Chapter 3: Caramel Chocolate

Chapter 3: Caramel Chocolate

I gasped but not from the cold; from the feeling. His fingertips brushed against me and a throbbing, aching, state of wonder came over me. I shut my eyes and concentrated on nothing but the feeling of his fingers on me. He explored me, massaged me, stroked me, played with me intently until he ran his thumb along my opening and I had to consciously suppress a groan.

I knew I was wet because his fingers felt moist against me. He gently pulled folds of skin back with his thumbs and felt inside my crease. "Edward…" I managed to choke out and I opened my eyes to meet his gaze, I knew what he was contemplating and nodded.

He pushed his forefinger against me until he found my opening and slowly tucked it inside of me. His finger was hard and cold and I knew I was tensing up. He lowered his head and kissed my stomach and moved his fingers gently over me and I felt myself relax and he pushed in further.

I cried out in pain and he immediately pulled out and concern flashed across his face. "No Edward," I said through harsh breaths, "its okay…I'm okay now." I managed a smile as I felt the throbbing pain turn sweet when he touched me once again. He slowly eased the entire length of his finger into me and I exhaled in relief and he began working a slow rhythm with his finger. Edward pleasured me, loosened me until he tucked another finger inside and stroked my walls with increasing speed. The tingling feeling coursed through my body seeming to emanate from where his fingers worked. My heart rate doubled and as the burning sensation reached its max I began to tighten and contract around Edwards's fingers and I let go moaning loudly with pleasure. "Oh God…" I breathed.

I felt Edward move off of the bed and I heard running water on the other side of the wall. I was still trying to catch my breath as he cleared his throat. I opened my eyes and he was smiling, he sat down on the bed beside me and brushed the hair away from my face with his clean hand. "This may work," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Well I was afraid that because my…body is so…well my skin isn't as…elastic as yours- there's no…give," he explained poorly and I furrowed my brow in confusion. He laughed at himself and tried again. "I was afraid I would hurt you because I'm so hard and you're so soft," he stroked my cheek. "But your muscles when they contract they just spasm when they can't tighten anymore."

I sat up and smiled back, "then we have nothing to worry about," and my hands went for the waistband of his underwear. But of course he caught my hands by my wrists and stopped me.

"Not exactly, there's still I chance that I won't be able to control myself." He said seriously.

"And why not?" I asked whinier than I intended.

He tittered again, "My dear Bella, that's why I wanted to have you reach a climax on your own…do you honestly think that if you had unending strength that you would be able to control yourself when you reached that point?" I bit my lip. "Could you even make out a coherent thought?" he asked.

"Sort of," I tried. "Everything went rather blurry."

Edward smiled. "Look," he began, "my hand won't ever get tired," he moved his hand to touch me again. "I can just-"

"No." I grabbed his hand to stop him. "That's not what I want."

"But Bella, I don't know if I can…" his beautiful face was lined with concern.

I put one hand on his chest and one finger to his lips "then we'll find out," and he let me push him down onto the bed. But as I shifted I felt something moist on the bed I looked down and began to panic; it was a spot of blood. "Oh my God!" I said and he looked around to see what I was looking at. "No no no no no no-I'm not supposed to start for another two weeks I-"

"Bella," he said taking me by the shoulders. "It's okay, it's just because your wall broke, that can happen sometimes…"

Relief swept over me as Edward reached over to the nightstand for a tissue and blotted the sheet until most of the blood came out.

"It doesn't bother you?" I asked.

"Not anymore." He shrugged tossing the tissue into the wastepaper basket.

I looked back into his face as he lay back onto the pillows. He looked calm and relaxed and he smiled "What?" he asked as I bit my lip.

"You don't care if I see you naked?" I asked blushing again.

"Bella," he grinned, "I love you; you're my wife," he took my hand and brought it to his lips. "I want to be able to share this with you but I just-"

I stopped him by kissing him hard on the mouth and his protests melted away as my hands moved to his hips and tugged once again. Only this time he didn't stop me, he kicked his underpants off when they reached his ankles and scooted his body to prop himself up on the pillows. I swallowed hard as I took in the sight of him. Edward was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen, his skin was flawless on every inch of his body and I was quite pleased that he was very well endowed.

As soon as I could stop gawking at him I reached for him. His eyes closed but his body remained relaxed as I grasped him. He immediately grew firmer as I stroked him and massaged him. Edwards's breaths became labored as I began to pump his length and he became harder. I watched his face as his lips parted and his eyes tightened and he moaned lazily.

I wanted to give him the same feeling he had given me but my hand was tiring and I knew what would drive him wild. I cautiously lowered my head and took his tip into my mouth. Like the rest of his skin he was cold and sweet. He whimpered as I sucked him and when I took all of him into my mouth his body began to quake.

"Bella, "I heard him say my name in urgency as his fingers tangled in my hair. "Oh Bella, Bella, Bella…" His breaths came in short gasps now and I was sure that he would stop me at any moment. His hands left my hair and I lifted my eyes to see he had a fistful of the sheet in his hand and all the muscles in his arm were tensing. I licked him repeatedly and increased the speed at which my lips pulled and pushed over his erection until he went over the edge.

I pulled away just as he came and watched as his eyes squeezed tightly together and he bit down on his own tongue; he was sexier than ever. I reached for a tissue and cleaned him. His breathing slowed and he opened his eyes to watch me.

"I think," he chocked out and then started again. "I think that as long as I'm not holding you when I-climax…it'll be fine…"

I smiled down at him and moved my body on top of him. I kissed his neck and he ran his hands along my bare skin. I shivered and he rolled over so that he was once again on top of me. His hand traveled in between my legs and he stroked me softly. "You're dry," he mused before kissing his way down my body until he reached my soft spot. He sucked the folds of skin and licked in circular patterns around my opening until I was moist.

I felt the now familiar tingling sensation coarse through me as his cool lips kissed around my center tasting me. "Mmmmm," I heard his muffled noises and as his lips traveled back up my body and he spread my legs around his and positioned himself carefully.

I was breathless with anticipation as he looked down into my face. "Bella," he whispered, his face nearing mine. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close feeling his hardness brush against me. He shifted so that he was touching my opening and slowly entered me.

At first he was ever so gentle and loving and I simply reveled in the reality that we were losing our virginity to each other. I looked into Edwards's beautiful face and saw apprehension. I wrapped my legs tighter around him, forcing him in further and reached up to touch his cheek with the palm of my hand. His eyes bore into mine and I tentatively tried to speed up our rhythm with my own body movements. I whispered his name endlessly until I felt his body respond and he matched my rhythm. His eyes closed and he groaned incoherently although I was almost sure I heard my own name. I knew he was close; I laid back hoping to give him some space. He paused momentarily and I was afraid that he was going to stop himself prematurely and take away both of our pleasure.

Instead he carefully positioned his hands and legs on either side of me so that he wasn't holding onto me; he increased the speed of his hip thrusts until he let go. I felt the fullness of him inside of me and then the tingling began for me as well. I braced myself, but could not help screaming his name in ecstasy. The intensity of my orgasm was so great that my only coherent thought was of his eyes. I contracted around him countless times as my heart raced and I was panting for breath. Finally the sensation washed over my body and seemed to subdue itself.

As I lay breathing hard and clutching my chest, Edward lay on his side with his head propped up on an elbow watching me. He smiled his crooked smile at me and reached out to stroke my hair. "Was that alright my love?" he asked, and I managed to nod.

He pulled my body against his and tucked a pillow under my head. He put his lips to my ear and whispered "I love you Isabella Cullen…now get some sleep." My breathing began to slow, all the muscles in my body relaxed and my mouth twitched into a sleepy smile as I closed my eyes. I knew that his face would be the first thing I saw when I woke up. He kissed my cheek, and I felt his hair brush my face as he rested his head next to mine on the pillow and I imagined how delicious he tasted with all that ivory skin and caramel hair that for now was entwined in my chocolate tresses; the makings of a delectable combination.

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