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Maybe Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day

Chapter 2

When he awoke, it took him a few moments to recall the events of the night before. He groaned and turned over in the small cot he was laying on and buried his face into the soft feathery pillow. His eyes shot open. A soft feathery pillow? He smiled softly and snuggled into it, all anger and shame having left his body. It had been months since he'd been in contact with such a comfortable pillow and bed. A soft knock on the door to the small room he was residing in broke him from his thoughts. Panicked, he pulled the light blue sheets over him and held his breath. The door gently creaked open and he heard soft footsteps come close to the bed. Draco started shaking, then berated himself for the action for it might give him away, then got more angry at himself when he couldn't make himself stop shaking. When he felt a hand on his shoulder, he couldn't contain his fear any longer. Throwing the small sheet off of his slender frame, he shoved the hand away and tumbled right off of the cot.

"H-Hey!" a panicked voice sliced through the air. Draco squinted his eyes shut and rolled over, attempting to put as much distance between him and his intruder. "Hey, just calm down, okay? I'm not gonna hurt you, promise."

Draco felt a cool hand against his forehead, and held his breath once more. "I-I'm sorry," he stuttered out, not really sure of what he was apologizing. "I'll behave, I-I p-promise. I s-shouldn't have left the c-closet like you t-told me, I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" Draco kept mumbling, suddenly now completely sure that last night was just another mind game set up by his aunt Bellatrix. The small Malfoy felt the hand retreat, and thanked the Gods that he wasn't being punished yet. Maybe if he could stall he could find some way to escape.

"I'm sorry I scared you. I'll get Mum up here to tend to your injuries in a minute." Even still, Draco dared not move. He heard the person in the room sigh and listened to the footsteps and the click of the door shutting as they left the room.

He slid open his eyes once he was sure it was safe, then quickly climbed back up onto the bed and started looking around. There was only one window in the small cramped room, and the only other furniture aside from the cot he was on was a small brown worn-looking dresser. He pulled the blanket around him and cuddled into it, trying to block out the yelling he could hear coming from outside his new room. His mind was full of confusion. There were so many questions he wanted to ask, yet he still was unsure whether he could trust these people, whoever they were, yet.

Draco sighed, hugging his knees to his chest. He just wished he could go back to Hogwarts and put up that arrogant, selfish, I-get-everything-I-want mask and just forget about everything. But he doubted he'd be accepted back after what he did, after everything he helped the Death Eater's do. It was all his fault Dumbledore had died. He should have accepted the old man's bargain and let him help him. But no, he was an idiot, and he had let freedom and a chance at living a decent life slip right through his fingers.

Once again startled out of his thoughts by knocking, Draco huddled up on the cot and prepared himself to talk with the stranger and try to get some answers out of them.

The door opened slowly, filling Draco with more suspense than he already had bottled up inside him. He clutched his sheets, shaking with anticipation.

The man who stepped into Draco's view was not who he expected at all.