Hey everyone!

I hope you all know by now that the new "Fall of Light" story has been posted and is now entitled "FALLEN LIGHT".

I will not be continuing to write this story as "Fallen Light" is the re-written version and it will be re-working some of the themes that "Fall of Light" had. Also, some scenes may be different and I am introducing the same characters with a more maturely written dialogue that is much easier on the eyes. I started this story when I was a lot younger and I feel that, because you all love it so much and so do I, that continuing to write it in THIS state would be a disservice to everyone but especially to myself. I have reorganized plots and ideas and the story flows much smoother, I promise!

For all of you who are worried when you read the beginning of "Fallen Light" that it is so different, I promise as the chapters progress, IT WILL stick very closely to "Fall of Light"! It is the SAME story, but I have changed the beginning because I cringe every time I go back to read the first few chapters of "Fall of Light." I will be adding new scenes with the old as well so that you will all have new material to read and it won't become boring with just fancy words with chapters that you already know, if that makes sense! I am so excited to give this to you guys! I have worked VERY hard on this for months now since I told you on the last story chapter that I was revamping the whole thing.

I hope you check it out!