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Full Summary: Kagome's Missing, Naraku's dead, And The Shikon No Tama is complete. Shesshomaru has joined Inuyasha's group. What could possibly go wrong. And why the hell Is Sesshomaru looking at Kagome like that? Better yet why is she returning that look? S/K, I/OC


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Let Me Bleed, Let Me Love, Set Me Free

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 1 : A Death, A Savior, A Friend


"Damnit, Where is Kagome? 8 fucking days we have waited since she went


"Calm down Inuyasha, perhaps she had something come up at home."

"3 days Miroku, That was what we agreed on 3 days."

"We will just have to wait here till she gets back. There isn't much else we can do. Inuyasha sit down youre going to wear a rut in the floor."


Eight days they had waited, five more than was agreed upon. Little did they know that Kagome had never even made it to the well. She was with someone none would expect.


Sesshomaru and Kagome had been walking for almost a full day. Minor demons had come after them sensing the full Shikon No Tama. Blood was everywhere, his pristine white hamaka covered in splotches of dried and fresh blood, his armor completely destroyed. To Kagome he looked so much different without the armor in the way, she could see his build. And boy did he look good!

Kagome wore his horai, which was equally covered in blood as was every part of her. He carried her tenderly in a bridal fashion, so unlike anything she expected from him. The Killing Perfection, that was what his name meant, but right now he carried her as if she was made of glass. Kagome was warm, comfy, and felt oh so safe. Sesshomaru was her savior, her knight in shining armor.

"Thank you, for saving me I mean you really didn't even have to. But I am glad you did, I wouldn't have lasted much longer."

"You are alpha female in Inuyasha's group, it is my duty to help him and his pack. Inuyasha may not believe it but this Sesshomaru will help him in times of need. This Sesshomaru does care, believe it or not, Our battles are more for training than killing him."

"You know I think that is the longest scentence I believe I have ever heard you say." It may have just been for a split second but Kagome saw him smile, a true smile. "You know your smile is cute, you should do it more often, makes you seem more approachable. "The scowl was back on his face instantly. "But your even cuter when you pout!"

"This Sesshomaru does not pout girl."

"Oh really! That looked like a pout to me"

He turned his head towards her and Kagome got lost in his piercing gaze. So like Inuyasha's, but yet so unlike. Sesshomaru's were a brilliant molten amber while Inuyasha's were golden. Inuyasha's were full of warmth and life, while his were cold, but there was something lying underneath that cold exterior. A sort of pain, a desire. Kagome knew then and there that she would learn what made Sesshomaru tick. What was it behind those eyes that would cause him pain? Him the Lord of the Western Domain. She would find out!

"We should stop and set up camp. Both of us are injured and if we continue through the night we wont have much of a defense against anything."

"This Sesshomaru will heal...But it is a good idea to set up camp. We won't be able to have a fire. It will attract to much unwanted attention."

"I kinda figured that we have had to many demons attack us already. But you should let me look at your wound's and..."

"They will be healed in a few hours."

"I don't care! I want to look at them...And I want to try to heal your arm it's the least I can do to repay you for saving me."

Sesshomaru's head had snapped toward her at her last statement. It had been barely a wisper but he had heard it. Why would she want to help the enemy? he had to know.

"You would assist the enemy?"

"Sesshomaru...Your not an enemy. You are an alli, and hopefully someday I will be able to call you friend. Anyways as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my..."

"Friend. You would go so far as to wish this Sesshomaru a friend when you have been at the recieving end of attack's by this Sesshomaru?"

"You saved me. Why would I not, everyone has some good in them. Thats what I look for and I want to find the good in you."

"...Make it quick."

Sesshomaru moved to the base of a tree gracefully sliding down the bark to rest at the roots. Stretching his left leg out and bending his right leg up to accomidate his right arm to rest comfortably atop his knee. Sesshomaru reclined against the tree and motioned for Kagome to approach him.

Kagome was giddy, she had seen his upperhalf bare. She had been cradled aainst it all day but this was different. She was going to get to touch him, he looked perfect. She wondered what would it feel like to touch him. Bandaging wounds was nothing new to her, Kagome had bandaged Inuyasha too many times to count. Inuyasha's skin was like steel wrapped in the softest of silk. Would Sesshomaru's skin feel the same?

Moving slowly towards him. Inching closer and closer. This was the moment of truth. Kagome lifted her hand towards the stump that was left from the amputation of his left arm by Inuyasha.

"May I Sesshomaru?"

"Do as you please..."

"Thank you."

Such a strange creature she was. Thank you, what for? The simple act of allowing her to touch his person granted him a thank you from her? Humans, they are a strange race. This girl was different thought, unlike any other human she was not materialistic. Kagome would be happy to live in a cave rather than a castle.

Kagome cradled the remaining part of his arm in her hands and closed her eyes concentrating. Thinking of nothing except healing his arm. Looking down at her Sesshomaru was curious as he found her looking at him. Her eyes glowing that extraordinary color of silver. It was just like with Naraku. Her eyes looked haunted, hollow, piercing.

When he had broke into Naraku's stronghold he had smelt her blood. Sesshomaru had smelt Naraku and went to investigate not expecting to find his brother's miko there chained. She had been nude covered in blood. Her clothes lying in pieces all around her. He hadn't been to late, Naraku hadn't had the chance to defile her yet.

Sesshomaru had busted in as Naraku was trying to break her. She had looked up at him pleading for help. Her eyes they had pierced his very soul. Busting the chains that held her captive Kagome had found her strength. That was when he first saw that amazing color. Naraku had taken a shot at him with his tentacles clipping him in the chest breaking his armor. Wrapping around the tentacle lashed out at Sesshomaru's unprotected back, cutting his back wide open. Kagome had purified Naraku in one shot falling unconcious afterwards. And Sesshomaru had wrapped her still nude body in his kimono top.

A bright light had brought Sesshomaru out of his contemplation of earlier events. His arm was mending itself. Bone showing, melding together. Skin following soon after, she had given him a perfect reproduction of his former arm. Her breathing heavier and heavier. Kagome slumped against his side.

"I...Finished your...arm...did I...do o...ok?"

"Yes...you did fine...rest now you will need it...we leave at dawn."

"What about...you?"

"This Sesshomaru will make due...now rest."

"Thank you Sesshomaru...For Everything...May I rest against you. It's kinda chilly?"

"You May."

Snuggling into his side and making herself comfortable Kagome couldn't help but think this was something she could get used to.

"Good night Sesshomaru"

"Good night"

'This Woman. Why can't I get her out of my head? What is this I feel for her?"


"God Damnit!! Where the fuck is Kagome?... This makes 9 days weve been waiting for her."

"Inuyasha patience is a virtue."

"Can it Monk."


Final thought: Inuyasha

"Where the hell is that wench?"

Checks wrist watch...


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