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Let Me Bleed, Let Me Love, Set Me Free.

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 11 : Meeting Grandfather, Let The Party Commence!


The days had passed quickly with little confrontations so we meet back up at the Castle Moon. Servants were running around like chickens with their heads cutt off. Chiaka was planning something and it would most likely be disasterous. And so we catch up with Kagome and Sesshomaru first.

'Sniff, sniff nuzzle'

"Maru what are you doing?"

'Snifffffff, nuzzle'

"That tickles quit it!"

'Nuzzle, sniff, nuzzle SMACK'

"Damnit woman what was that for?" Sesshomaru ground out rubbing his abused nose.

"I wanna know what the hell your doing!"

"I was making sure what I smelled was really there."

"And what the hell is that?"


"What are you talking about I don't know about you sometimes I thi... Pups! You mean I'm pregnant?"

"Hai mate you are."

Crushing her body to his Kagome squealed. "REALLY...?"

"Hai my nose does not lie." He stated rather nonchalantly bringing her closer to kiss her lips. He smelt tears, and he didn't like it.

"Do you not want pups?"

"Of course I do I was just so happy!" She shot back hotly.

"Humans are so strange they get hurt they cry. Their happy they cry." He replied smirking and was graced with another smack from Kagome.


"Damnit woman quit it!"

"Whats wrong? Poor youkai's nose can't take it?"

"You wish." he continued using one of her future sayings that he had heard at that party. "Hot stuff."

Blue eyes narrowing and eyebrow rising in a perfect imitation of his Kagome replied. "Indeed."

"So were trying to be funny now?" Brow quirked.

"Not really... Maru?"


"Do you think I'll be a good mother?"

"Hai, you've done well with Shippo, and Rin looks up to you as her mother. Why do you ask?"

"Well... It's just, Do you think I'm to young to be a mom?"

Resting his forehead on hers Sesshomaru replied. "Kagome, imagine if you would have been born in this time. By the time you were the age you are now, you would have most likely already been married with two children and a third on the way."


"What is it that you fear about this?"

"That I won't be able to handle it."

"You will do fine"

"Thank you Maru!"


"Grandfather... Welcome."

"Thank you Miyoko it is good to see you I must say that..."

"INUYASHA GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE NOW" Kagome yelled chasing Inuyasha akwardly down the hall. Running past quickly Inuyasha skidded to a halt to press a quick kiss to Miyoko's lips. Turning quickly to resume running as Kagome came around the corner after him.

"Well that was most interesting." Fuyuinu stated turning to Miyoko a blush staining her face.

"I'm sorry for that Grandfather. Lady Kagome has been a little crazy today, and Inuyasha isn't helping."

"It is fine Miyoko, but who is that woman?"

"Lady Kagome is Lord Sesshomaru's mate."

"Ah... And you and Inuyasha?" He quipped back at her, cheeks stained red again she answered.

"We are mates Grandfather."

"So I thought, Miyoko could you take me to Sesshomaru."

"Hai right away Lord Sesshomaru is in his study. If Lady Kagome has not yet caught Inuyasha she is probably with him."

"I would like to meet this Kagome woman that has caught my grandsons attention."

"I am positive that you will like her very much Grandfather. Also there is someone here that I think you would most like to see."

"Very well, take me to Sesshomaru then."



"We will have guards posted at each entrance, and around the whole of the grounds. This party will most likely have a few crashers."

"Maru... I don't want to feel couped up the whole time." Kagome stated from her seat.

"You won't Saiai. I simply wish for you to be protected."

Knock, Knock.


"Mi'Lord, your Grandfather is here."

"Thank you Miyoko, allow him entrance."

"Right away Mi'Lord." Bowing to Sesshomaru, Miyoko turned and allowed Grandfather to step into the study. Closing the door after him she returned to her duties.

"Welcome Grandfather. How was your trip?"

"As well as it could be." He replied taking a seat in front of Sesshomar. Scanning the room with aged eyes he took in the occpants of the room. What appeared to be a Taijia and a Houshi sat to the left of his grandson on cushions. Furthering his gaze he saw Ningen woman that sat next to him. Assuming that this was the woman Sesshomaru had mated. Glancing down his eyes came to rest upon a young Kitsune and yet another ningen, this one a mere child. When he had first entered the study he had noticed Inuyasha. Perhaps they had revived their family bond, and were brothers once more. He was brought back down to earth, so to say, when Sesshomaru spoke.

"Grandfather, please have a seat. There is much to discuss."

"Hai Sesshomaru, but first I must ask. This woman to your right, I assume she is your mate?"

"You are correct Grandfather. Her name is Kagome, and she is my mate."

"I see, Lady Kagome approach me if you will."

Glancing at Sesshomaru her heart thumped. Did he not approve of her? Using their newly acquired mental link she questioned him.

'What do I do?' Fear tinted her voice. Her racing heart sped even faster. She looked as if she had just been asked to kill a puppy dog.

'He will not harm you, approach him, I will help you. He wishes to test your instincts. I should have explained them to you before he got here.'

'Alright.' Kagome replied rising from the cushin she had been comfortably seated on. Approaching him slowly she heard Sesshomaru's voice in her mind once more. She was standing two feet infront of his Grandfather.

'Lower your eyes and tilt your head to the side. Present your neck to him.' He sent through the link. Hesitantly she did as he said and tilted her head lowering her eyes to gaze at the floor.

Taking a step towards her Grandfather leaned in resting his nose on her neck. Kagome panicked and the scent of her fear flooded Sesshomaru's sences.

'Relax he will not harm you, he is mearly greeting you.' At Sesshomaru's softly spoken words Kagome relaxed instantly. Jumping slightly when a cold nose found it's way down into the crook of her neck. A soft breath puffed against her as his nose followed an invisible trail along the column of her throat. Retreating from her form he smirked.

"A fine mate indeed Sesshomaru."

"Thank you Grandfather. There is something I need to discuss with you. There is a certian person here that was thought dead."

"Oh! And who might that be?"

"Tai come on in."

"Tai... As in Taiyo?"

"Hai Grandfather."

As Taiyo entered the room Grandfather's eyes became wide as saucers. She was dead, at least that is what he had been told. Finding his voice he spoke.

"Taiyo, but how?"

"It is good to see you to Grandfather. I know you are wondering how I am still here. I have been away on the continent for the last 70 years or so. Grandfather are you trying to catchflies?"

"Huh?" Was his intelligent reply. Looking at Sesshomaru he finally found his voice. "Taiyo I am so glad you are alive. Now everyone is back together again. When I was told of your 'death' I was heartbroken. Then I heard of Inuyasha's sealing to the Goshimboku only 20 years later. I feared that Sesshomaru would be next. I am glad you are all safe."

"Thank you Grandfather. Would you care to take a walk with me?" She replied, they needed to catch up.

"Hai I would."

Exiting the room the other occupants were left to their own devices. Soon they too left the room all to prepare for the night to come.


"I just don't understand it... How could she... She shouldn't be able to... Gah this is driving me insane... Wait I know what to do... This should be fun, I can humiliate her while calling her out at the same time. Hai this will be delicious. Now I must go prepare!"


Sesshomaru wasn't happy at all. Kagome had gone to the seamstress and gotten a Kimono a week ago. Telling the seamstress that she would alter it herself special for him. He had not even gotten a glimpse of it before her alterations. She had gone home and acquired the items she needed to make the changes. He was angry, he wanted to see it. Alas anytime he got close to it someone directed him towards something else. It seemed that they were all out to get him. He was already at their party. Commoners and Lord and Ladies alike mingled. He had yet to see hide nor hair of Kagome, and it was driving him insane. Of course he had no need of a new 'outfit' as she put it. He was fine in the same clothing that he wore daily. Still she could have at least shown him what it looked like.


This was slowly becoming a pain. This was hour 2 since she had sat down to get her hair fixed. Or was it hour 3? Hell if she remembered anymore. Her makeup was done. She had brought that from home. She didn't wear makeup often but she wanted to prove herself. She wasn't a submissive bitch. She was gonna give them all a run for their money. She heard a sigh next to her, turning to face Sango who wore a wide grin on her face. She did really good, seeing as how she had only a picture to work with. It had taken a rediculous amount of hair gel and spray together to accomplish, without any electricity at all. Sango had really over done herself. She had taken her hair and created a sort of waterfall mohawk. Greasing her hair straight up with the excess length to flow down her back as it normally did. Curving her bangs to sit practically plastered to her face. Rising from her seat she moved to the full length mirror that resided in the room. Kagome then noticed that apparently without even thinking about it she was going for the gothic Lolita/Punk look. Wrapped around her delicate neck was a leather coller with a hanging blue crescent moon that matched Sesshomaru's crest. Her finger nails had been painted black. Her stormy blue eyes were lined with, once again black eyeliner, her eyelids painted with a sparkly black eyeshadow. Her lips painted black to match with glitter dusted across her face and chest. She was going to contrast with Sesshomaru so much. His white to her black. Although she had a sneeking suspicion that he would love it all the more.

Giving Sango a crushing hug she thanked her and allowed her to leave and get ready. The only thing left was her outfit. Boy was Sesshomaru in for a surprise. One week ago she had acquired a black kimono from the seamstress. Telling her she would alter it herself the woman was surprised. Confiscating it she retreated to her room where she began the alterations. She was proud of herself, she did it all by hand. Cutting the fabric to mid thigh length she hemmed it and made it formfitting to the chest and abdomen area. Bringing a corset from home she had added it on top. The corset itself was amazing. Pink crushed velvet, lined with black velvet, and silver hooks to close it, running down the front. The back of the corset had an opening as well. Silver rings were placed on either side down the back, and a black ribbon held it closed. The sleeves had been a little hard for her, but she did it. Cutting the fabric offsided she hemmed it as well. Her hands would show in the front, with extra fabric left hanging. A black and pink lacy garter belt wrapped snugly around her right thigh. Finally another thing from home. Mamma hadn't been happy when she bought them, but Kagome had thought what the hell! A pair of thigh high laceing buckle boots, complete with side zipper completed the look. It might have been a little risque but she was gonna have fun with this. Sesshomaru hadn't seen any of this so she knew he would be surprised. Stepping out of the room she was on a mission. Now to find Sesshomaru and reap the rewards.


He was about to rip the deamoness's head from her body. The whole time he had been there she had followed him around. He only wished that Kagome would hurry up and get out there and save him.

"Tsuzuku I grow tired of your stalking, is there nothing else better you have to do?" Sesshomaru drawled in a monotone voice.

"Of course not Mi'Lord, you are far more interesting." She purred back to him. "Would you allow me to grace your bed Mi'Lord, you won't be dissa... Eeeeeeee" Stopped in the middle of her sentence by none other than Kagome. 'How dare she touch what is mine.' After entering the room she had watched the whole thing. Many times Sesshomaru had told her to leave him be. But when she offered him her body that was the last straw. Grabbing the hussy demoness by the hair Kagome dragged her off of Sesshomaru. Storming off after being humiliated she huffed back. "Ningen whore!"

Growling Sesshomaru turned to go after her only to be stopped by Kagome. "Leave it be Sesshomaru, It dosent bother me. So it shouldn't bother you." Nodding Sesshomaru took a moment to admire her attire. Smirking he leaned down to kiss her lips.

"You look absolutely edible Saiai."

"Why thank you Mi'Lord." Kagome responded sexily. (Is that even a word? Oh well my story my rules.) Their heads snapped to the side when they heard His mother enter. More so for her words.


All movement stopped. Silence met their ears. Surprisingly Sesshomaru had a shocked look on his face. Kagome, cluless of course asked the wrong question.

"What does that mean?"

Turning to Kagome he replied a smirk adorning his face. "She wishes us to mate in front of the council. Show them you can take my beast!"

A flush covered her face creeping down her body. This couldn't possibly go downhill anymore. Right?... Right?


Final thought: Miroku.

"This should be interesting!"



What do you call your father-in-law's only child's mother-in-law?


Don't know if she reads any of my stories. But a special shout out to Kagome Warrior Princess whos story really helped me to deal with the loss of my grandfather who was my best friend.


Taijia - Exterminator, Demon Slayer, Extermination

Houshi - Monk

Ningen - Human

Kitsune - Fox Youkai

Tsuzuku - Persistant, To Persist, Contiuing, Continuous

Below is the link to the kimono that Kagome wears at the party. Remove the spaaces to view. Contact me if you want to see the side and back image for this outfit!

www.dark spectre. com /images /Costumes /d1thumb. jpg

This is her hair style. Only black hair and the remaning length flows down her back.

www.darkfaery-s ubculture. com / wp-content /uploads / 2008/ 03/ gothic-hairstyle. jpg

And the shoes.

www.heels foryou. com /Images /Plsr-Apr08-web /delight-3028-b. jpg