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"You ready?" Sirius asked from behind his shoulder.



"Nervous isn't the word to describe it," James replied as he looked out at the crowd of nearly a hundred people.

The music changed its tune and everyone readily got to their feet, heads facing the back of the hall. James watched as three young women walked toward him, all clad in a lovely lavender dress. They each held a small bouquet of flowers and grinned at him.

Their smiles didn't comfort him though. He was too nervous for encouraging smiles. His heart was racing and his stomach gave a big flop. His palms were sweating and he nervously bit his lower lip. He felt Sirius put a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down, but James just shrugged it off. There was only one thing that could comfort him now and it certainly wasn't Sirius Black or the women in lavender dresses.

And then he saw what everyone in the audience had turned to see: Lily Evans, or rather, the soon to be Lily Potter. Every worry that had entered James's mind had vanished, his stomach butterflies went away, and for a brief moment, James swore that his heart skipped several beats.

To say that Lily was beautiful as her father escorted her down the aisle was the understatement of the year. James even heard Sirius mutter, "Wow" in his ear. James preferred to think of her as looking simply angelic. She had curled her red hair and let it hang loose around her shoulders; it made her wedding dress pop. But that wasn't what James was focused on. Instead, he met her eyes, which seemed to be dancing with life.

She kissed her father on the cheek once they reached the front of the room and then stood opposite of James, in front of her three bridesmaids.

"You look beautiful," he told her, which earned him the smile that took his breath away.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join James Preston Potter and Lily Marie Evans in matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak now or forever hold their peace," the Ministry of Magic official said.

When it was quite clear that no one was going to object, the Ministry of Magic official continued with the ceremony by saying a few more words on the seriousness of marriage and of love itself. James had tuned most of it out, which he would never admit to anyone. However, he couldn't help it. He couldn't help but stare at Lily and take in everything about her. He couldn't help but imagine his life with her, for the millionth time, and how lucky he was to have her.

"And now Lily and James have chosen to write their own vows," the Ministry official announced and nodded toward Lily.

Lily's Maid of Honor passed her a slip of paper and Lily clutched it, as if her life depended on it, which made it almost impossible to read.

"James," Lily began, "I won't say that I'll always be there for you for the rest of our lives, because you knows it's true. But I will promise to smile and laugh with you. I promise to always be there to comfort you in your sorrows and struggles. And most of all, I promise to make your dreams mine and love each and every one of them. I love you."

James grinned at her, which seemed to make Lily relax enough to reach out and give his hand a light squeeze. She returned his smile and her emerald eyes shined beneath a shield of water.

Sirius leaned forward and was about to slip James a piece of parchment, but James turned to him and shook his head.

He then turned back to Lily and said, "It took me weeks to write my vows, but the moment I saw you walk down the aisle, I knew they weren't good enough. You make me happier than anyone could ever imagine. I love you Lily, and I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way."

With that said, Sirius handed James the rings. James looked from Lily's shining eyes to the smile on her face as he fingered the platinum ring, feeling the letters "L & J" inscribed on its underside. He smiled as he slid the ring onto her finger, settling it next to her diamond and emerald engagement ring, the one she wore four years ago.

As she slid his ring onto his finger, Lily paused and held onto his hand. He stared directly into her eyes and a silent understanding passed between them. This could have happened years ago, they could have been happily married for four years by now.

James tightened his grip for a moment before releasing her from his grasp. The past was in the past and he didn't want to dwell on it. He had more pressing matters; he had the future to look forward to. He had Lily to look forward to. He had his promise to fulfill.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife," the Ministry official announced. "You may now kiss the bride."

James's grin grew wider as he leaned forward and wrapped his bride in his arms. He laid his lips atop of hers and kissed her, tasting her cherry lip balm.

"Lily Potter," he whispered into her ear once their kiss ended.

"I like it," she replied.

"Me too," he said before kissing his bride.


The End


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