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Mr. Game and Watch sat alone in the training room of Smash Mansion. He sighed and curled his legs up to his chest. Marth and Ike entered the training room, they were laughing about some joke Marth had heard yesterday. The duo began clashing their swords together fiercely, still laughing and talking casually. Mr. Game and Watch only turned away. Nobody really liked Mr. Game and Watch, simply because he was a horrible fighter. He hardly had any fans, and since he had no fans it meant that he wasn't popular, and since he wasn't popular, no smasher ever wanted to have anything to do with him. Ike tossed Marth across the training room. Unharmed, Marth leapt to his feet and proceeded to tell another joke. More people started to come in, but Mr. Game and Watch had already left.


Mr. Game and Watch sat alone once more, but this time in a storage closet crowded with dusty fighting equipment.

"Ohh..." He sighed as a black tear slid down his flat cheek. "I wish I had a friend... One who wouldn't judge me based on my fighting skills!" Mr. Game and Watch suddenly grew angry. He snatched the closest thing next to him and chucked it at the wall. Given the small size of the closet, the thing he threw bounced back, landed on Mr. Game and Watch, and completely covered his body. Growing even more angry, he thrust his legs out and kicked the item so hard that it burst through the closet slid out into the open. Mr. Game and Watch stormed out of the closet to continue his assault, but something made him stop. He had realized what he was attacking. Empty black eyes stared back up at him, blinking innocently. Mr. Game and Watch smiled. "Well, hello Sandbag! Would you like to be my friend?" Sandbag responded by slowly standing up, and throwing up a star rod accompanied by some confetti.

"Oh, sweet!" Mr. Game and Watch picked the star rod up. He smiled and patted Sandbag on the back. "I can tell that we're gonna be great friends!"


Sandbag was in the dining hall, surrounded by other smashers. Mr. Game and Watch had carried him there, and was now off to retrieve some dinner for him, and his new friend. When he returned, Sandbag was no where to be found.

"Hmm, Sandy? Sandy?" He called, but received no answer. The dining hall was about empty, the only smashers left were Kirby and Yoshi. "Hey!" Mr. Game and Watch ran over to them. "Have you seen Sandy - Erm - Sandbag?" Kirby nodded.

"Some other smashers took him outside for something... I dunno what."

"Thanks!" Mr. Game and Watch waved goodbye and ran off. He was a little worried about Sandbag, and he had reason to be.


"AHHH! SANDY!" Mr. Game and Watch cried. He tried to force his way through the group of Smashers, but nobody moved. Captain Falcon was in his monster truck backing up over Sandbag over and over again. All of the other Smashers were crowding around the scene, cheering the Captain on. Sandbag winced in pain, and every time the monstrous wheels flattened him, he coughed up a handful of confetti. "SANDBAG!" Mr. Game and Watch was in tears. Hearing his name being called, Sandbag tried to inch away from the car, but was only flattened again. With one final wheeze, Sandbag heaved up all of the sand in his body. "NO!" Mr. Game and Watch slipped through the crowd of now silent smashers. "Why? WHHHYYYYY?" (Okay, this is getting really serious so I'm gonna end it randomly and quickly... ) Sandbag EXPLODED and gave Mr. Game and Watch the power to turn into a giant octopus so he did and he destroyed the Mansion and jacked Captain Falcon's Monster Truck and rode it all the way to Mexico where he hid and feasted on tacos for the remainder of his life.


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