this is the prologue of the story, Unwelcome Past and True Eternity

So Edward left Bella 2 years ago. When bella is in college, she gets into a car accident and ALMOST loses her life...but she was changed. By who? Even she doesnt know. So, 40 years later, she runs into the Cullens at Forks High. Only...she's done & encountered things in her fourty years as well as Edward. Secrets are spilled and emotions take play.

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I always thought that my life was like a light bulb. It shines brightly for a while, with all those exciting things in my life, but then dulls when all of the life and excitement goes away. That life and excitement is my one true love. But I mean, I sit here remembering the unwelcome memories of my past…my unwelcome past – human or not – those kinds of memories that always inflict pain on you. And isn't it kind of excruciating to want something so much at one point…but then once you get it…its kind of pointless? For example, eternity. It's a pointless eternity without the one you love. Especially when you're not looking for a pointless eternity – you're looking for a true one.

So, at first, I honestly believed that I was dreaming, or hallucinating, or maybe I didn't think it at all. Maybe I just couldn't believe it, because before me stood my angel, perfect and god-like as ever. But I didn't see him or Alice as family anymore, I saw them as rivals. Adversaries, even. Why? I'm not really sure, but all I know is things can't be the least not yet.

But I guess, being the plain ole Bella, I gave in. Lost. Lost the game I was playing with no one but myself. Because I couldn't respond to the feelings in my heart...well, maybe I did, just through agony and torture because I didn't dare listen to Alice. I just didn't believe them, though, I didn't want to believe anything.

And then Jacob. Wow, it'd been a while. Even after all those treaty tales and werewolf stories, I'd never thought I'd live to see the day where mythical enemies - both vampire and werewolf - could clash. Plus the Volturi, the powerful royal family that Edward had tried to provoke into killing.

But nothing really matters, I guess, as long as I get the one eternity I'd ever wanted.