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April 1st. My least favorite day of the year. I was always the one everybody else picked on because I'm such an easy target. I avoided this day like the plague. Luckily, we didn't have school, so not everyone was trying to make a fool out of me Only the Cullens. Shoot, maybe school would have been better.

I drove down to the large white mansion, my thoughts clouded with thoughts of what they'd do to me today. Stupid vampires and their stupid powers. I entered the forest covered drive way. Even after a year and a half, this place was hard to find.

"What the--?" I asked myself as I stared, wide eyed, and open mouthed at the large white mansion. There was a huge banner that read "PARTY TIME!" in bright, multi-coloured letters. My heart nearly stopped. There was going to be a party? Why hadn't Edward told me about this? Wait, a surprise party? I could feel the anger inside me bubbling.

I kicked one of the many balloons covering the lawn and stomped into the house. I was seething as I slammed open the front door.

"Alice! What the heck? How could you..?" I slowed down my sentence as I looked around the white living room. It was completely empty. I turned around so I was now facing the front door when I heard Emmett.

"Reach for the sky Bella!" He screamed at me. Before I could even turn around, he'd hit me full blast with his water gun. I was dripping wet and I was not happy.

"EMMET CULLEN!" I screamed at him.

"hahaha. April Fool's Bella!" He said as he raced upstairs, I followed him, but collided with Jasper on the second level.

"Woah. Bella, you should be more careful. Why in the world are you dripping wet? And why are you so mad?"

"Emmett hit me with a water gun as an April Fool's joke. Does that answer both of your questions?" I snapped at him.

"Yes," he sighed. "Well, Emmett will be Emmett. Excuse me, I have to go and give Rosalie's 'Prada' shoes to the dog down the street." He raced past me and into Rose's room. In seconds he was back, boots in hand.

"Remember: Don't tell Rose. She'll find out soon enough." He winked at me and zoomed away. Wow. This family certainly took April Fool's day seriously. I stomped up to Edward's room. It was the only room on the third floor, and Emmett hadn't come down the stairs, so he had to be in there.

I slammed open the door, and to my surprise, the room was completely empty. I opened the closet door to check for Emmett when a large bucket filled with chocolate sauce was dumped on my head.

"EMMETT!" I screamed. He came out of the room downstairs looking innocent. He laughed as soon as he saw me.

"Haha. Sorry Bella, but this time it wasn't me. I wish it had been though!" He continued laughing as he walked downstairs. I stomped down the stairs only to have someone that was hiding around the corner throw light blue feathers at me.

"UGH! WHO DID THAT?" I screamed, turning around to look at the offender. It was Alice. She was doubled over in laughter at the site of me looking like a giant, blue bird.

"ALICE CULLEN! YOU'D BETTER RUN!" I screamed after her.

"hahaha. Bella! Calm down. It was only an April Fool's Day Joke. Hahaha. And you have to admit, you look rather hilarious. I wanted to smack her I was so mad. I held myself back, telling myself I'd get her back somehow... and then I was smacked down to a sitting position on the hardwood floor. I tried to get up, but I couldn't move, I looked to see what was the matter.

There was white paste under my legs, and my bottom. Great. Just Great. Someone had glued me to the floor. Or no, wait, I wasn't on the floor, I was on a beach chair. Ugh, I couldn't even imagine what was happening now.

Someone picked me up, and brought me into a dark room. They then set me down and pulled a single light switch, so all I could see was 2 feet in front of me. I heard an evil giggle from the corner.

"Alice? Rose? Come out. It's not funny. Why the heck did u glue me to a beach chair?"

Rosalie came into view. "Hello Bella. Welcome. To your own personal nightmare! MUHAHAHAA."

I just stared at Rose in shock. She was wearing a pink juicy tracksuit, and held a curling iron in her hand.

"Oh no. Rose, please don't! No!" I screamed as she approached me. Alice then came into view, wearing the same tracksuit in blue. She was holding a giant makeup case. I sat in the exact same spot for 3 and a half hours. Glued to the spot quite literally.

"There! Done!" Rose exclaimed as she stepped away from me. I could feel the makeup caked onto my face.

"Now to get you dressed!" Alice exclaimed and I let out a sigh as they carried me away.

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