Sesshomaru strode down the torch lit hallways in naught but his breaches, frustration in his step. As he neared Kagome's door, he could hear the pitiful weeping and broken words that were slightly muffled by the wooden door. He reached into his breaches, and produced an iron key. He hurriedly unlocked the door and jerked it open in apprehension. Why the obvious pain the girl was feeling bothered him like it did baffled him, but his pace did no slow as he approached the bed in which Kagome's torment continued.


A fist came crashing toward her face, bloodied by previous strikes. Again and again the hands and feet kicked and hit at her broken body. All Kagome knew was that she had to survive, for her people, for her brother, for herself. Death was too easy an escape from the hell that was, in fact, her life. Her father's stale breath tickled her neck, as he whispered curses and obscenities into her ear.

"Your mother was a damn whore, and so are you. Your brother was the only good thing that came out of her disgusting …" "WAKE UP!!"

Sesshomaru was almost in pain at the tortured words passing the girls lips. Blood stained the green sheets on her bed, and her back was a mess of torn skin and dried blood. It was imperative for her safety to wake up and stop her movements!! Sesshomaru finally had to do the one thing he didn't want to do the most. He roughly grabbed her shoulders and shook her with all of his might.

"Wake up!!" He yelled in her ear. Then, everything went still and silent. Kagome's body ceased all movement, and her breathing steadied somewhat. Sesshomaru finally relaxed his shoulders, and waited.

Kagome slowly opened her eyes, aware of two things. One, she was no longer in her fathers camp, and two, her back was on fire! Kagome tried to jerk up off her back, but something was pinning her shoulders down. A whimper of pain broke through the silence that had come over the room.

Sesshomaru frowned as Kagome opened her beautiful eyes, for in her eyes were evidence of unimaginable pain. Out of nowhere, soft, comforting words flowed from Sesshomaru's lips. "Wake up girl" he said softly, "everything is alright, twas just a dream sent to torment you. You are safe, and shall always remain so as long as you are in my care." Kagome slowly turned to look at him.

"My back..." she said, almost inaudibly, "My back hurts, please, make it stop Sesshomaru" In the back of Sesshomaru's mind, he made note that that was the first time Kagome had said his name, and it sounded beautiful rolling of her rosy lips.

"I'll make it stop, I promise." With those words, Sesshomaru flipped her abruptly on her stomach, and tore through the filmy night gown she was wearing. The red was accentuated against the white silk of the gown. He jumped off the bed, and poured water into a nearby bowl, grabbed a clothe, and walked back to the bed. He sat down against her hip, and slowly bathed her back. Once all the blood was wiped away, he tore an undercover into strips, and bound her back tightly, to stop the blood flow.

He reached toward the bed, and found the red vial he sought. Sesshomaru knew that the product he held was very helpful at ridding pain, but also very dangerous it distributed incorrectly. So with care, he put a few drops of the clear liquid into wine, and forced Kagome to swallow every last drop.

Sesshomaru looked down at Kagome while she rested on her bed.

"Sweeter dreams, I hope," he whispered, and to his own shock kissed her on the forehead.

The Next Day

Kagome woke, her mind blurry from the drug Sesshomaru had given her, and the lack of sleep. She slowly inched out of bed, and as her feet touched the ground, Winifred burst into the room.

"Good day, milady, how are you today? Better than last night, I hope. You gave my dear self quite a fright with all your thrashing and what not. But anyway, today you will be sending a letter to your father to ask him to retrieve you. Breakfast first, of course, and then you are to meet his lordship Sesshomaru in his office at 2 hours past noon. Now, let's get you ready for today. In two hours, Kagome was bathed, dressed and ready to go. Kagome wore a simple sapphire dress with golden stitches, and her hair was free except for a blue circlet to keep her hair out of her face. As she descended the stair case, all eyes in the bailey were on her slight figure. Lust could be found in some eyes, and curiosity in others. But one pair of eyes held malice, and crazed excitement.

Kagome sat at the table to break her fast, her stomach demanding the food it direly needed. Winifred had ordered the most fattening things in the kitchen, hoping that a little meat would occupy Kagome's bones sooner rather than later.

Kagome sat in misery. Her back was aching,(not that she would complain to mister 'I own you ass' sitting at the head of the table) and the thought of sitting in the same room with Sesshomaru was ruining the appetite she had so vainly fought to recover.

After breakfast, Kagome was given a tour of the City and Castle. Of course, the royal wing was off limits to a captive such as herself, but everything else was free for her to explore. She was not allowed outside the city walls, which were impossible to scale, and were only accessible by authorized people, and thus making type of escape a waste of effort that Kagome just didn't have.

When two rolled around, Kagome found herself sitting opposite of the grand lord himself. But, two her surprises, the first words out of his mouth were everything but what she had expected.

"How is your back?"

"Very well, my lord, thanks to your careful ministrations." Kagome said softly. As much as she tried, Kagome could not fight the small physical attraction she had for Sesshomaru. The long silver hair against his black military clothes just accented his raw power and beauty. He smiled at her, like a cat does its prey.

"I assume dear Winifred told you what our little chat was for, correct?" Kagome nodded, her eyes hypnotized by his deep lilting voice. "And I assume that though you were raised by dirty heathen people, you mother was a noble and intellectual person. Perhaps she passed a fraction of her mind onto you?"

The backhanded insult was not lost upon Kagome, and her eyes narrowed.

"You lordship, I am fluent in 4 languages, can do more than adequate arithmetic, and can read and right better than half the scholars in the land." She said cooly. She couldn't help but brag. For someone to insinuate that she was not intelligent was just not done!

Sesshomaru looked bored with her coments, but was infact impressed with her, even if he would never admit it to anyone.

"Well then, there is parchment and ink on that desk in the corner, please write you dear father a loving note explaining you rather difficult situation. And don't waste your time trying to code the message, for it will be read by me, and all the scholars in the castle. The effort will be for nothing, so why try?"

When the note was sent, Kagome already knew what her fathers answer was going to be. 'Send back the son, keep the damn whore. But when her fathers answering message was received by lord Sesshomaru, it was demanding the return of the daughter, and to hell with the son. Why??

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