Feet aching and face sweating, Evangeline Henderson, and her twin brother, Josh, was trudging through the woods on a crisp autumn morning. It was almost 11, and they had begun hiking at 6. Eva was too tired to even plead for a break until she eventually found words.

"Josh! PLEASE! Let me stop! We've been hiking for HOURS! And I'm SO tired!" Eva whined, shaking her twin's backpack roughly. He sighed and turned. "Alright Eva, but only for a little bit. I want to keep moving. Look, the path is all straight from here, so just catch up to me when you're done resting." He assured her, walking along. She sighed heavily as she plopped down on a rock and drank furiously. Quietly, she began to stand slowly, when she heard a rustle in the bushes.

"He-hello? Who's there?" She asked, trying to hide her fear even though she was terrified. The rustling stopped, and suddenly, so quick that Eva couldn't even blink, a ferocious wolf with sharp blue eyes and a black coat leapt from the bushes, sinking its fangs into Eva's arm. Screaming in pain as she fell to her knees, clutching her bloody arm, Josh spun around and heard everything. Running to Eva's aid, he pulled out a fabric bandage and wrapped it around Eva's arm, ignoring the fierce wolf, which had already begun disappearing into the forest.

1 month later, winter had only begun, and the air was cool and calm. Josh, who had been planning a camping trip to the same forest, begged Eva to come with him.

"Please, Eva? I promise we won't see any wolves. They're all hibernating! It's winter! Please! Just a few nights. This also counts for that project on nature Mr. Halliday assigned us for our Christmas Break homework." Josh reminded her. Eva sighed. Josh was right, and the project he was working on was definitely worth an A+ for both of them. Groaning, she nodded slowly in agreement.

"FINE. But if I get bitten, just ONE bite, you're going to be in SO much trouble you'll regret ever being my brother." Eva growled through gritted teeth. Josh nodded, looking pleased. "Of course, Eva. Don't worry." He said.

The next day, the 2 were packed and ready to go. Their father, Carl, drove them to a campsite in the middle of the forest. Dropping them off, he waved them goodbye as he sped home.

Eva shivered, clutching her beige ski jacket for warmth. She then tried hard to tuck her auburn brown hair into her hat while rubbing her dark green-blue eyes. She stared directly into Josh's identical colored-eyes and flicked his equally identical-colored hair, sniffing.

"You're lucky I'm even here." She snapped, giving his arm a shove. He gave her a returning playful shove as he set up the tent.

15 minutes later, he called his twin.

"Eva! The tents set up! You can come inside now." He said. Eva stared at the tent, wide-eyed. It was a fairly large tent. Big enough to fit about 6 sleeping bags, even though it was hers while Josh slept in a separate one. Tossing all her things inside, she stared up at the nearly dark sky.

Later that night, after dinner and after she'd gone to bed, Eva's eyes snapped open. She felt herself leaving the tent, feeling the soft dirt underneath her bare feet; she began running, faster and faster until she reached the nearby lake. Panting, she thought; 'Wow. I've never felt myself run so fast before.'

Kneeling down for a drink, she scooped up some water with her-


Beginning to freak out, the stared at her reflection in the water, but she did not see her usual brown hair and green eyes. Instead, she saw a wolf with brown fur and identical green-blue eyes staring straight back at her.