-1Ok in this story, Naruto will NOT have the kyuubi locked inside himself. Instead, he will be a kitsune. All teams are the same and the story picks up right after the bell test. Enjoy

It was a beautiful Monday evening in the Leaf village and Naruto was running home after passing the bell test of his new sensei. However, instead of being happy and jumping for joy at starting down the road of becoming Hokage, the twelve year old had a fearful look in his eyes.

'Got to get home, got to be inside before sun down! I can't let the people see me tonight!'

Suddenly a sharp pain flared just as he was reaching the door to his home. The pain made him double over and cry out. It felt as if his insides were going to explode out of his body.

'Damn, not now, please God not now!'

His pleas were answered as the pain let up just long enough for him to get inside the safety of his apartment and lock the door behind himself. Naruto then stumbled into the center of the room and grabbed his stomach in agony. He could feel his intestines moving and muscles bulging slightly as the transformation began. He had lived with this curse for as far back as he could remember. He had never told a soul in fear of being killed. Only the old Hokage somehow knew of the trouble that the young blond went through each Monday evening at sundown, how he would be racked with pain as his body twisted and molded its self into a monster.

His musings were brought to a halt when the shoulders of his orange jump suite burst apart showing the flesh beneath that was squirming while the muscles below bulged and shifted. His legs were next, as they swelled larger than his pants could allow. His ninja equipment pouches fell away and the fabric of his trousers burst from the building pressure. Naruto held his hands up to his face and watched through tear filled eyes as his fingers puffed up and the nails quickly became claws and pads grew at the tips. This made his hands seem more like paws while still being able to grasp objects. His feet were going through a similar change, with large pads growing on the bottoms of his toes and the balls of the feet, while a sickening crunch sounded as they became digitigrade. He tried to fight it, he truly did. But every week, every Monday at sundown the change came, and the more he fought, the more painful it was. Naruto squeezed his eyes tight as his face began to change, pushing out into the start of a slender muzzle. His ears grew pointed while they shifted to the top of his head where they began to be covered with red fur that was soft to the touch. He finally opened his eyes, which had become green and silted, to stare down at his chest where what was left of his top finally burst as he grew. All across his body his muscles were getting larger yet, not so big as to be seen as grotesque. Soft fur then began to cover his body, first growing a puffy, cream colored under coat, followed by the longer red guard hairs of the outer coat. All that fur made Naruto look like an overgrown plushy. With a loud crack and cry of pain, his muzzle finished developing, the sharp teeth gleaming in the low light of the room. Tears began to dampen his face fur as he fell to his knees. He hated this last part, the part of the transformation that showed the world that he was not human. With a series of cracks and pops, he felt a pressure building at the base of his spine. He gave a pained growl as what was left of his pants finally tore away letting his nine tails develop. They each grew to over ten feet in length and fluffed out to be as big around as his torso. With the change finally over, a teary eyed Naruto looked in the mirror at the beast he had become. He had gained nearly two feet in height putting his final height at just over seven foot. His muscles were well defined making him look like a amateur body builder. The fur that covered his body was red in color with the tips of his tails and ears ending in black, while the area from his chin down to his thighs had become a creamy white. The young ninja, turned kitsune, sobbed loudly as he climbed into bed.

'I fucking HATE Mondays!'

Across the village at the Hokage tower, the leader of the village sat sadly staring into his crystal ball as the boy he considered a grandson, morphed into a kitsune. When the young lad climbed into bed the aged leader put away the all seeing orb with a sigh. He then turned to the only other person in the room and spoke with a tired voice.

"Well Kakashi, now you know Naruto's great secret. Tell me, will you be able to work with him now that you know this? Or will you hate him like everybody else does?"

Kakashi had stood frozen to the spot while watching his student transform before his eyes. Sarutobi had told him that Naruto carried a dark curse but he had never dreamed that it could be this bad. At the Hokage's question, he looked into the eyes of his leader and sighed.

"I was under the impression that the nine tailed fox was sealed into Naruto and that he would only have trouble controlling his chakra."

"It is true that the beast was sealed into young Naruto twelve years ago. But, when Minato sealed the Kyuubi's power into him, Naruto became a kitsune. The soul of the fox was returned to hell but all of his power was placed into the boy. Naruto has become the new king of the demons. I just prey that when he grows up he will lead this village, not destroy it."

Kakashi listened with a clenched fist.

'How, how can the boy stay sane after all of this!? Any lesser man would kill himself after what happened. Just what the hell were you thinking sensei when you sealed the beast's power into your son?'

"Is he still in control when he shifts, does he know what he is doing?"

The Hokage studied the masked jonin before speaking.

"You saw for your self did you not? Naruto's body may shift but his mind remains his own, the only change it goes through would be that he receives the instincts of a common fox. Nothing too drastic, just the common things any normal fox would think of. But overall, Naruto is still Naruto even if he no longer looks like it."

At this Kakashi relaxed, ever since he was assigned to watch over the boy several years ago, he had admired him. No matter how many times he was yelled at, kicked out of a store for merely being there or beaten on his birthday, Naruto always bounced back stronger than ever. Kakashi had even been known to leave presents in Naruto's home from time to time. They were usually some type of mind game like a rubix cube or the like. He was dumbfounded when he watched the boy complete the cube in less than a minute at only the age of six, and then giggle like a kid in a candy store. He now knew WHY Naruto could do this. All types of vulpine were intimately curious and loved puzzles. So it was little wonder that young Naruto could do such things with ease. He then looked back at Sarutobi and smiled behind his mask.

"To harm a kitsune is to invite its wrath, to befriend a kitsune is to have eternal good luck. Besides, I think it will make things a bit more lively around here."

The Hokage face palmed at the odd comment but understood what he meant. He then lit his pipe and reclined back in his chair for a bit.

"Alright Kakshi, I am going to trust you with Naruto's well being. I wish you the best of luck, dismissed."

As Kakashi walked out of the room, Sarutobi looked up at the pictures of the past Hokages and glared at the picture of the forth.

'Minato, I know not what you were thinking that night twelve years ago, but if I ever see you in the next life I am going to shove my foot so far up your ass, you will be farting out leather till dooms day!'

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Now then, authors note time.

This story will not be as dark or as bloody as others I have written.

There will be bashing, but who it will be, well, you will have to wait and see. I promise it will not be severe.

The pairings will be NarutoXHinata, and others.

As a kitsune, Naruto will be over powered but not God like.

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