Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of AN. The next installment of Trails of a Kitsune, has hit a bit of a snag. I can't seem to find a good way to end the chapter, which by the way will be equal parts Naurto/Hinata fluff and fighting with everybody's favorite eyebrow less Mist ninja.

Operation Last call is in similar condition, only its much worse because I had planned on having a rather large battle above the bridge, yes I said 'above the bridge'.

Now then, I would like to take this time to answer a few questions I have been receiving about my stories.

Q. Thunder Chief, why do you show the characters transforming into furries, wtf?!

A. To be truthful, I find it easier this way, the "furry" characters are a bit easier for me to describe for some reason. Must have been all those Tom and Jerry cartoons I watched way back when.

Q. What's with making some of the characters crazy?

A. Their children who have been raised to kill people most likely before the age of 18, and your complaining about me making some of them psycho?!

Q. What the heck was the deal with making Hinata's mom evil? Out of left field much?!

A. Ok, I needed someone to be the whole "Supper Evil Baddie". I have plans for Sasuke(grins), Kakashi is a good guy, Hinata's father is also good. I also needed someone to be bad enough to make even shy little Hinata want to obliterate something.

Q. What's with all the weird shit in your story?

A. When I wright, I have two goals in mind: one is two wright something that nobody else has ever done. Two: I like to have fun with my stories.

Ok, now, it is time for YOU the reader to make a couple of choices. That's right, I will let the reader dictate a few things, and yes, I had this planed from the start.

The first thing is Sasuke, many hate him(me included) however, at the third stage of the exams, there will be a crossroad(meaning that the story can go one of two ways). Sasuke could be good and go thru a humbling phase, or if you wish, he can be evil. If you want to put your choice in, just leave it in a review. When the time comes, I will look over the stats and decide what to do. I will put up more once I get done with the next chapter.

Till then remember: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."- Albert Einstein