Dear Harry,

Well, you're off at your fancy-schmancy magic school leaving me behind. It's boring without you maniacally laughing here. At least you're in Florida. It's cold here in Oklahoma.

Ma misses you. Yeah, you still don't want to talk to, what was the phrase, the 'pseudo-parent-ish people' but you need to talk to them. Seriously. Dad hasn't mentioned fudge for a week.

But anyway, on to why I'm writing you.

After… After Halloween has anything weird happened to you? I know it's been only a month but weird stuff has happened with me. I think Friedricksson is getting tired of cleaning up my messes in the lab. He got Lancer to call me out on it. I pick up a beaker and as soon as it's over the floor, it drops. Like, straight through my hand. And every time I go to the basement, it's freezing. I can see my breath! Yes, before you ask, I did check the thermostat.

Just let me know if anything weird happens on your end. Sam knows what's happening, she has a theory but she wants data from your end… I swear she's turning into Tucker. It's cool that she cares though.

Still your brother,


Dear Harry,

Got your last letter, and I agree, sucks about the British kids. I mean the entire school shut down because of a terrorist…Whoa.

You said you got an entire tree house to yourself. Well, almost, you have to share it with some of the Brit-people, but still; sounds cool. Write more about classes, Jazz is completely curious.

Sam thinks she figured out my spazzing from the last letter. It's the Fenton!Portal. She thinks that the portal killed me. Well, half of me. No idea how that's supposed to work but I'll go with it.

Let me know if anything weird happens with you.