. How long have we been talking about our wedding night?"

Edward chuckled. "Well I told you that we had to take it slow," he sat up, "this could take a while…" he stroked my arm playfully before getting up from the bed.

"Edward you promised! On our wedding night-you said that we would try!" I insisted.

He frowned at me for a fraction of a second before turning into a blur and returning to my side with a single red rose in hand. "I did promise that" he admitted. "But I also promised that it would take a long time, that we would have to move slowly, and you've had such a long day already…"

I thought over his words for a moment. "I've already waited so long for this Edward; I'm ready."

"But aren't you tired Bell-?"

"It's only 10 o'clock!" I insisted.

"Yes but what about the time difference?" he asked.

"It's only 1 hour!" I had him on that point.

He studied me for a moment before exhaling "Serves me right for marrying such a smarty pants!" he said sarcastically as he hopped back onto the bed and landed beside me.

I giggled in spite of myself feeling my anger seep away as his cool mouth brushed the side of my face and neck. I flinched slightly as his lips wandered farther down the V-neck of my shirt and I heard him chuckle to himself as he pressed his lips lightly to the start of my cleavage.

He lifted his face to look into my eyes. "If you're going to flinch at that then we have a huge problem."

"You just surprised me is all," I admitted.

"Well," he said tracing the V of my neckline with a cool finger. "You're going to have to keep some of your…arousal" his eyes were alight with passion "at bay love or this is never going to work."

I smiled sheepishly but pressed my palm to his cheek and bit my lip as I contemplated what we were about to begin. He smiled widely at me and pulled me onto him as he kissed me more vigorously then I could remember.

Even though I still had to remind myself to breathe I knew that we had made a lot of progress in the ability of intimacy and my spirits lifted at the thought that we may succeed.

Edwards's gentleness still astounded me. His cool tongue found its way past my lips and into my mouth as it slowly moved in circles around my tongue and I suppressed a shutter. His mouth then found my neck again and I moaned lightly as he let a cool breath out on my neck. My fingers found the buttons of his collared shirt and had the top three undone before he shifted my body to lie next to his. He took my mouth in his again as he ran a hand down my arm and then played with the material of the shirt covering my stomach.

He kissed me intently for a while as his fingers danced around the hem of my shirt before finally being brave enough to slide his hand beneath the fabric and feel at my midriff. I let my lips find his neck and then the firmness of his marble chest as I got a few more buttons undone.

He pulled back from me to lie on his back but I followed him. I found his ear and bit ever so gently into his cold skin as I ran my hand down his torso and undid the last few buttons. I let my hands explore his flawless form and pushed a sleeve off his shoulder as I sunk my lips into his collarbone and dragged my tongue along his cold hard form.

"Slow down Bella" he cooed in his majestic voice as he lifted my chin from his shoulder. He beamed at me as he pushed me onto my back and then slid my shirt up to reveal my stomach. He ran his cool hand along my skin and traced random lines with his fingers. "Mmmm…you're very warm…" he marveled before moving his lips back down to my neck.

I closed my eyes at his touch and smiled to myself at the thought of the surprise I had in store for him. While he nuzzled my neck and stroked the bare skin of my midriff I shifted slightly and pulled a sleeve off my shoulder and tugged it down my arm. Edward drew back from me; responding to my sudden movement. His jaw dropped slightly as he looked down at my exposed breast. I bit my lip at his reaction, "You like it?" I asked.

He nodded as his eyes met mine. He then tentatively reached up to stroke the material of my bra. His fingers traced the edges of lacy black and then felt at each delicately stitched pink rose. Although I could barely feel the lightness of his touch I felt a thrill of excitement race through me at the thought of him touching me this way. His lips traveled from my chin, down my neckline and then rested momentarily on the exposed skin of my breast.

I froze as his lips moved across my skin wanting to hang onto the feeling he was giving me forever…He played with my skin, my hair, my lips and I was so distracted, so caught up in everything that he did that I couldn't concentrate on touching him so my hands remained motionless on his back.

He pulled away after what felt like hours and I took this opportunity to remove my shirt exposing the entirety of the fanciest piece of underwear that I had ever owned.

"When did you get that?" he asked a bit breathlessly pointing at my breasts.

"When I was out shopping the other day," I loved that I was finally able to make him squirm a bit.

"But how did Alice-I would have seen-" he continued staring and pointing.

I grabbed his finger. "I wasn't with Alice when I got this," I informed him. "I was with Angela."

"Ha ho!" he laughed, "You're good."

"Well I had to surprise you somehow didn't I?" I asked him before leaning into him and biting playfully into his cool skin. I simply couldn't stand being away from him for more than a few seconds. Curiosity took over as I felt at the smoothness of his chest with the palm of my hand. I moved my lips from his neck to his hard stomach and mouthed at his pecks, his abs; running my tongue along his icy skin. He made delicious little sounds and once when he whimpered I snuck a peek at him to see that he had his eyes tightly shut. He let out a moan when my tongue reached his navel and before I knew it he had my hands behind my back and was playfully kissing my neck.

"That's not fair!" I insisted, but he merely laughed. "Why is it that you always stop me just when I'm getting to the good part?"

"Bella?" he breathed in my ear. "Can I ask you something?"

"What?" I wanted to sound irritated but he was too charming for me to stay angry.

He turned my face to look at his but then lowered his eyes not meeting my gaze. "Have you ever had an orgasm?"

I couldn't help but laugh at his question. "Edward I told you that I've never even kissed any one before you I-" he pressed a finger to my lips.

"That's not what I asked you," he said earnestly. "I asked if you've ever experienced-"

"What you think I've given one to myself?" I asked incredulously.

"Well you are human, and I know that sometimes teen are more apt to…" he trailed off.

"Edward," I pushed myself into a sitting position, "I have no reason to...with you around…you're all I need. Plus when would I be giving myself them? You are always with me!"

"Not all the time."

"Or I'm with Charlie or you're watching me. I'm barely ever alone" I admitted truthfully.

"I don't watch you in the shower…" he insisted.

"What are you asking me Edward, if I touch myself in the shower?" I couldn't help at laugh at how embarrassing my question was.

"Well I did notice when I used to watch you before you knew I was there that sometimes you would…massage yourself before you went to sleep." He admitted.

I felt myself blush. "How could you tell when I was under the covers?"

"Your face…" he smiled at the thought. "And you'd sometimes make little noises too," he brushed the hair back from my face. "It was very sexy."

I swatted him playfully. "So what you got off from the thought of me touching myself before we were even dating?"

Edward laughed lightly. "Not exactly…I only wanted to know if you've ever experienced one on your own before."

"No, just the normal teen hormones," I said and then couldn't help myself. "Do you ever? I mean can you?"

"What? Do Vampires masturbate?" he chuckled. "I suppose some of them as much as humans do, but I never had the desire before you came along. I'm sure I did when I was human too, but I don't really remember things like that."

"So you've had an orgasm before?" I asked.

"Yes." He admitted. "That's actually my main concern of this whole thing," he explained. "You see when that happens, it's the climatic point where you sort of lose control…I don't know if I will be able to retain my gentler side."

"Well, we'll find out." I kissed him sweetly on the mouth.

"You are very optimistic." He remarked.

"I trust you." I put my hand where his heart should be.

He smiled and pulled his shirt from his shoulders. "Well we've got a long night ahead of us." He pulled me into his arms and cradled me against his body. He turned his head to look at the clock on the nightstand. "It's almost midnight, I'll give you six hours but if I don't feel good about this by then we'll have to take a break so you can get some sleep and we'll try again another day."

"Not a chance." I told him shifting my body to cover his. I kissed his collarbone. "Edward?" He nodded. "Could you give me just a minute to be human I want to freshen up a bit."

"Sure." He nodded.