Max's POV

Max had been fidgeting at her desk for hours, she'd watch girl after girl walk up to Alec's desk and seductively place their body in front of his work. Max repeatedly told herself that she was upset because Alec was not finishing his paperwork, but deep down she knew that wasn't the reason she was upset.

She decided it was time for her to leave, she wasn't sure if she would be able to handle any more. Slowly she raised from her desk and proceeded to place the papers in stacks covering the entire desk.

Before she was finished there was a knock on her door, although it was open.

"Hey. Are you heading out for the night?" Alec said with a weary look in his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm going to take some of this home. I figure I will get more done than I do here."

Alec took a step inside the doorway, still unsure how far he could come in. "Yeah, do you want me to take any of that home and finish it for you?"

For one second Max's heart stopped. Had Alec just offered to do something nice for me? I've been sitting here all night ready to rip my hair out because he's been paying less attention to me than those girls that had been hitting on him. Sitting here all night trying to stay cool while girl after girl came in and placed her body between Alec and myself. And now he chooses to come over and say something. Now he chooses to be nice and have eyes only for me.

Suddenly, Max realized she had been incredibly quiet for way too long. She tries to make up for her long pause by reaching behind her and grabbing her coat. But the red that has crept up on her face is unhideable and is noticed instantly by Alec.

"Maxie, you wouldn't happen to be blushing would you?" Alec said with a smirk the size of the grand canyon plastered on his face.

Max took a deep breath and turned to face him. The old Max would have lashed out either physically or verbally by now, but the new Max has nothing to say. She merely shakes her head and a small smile forms on her face as she bends over and picks up the paperwork, hugging it lightly to her chest. "I don't need any help. Thanks though."

Alec's face morphs into a look of puzzlement. "Max, are you feeling alright? You haven't once lashed out at me this whole week."

No, I'm not fine. I want to be with you so bad, I want you to hold me at night when I'm scared, I want you to kiss away all my worries, and I want you to make all my wishes come true. That's what Max was thinking, but what she really said was, "Sorry, I've been a little distraught. Anyways, I gotta go get this paperwork done. See you in the morning."

Alec's arm shot out and stopped her from scurrying around him. "Max, is there something you aren't saying?"

What, like the fact that when I go home to an empty apartment every night I just want to you to be there with me. Like when you throw your arm around me in a playful manner I just want to hold on and never let go. Like the other day when your shoe came untied and you got down on one knee to tie it, all I could think about is 'what if he had a ring and was in this position'. Like the fact that every time I watch a movie with a wedding in it, all I can picture is you in a tux waiting for me at the alter. But those are all things I'll never say.

"No. Why?" Max said slightly shrugging her shoulders.

Alec smiled a bit and threw his arm around her shoulders, "Just seems like you haven't been acting like yourself lately. Almost as if you are trying to act too perfect."

Max tensed slightly in Alec's arms before shrugging his arm off her shoulders and walking towards the door, "You know me. If I wished to be perfect I'd just be wishing my life away."