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A Fan Fic

Kantaro Ichinomiya sat at the tea house where Yoko worked. Haruka slouched across from him. Sugino and Muuchan sat next to them. Between snide comments to Kantaro, Sugino was being as smothering to Muuchan as always.

"You sinner Kantaro, trying to seduce my precious Muuchan from me!" Sugino squeezed his little green wife tightly, in a protective fashion.

"You're never going to let that go, are you?" Kantaro sighed dramatically.

"I can if my plan works." Sugino patted Muuchan on the top of her head.

Kantaro looked at him. Sugino had kept this so-called plan a secret, even from what is probably his closet friend, Haruka. Haruka just drank his tea as indifferent as ever.

Yoko walked up to them with a woman behind her. The woman wore a long veiled-traveling hat with a bamboo-print kimono.

"Why are you here Yoko, shouldn't you be working?" Kantaro got a mean look on his face.

"Sir, this woman said she has business with one of your party." Yoko said through clenched teeth. She bowed and left.

Sugino jumped up. Muuchan bounced into the woman's arms. She giggled a breezy laugh and hugged Sugino. She sat down next to him and Kantaro.

"What just happened? Did Sugino just hug someone that wasn't Muuchan?" Kantaro looked at Haruka for support.

"Of course! This is our daughter, Yomi." He put his hand on her shoulder.

Haruka raised an eyebrow. Kantaro spit the tea from his mouth.

"Do you wear that veil because your green?" Haruka asked her.

She shook her head and a tiny bell that was tied to her hat tinkled.

"Do you speak, Yomi?" Haruka asked.

"Hai." She was scarcely audible.

"Yomi, take your hat off." Sugino nodded to her as she turned to him startled.

She slowly moved her hands to her hat and paused. Her father was still nodding. She lowered her shoulders and removed the hat. She set it next to her on the floor. She looked at Haruka and Kantaro with large, blue, kind, dewy eyes. She had light-pink lips that were turned down with uncertainty. Her skin was healthy and bright. She had her long, black bangs tied back in a plain bun. the rest of her hair was down about her, floating heavenly.

They both looked at her amazed.

"I'd better put my hat back on." Her voice was much louder without the hat. She was sill quiet though.

Her father stopped her. She looked at him. He shook his head ever-so-slightly toward his companions. Muuchan snuggled up to her and fell asleep in her lap.

"My daughter is shy, forgive her." He patted her back.

"Hai, forgive me."

"This is the demon-eating goblin, Haruka. And this is the bastard trying to steal away your mother!" He pointed accusingly at Kantaro.

Yomi rolled her eyes at her father's dramatics, "Hello Haruka, uh...Didn't catch your name, sorry!" She bowed.

"Kantaro Ichinomiya."

"That writer? Begging permission to speak, but do not have to service the rest of the world, not just Japan? Surely you should be called the best in Japan."

Haruka stifled a laugh.

"I suppose, but it is better for business to say world."

"Hai, I guess."

"So, have you found lodgings yet?" Sugino pressed her, knowing the answer.

"Iie." She batted her long, thick lashes at Kantaro.

"You can stay with us Yomi! Right, Haruka?" He bumpped the goblin in the ribs with his elbow.

"Really, are you sure? I would hate to impose..."

"So that means that you are going to disrespect me by refusing my hospitality?" He was pulling one of his business pitchs on her.

"Of course not, I would be greatly honoured if I could stay with you, Ichinomiya-kun!" She used his other business pitch that her mother told her about.

They finished their tea and left. Yoko stayed behind to clean up. Sugino took Muuchan home with him. Yomi was given the room between Haruka and Kantaro, across from Yoko.