We begin the morning after the thrilling news that Sarah and Chuck are going to have a baby together and Sarah convinced Bailey to come back home!

It's 4 am and we see Sarah and Bailey sneaking back into the apartment complex, for they just caught the red eye back to California and wanted to surprise everyone.

As they walked into the apartment they see Chuck passed out on the couch with a baby book on his chest. Sarah smiles at the sight of him, then sees that Casey is asleep, snoring in the recliner also with a baby book in his arms.

Bailey: (in a low whisper) this is so cute! We should get a picture!

Sarah can't help but to laugh.

Bailey walks over to the hall closet and pulls out 2 blankets. She drapes one over Casey causing him to stir and wake up slightly.

Bailey whispers to him to go back to sleep, and kisses his cheek. He sighs and has a smile on his face as he gets comfortable in the chair and nods back to sleep.

Sarah takes the other blanket and does the same to Chuck. After she covers him with the blanket she tries to pull the book from his grasp. She nearly pries the book loose and looks at the pages in it. She is surprised to see that he had already marked the important pages with sticky notes and made comments on them. She places the book on the coffee table and kisses his forehead while running her fingers through his hair.

Bailey watches while Sarah does this and can tell that not only would she be protecting Chuck, but she would be protecting them all. She couldn't run away like she did when she and Sarah got into a fight, or even Casey. This was now her life! The part of the job that was bigger than herself and needed protecting and she wasn't going to let anything try to destroy it!

Bailey: Hey, let's go get some sleep and in the morning we can have a team meeting.

Sarah stands up and lets out a sigh while shaking her head in agreement. They take their bags upstairs, climb into their beds and fall asleep.

A few hours have passed and it is now 9 am. Sarah is sleeping with her mask over her eyes blocking out the bright sunlight. She is lying with her body facing away from the door when she hears the door to her room open and feels someone sit next to her on the bed.

Sarah (in a sleepy groaning voice): Chuck its early!! Either get in bed and go to sleep or come back later!

Ellie: Well I guess I will come back later after you are well rested!

Sarah sits up in bed and pulls off her masks looking at Ellie who is dressed in her scrubs ready to go to work.

Sarah: Ellie...sorry. (She wipes the sleep from her eyes and pulls her hair back out of her face) Bailey and I caught the red eye back last night so we could surprise everyone today.

Ellie: I see the surprises never stop with you! (She says with a smile)
Sarah smiles and places her hand on her stomach. "Yeah...well, this was just as much a surprise to me as it was for everyone else!!"

Ellie: I bet...Look Sarah, I know this is something you two weren't expecting but I'm going to tell you the same thing Devon and I told Chuck! If there is anything…and I mean anything you need, you can count on us for support! And we will be there every step of the way because we are family now!

Sarah has a soft smile on her face with a few tears welling up in her eyes. "Thank you Ellie!"

They embrace in a hug then break as Ellie stands up and walks back towards the door.

Ellie: Well I have to go to work, but later we should talk about plans for the nursery!
Sarah: nursery?
Ellie: Yes silly, where else is the baby going to sleep?

Ellie laughs as she leaves Sarah's room. Sarah lays back down on her pillow and smiles at the image of a nursery with all types of stuffed animals and a cradle with all sorts of baby things!

Down stairs Ellie walks to the front door as Chuck wakes up and sees that Casey is not in the recliner, then looks at Ellie who is about to leave and throws the blanket off of him.

Chuck: Hey sis, did you just put this on me?
Ellie: No. Sarah or Bailey must have when they got in this morning.
Chuck: WHAT!! Their home? I thought they weren't coming home till this afternoon?
Ellie: Well they wanted to surprise you so they took the red eye last night.

Chuck has a smile on his face a mile wide, Ellie sees this and can't help but to smile.

Ellie: I have to go but tonight...dinner?
Chuck: Yeah… That sound...great!
Ellie: ok...have a good day!
Chuck: Bye sis.

As Ellie leaves Chuck gets up and walks upstairs towards Sarah's room. As he walks down the hallway he notices Bailey's door is cracked and he takes a peek inside. He sees a suitcase and some clothes on the floor, and then as he scans up to the bed he notices two figures in the bed. One is Bailey lying on her side with the second figure with their arm draped over her. He piers in for a closer look and a chill goes down his spine and a sick feeling turns his stomach.

Chuck: eeeewwww...Bailey and Casey?? My eyes!! My eyes have been tainted!!

He backs away and shuts the door trying to shake the image of his cousin and Mr. Itchy trigger finger out of his mind. He rubs his eyes as he finally makes his way to Sarah's room. As he looks in he just watches her for a second thinking if all of this was real? Was he dreaming? This beautiful woman that he feel in love with the first moment he saw her is actually in love with him, and is also going to have his baby!?

If the smile on Chucks face got any wider he would look like Joan Rivers! He walked over to the bed and slowly climbed in wrapping his arms around Sarah resting his head in between her shoulder and neck. Sarah let out a relaxing sigh as he squeezed her tight and kissed her neck.

Chuck: good morning beautiful!
Sarah: (in a sleepy voice) good morning!
Chuck: How was your flight?

Sarah laughs: It was good. It was worth it coming home and seeing you and Casey asleep, both holding onto baby books!

Chuck grunts: yeah speaking of Casey I just saw him and my cousin in bed together! That is a sight I never wish to see again!
Sarah: That doesn't surprise me. I guess things between them sparked in Mexico because I went to Bailey's room and he was getting dressed and they were very friendly when no one was around.
Chuck: Great, I am going to have nightmares for the rest of my life!

Sarah laughs and rolls on top of him. "I think I can help make the nightmares go away!"

Chuck is happy but is a little hesitant and doesn't quite know what to do as Sarah goes in for a kiss.

"What about the baby?"
Sarah: what about it?
Chuck: well don't you think we need to discuss plans for the future?

Sarah rolls back over and lets out a disappointed groan.

"Chuck we have plenty of time to discuss what we feel is best for this baby and its future!"

Chuck: That's the thing Sarah, we don't! Before you know it 9 months will be here and the double lives of regular world and spy world are going to be a little too much to worry about with a baby and to be honest we really need to talk about what we, as in you and I want for our future!

Sarah: Chuck! Let me worry about the missions and spy stuff and as for you and I, how about we discuss that tonight on a real date?
Chuck: A real date?
Sarah: Yes a real date, if you think about it we never had a real one where it was just you and me, with no hidden agenda or bugs and GPS. We can have a real couple conversation!
Chuck: I like the sound of that! Just you and me, then we can discuss the baby!
Sarah: On 1 condition!
Chuck: What's that?
Sarah: lay off the baby books! You're stating to sound like that Dr. Spock guy!
Chuck: No way, Spock wasn't the doctor Bones was the doctor!

Sarah looks at him with a weird and questioning look. "You are such a NERD!!"

She turns her body away from him and looks out the window while letting out an annoyed sigh.

Chuck: What did I say?

Over in Bailey's room, Bailey awakens to find Casey's arm draped over her. As she sits up Casey also wakes up and smiles.

Casey: Hi.
Bailey smiles: good morning. When did you sneak into my bed?
Casey: about 3 hours ago! I wanted to make sure you wouldn't run away again!
Bailey: That's not going to happen!

She lies back down and stares at the ceiling.

Casey: what are you thinking about?

Bailey lets out a long breath: I am thinking about my cousin and Sarah, and how this baby is going to change everything for them and for us all!

Casey: They should have thought about that before jumping in bed together! Now they have to face the consequences!

Bailey: That was a rather rude comment. I thought you were happy about the baby?
Casey: what gave you that impression?
Bailey: I don't know, maybe seeing you passed out in my chair reading a baby book?!
Casey: That was just part of my cover of being Chuck's friend, and I see the baby book stuff as being prepared and mission ready!
Bailey: Right! Whatever you say Casey! And what about being Sarah's friend, or mine? Is that all just a cover to you to?
Casey: It's just a job!
Bailey: No Casey, it stopped being just a job a long time ago. I could see that when I first got here!
Casey: So what is it now if it's not just a job?
Bailey: Keeping my cousin safe as well as Sarah and their baby is my number 1 priority. It's not just a job to me anymore...it's personal!

Down stairs Chuck is about to leave for work when he sees Bailey in the kitchen making a cup of tea. He thought about what he should say to her, "thanks for abandoning us when things got bad!" Or "welcome back, how long do you plan on staying this time?" He still couldn't find the right words to say so he just waved to her and walked out closing the door behind him, at the same time Sarah came down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Bailey: I see he is still upset with me!
Sarah: I'm sure he will forgive you in time. I mean if it weren't for you we would still be controlled by Beckman and Graham, and Chuck and I would have never gotten together!

Bailey: So when are you two going to have "the" conversation?

Sarah: We were going to go out on a date tonight but he told Ellie we would have dinner with them, so we might go for a walk on the beach afterwards.

Bailey: That sounds nice, a romantic walk on the beach talking about the future!!
Sarah: Don't get ahead of yourself; I am not ready for that kind of commitment. I mean it's nice to think about but I don't think I could handle all of that right now, it took everything I had to tell him I loved him.

Bailey: with everything that has happened in his life with his mom leaving and college….Jill, and now with all this intersect stuff, he is going to want some sort of emotional security in his life, and if you ask me, I think you need some too!

Bailey looks at Sarah as she can see the wheels turning in her head; she takes a sip of her tea then heads back upstairs to get ready for the day.

At the buy more, Chuck is in a daze at the nerd herd desk when Morgan jumps up on the desk scaring Chuck causing him to fall out of his chair!

Chuck: MORGAN!!

Morgan (laughing): sorry dude, but that was classic! What's up? Talk to your old buddy Morgan!

Chuck: Not right now Morgan, it's a little complicated.

Morgan: Chuck...dude…it's me, the one you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to. So come on, lay it on me.
Chuck: ok...but you can't tell anyone!! I mean it Morgan!
Morgan: come on tell me...tell me...tell me.

He jumps around like a little kid waiting for their birthday present.

Chuck: Ok...Sarah and I...
Morgan: Sarah and you... What man?
Chuck: Sarah and I are going to have a baby!


Half of the store looks over at Chuck and all he can do is smile and turn a little red with embarrassment.

Chuck: Thanks buddy, remind me never to tell you anything ever again!
Morgan: hey, what am I here for huh, and I'm sure no one was paying attention.

Just as Morgan finished that statement Jeff and Lester walk up.

Lester: so Chuck, you knocked up the wiener chick! What a way to get tied down into that relationship!
Jeff: I wouldn't mind her tying me down!
Lester: I meant how ole Chuck here will only be with her and no other woman because he will be a daddy.

Jeff: I'm still not seeing a problem, I mean Sarah is hot! She is going to be a MILF!
Chuck: Watch it Jeff! (He warned)

Jeff smiles a very large and scary smile then winks at Chuck.

Morgan: So what are you going to do, marry her?
Chuck: I don't know what I'm going to do Morgan? I just need some time to think.
Morgan: Well if you need any advice you can always talk to the master.
Chuck: Right, because you have so much experience in this area!
Morgan: well no...But I'm sure I can help out somehow.
Chuck: thanks Morg...but I think I am just going to hide back in the cage and think for a while.

A few hours and a couple of fixed hard drives later Chuck is still puzzled about what he is going to do about his future with Sarah and a baby! He lays his head down on the desk to think, his ears perk up when he hears the back door open and close and the wonderful aroma of a large meat lovers pizza fills the room. As he lifts his head he sees Bailey standing in font of the desk holding a pizza.

Bailey: I thought we could have lunch together and talk! If you're free?

Chuck: yeah...yes I'm free.

He clears the table of computer parts and hard drives so she can set down the pizza. He thought he would try and make small talk till the serious issues came up. "So how has your day been so far?"

Bailey: uumm...good. I went and got my job back at the spy shop.

Chuck: they hired you again?

Bailey: yes well after their supposed robbery and my leave of absence to heal from my injury, they saw no reason why I couldn't have my job back!

Chuck: so I guess this mean you plan on staying longer than 3 months this time?

Bailey put down her slice of pizza and wiped her mouth with her napkin. The harsh yet hurt tone that had come from Chuck was too unavoidable.

Bailey: I am sorry about that Chuck. I have no excuse for it except that I thought it would be best for everyone if I left things as they were. I was...I was trying to do what was best for you!

Chuck: and leaving me without so much as a goodbye was what you thought? Way to show you care there cousin! I guess desertion runs in your side of the family!

Bailey laughs sarcastically: You know what, if I didn't care so much about you I wouldn't have accepted this mission in he first place! Or decided to come back when Sarah pleaded with me that we all needed each other! Then I find out that you got her pregnant! I could have stayed in DC continuing to take down fulcrum and Sarah would have been reassigned and you would have never seen her or your baby again so don't go telling me about how much I care about you Chuck because obviously you have no idea!!

Bailey storms out the back door of the Buy More leaving Chuck on the verge of tears. He finally realized that this situation was no longer just his and Sarah's to worry about, and that in fact Bailey had been looking out for his and Sarah's best interest the whole time regardless of her own. He reached back grabbing the back of his head letting out an aggravated groan. He felt like such a jerk.

He couldn't take being at work anymore so he told Big Mike that he was going on his lunch break and would be back in a few minutes. Big Mike just waved for him to get lost for he was consumed watching a movie.

Chuck gets in the herder and drives home with a million things on his mind. As he gets to Sarah's apartment and walks into her room where she is on the bed reading a file and taking notes, he falls on the bed next to her and lets out a sigh and a groan.

Sarah pulls herself away from the file and looks down at Chuck and smiles.

"Bad day?"

Chuck: you could say that. Bailey came over and I kind of went off on her.

Sarah: Chuck...I know that when she left it hurt you and she knows that more than anyone but you have to know that she came back because she loves you and wants us to be happy.

Chuck: I know that, she made that very clear in her retaliation, and what makes it worse is that I said desertion must run in her side of the family!

Sarah is shocked and pissed that those words left his mouth about Bailey. She smacks him hard on the back and tells him to "go apologize right now!"

Chuck rolls off the bed to avoid another lashing.

Sarah: Chuck, I was going to tell you this tonight but now is as good of time as any. When we were in DC talking to Bailey's boss, she made up a few terms and had Beckman and Graham agree to them.

Chuck: terms? What are you talking about?

Sarah: well the short version is that you would receive information upgrades so we can keep you as an asset. Another is that Casey and I are permanently assigned to you and could only be removed by Bailey or her boss Mr. Dylan. And the last one was that you and I could have a real relationship without fear of being compromised!

Chuck: she did all of that for us?

Sarah: yes Chuck, the only way we could still be assigned to you is if you remain an asset to the government, that's where the uploads come in. Do you want to do that?

Chuck : Yes! If that is what it will take to keep us together then yes! I need to go talk to her. But you and me later…after dinner??

Sarah: yes we can discuss our situation later!

At the spy shop, Bailey's first job was to inventory the store then record the information in the stores old computer. She goes from shelf to shelf with a note pad and pen and marks down every item and their quantity. She wasn't in the best of moods but she couldn't be angry with Chuck, for he was half right, leaving was something she did very well, a trait that could possibly run in her family!

The more she thought about it the more aggravated she became, she got to the final shelf and threw the notepad down on it and walked to the counter where Casey stood.

Bailey: Were closed, and I am not in the mood to deal with you right now!
Casey: well you are just going to have to get over it! I am here on business not…pleasure!

Casey looks Bailey up and down and gave a sarcastic grin that was not well received by Bailey.

Bailey: trust me the only pleasure you will be receiving is from yourself! Now tell me what's going on then leave!

Casey: I got a call from the General, they need our assistance for a mission.

Bailey: Fine! We will have a video conference with them in a few hours and I will contact my boss as well. (She lets out a sigh, she wasn't ready to work on mission stuff yet with all of the personal stuff undelt with!)

Casey: you know, if your getting this stressed out about coming back maybe you should have stayed in DC!

Bailey: I am not stressed out about being back, I am getting stressed out thinking about how I can prove to my cousin that this is it for me, that I'm not going anywhere. And I am getting stressed out thinking about how well I will be able to protect Sarah and the baby, and I am just stressed out from all of this emotional crap that I never had worry about before!

Bailey's slight breakdown causes her to put her head down on the counter balling up her fists and taking in some deep breaths to calm down. Casey is standing behind her not sure about what he should do. He raises his hand to put on her shoulder for comfort but withdrawals slowly, he backs away from her and says in a quiet voice, "you're not the only one that is worried about things here!"

As he exits the shop Bailey slams her fist down hard on the counter then pushes the old computer off the counter causing it to shatter into a million pieces as it hits the ground. She lets out a sigh and a whimper as she grabs the broom to sweep up the pieces. After the remains of the computer have been picked up Bailey hears the bell on the door ring as someone enters.

Bailey: We're closed!
Chuck: Even for a cousin that's been acting like a jerk and wants to apologize?

Bailey puts the dust pan down on the counter as Chuck walks up to her.

Chuck: Look, I ah... (Chuck is moving his hands around trying to find the right words to say.)

Bailey can tell by the sad expression on his face that he was sorry even though he didn't know how to say it. A few tears welled up in her eyes and she just through her arms around Chuck squeezing him tight. Chuck was caught slightly off guard but regained his bearings and hugged her back.

Bailey: I'm sorry Chuck.
Chuck: No, I'm sorry! I had no right to say the things I did, not after all the things you have done for me and given up so I could be happy.
Bailey: I swear to you that I won't leave again!

Chuck hugs his cousin tighter and as they break apart wiping the tears from their eyes, Chuck looks over and sees the broken computer.

Chuck: not even I can fix that!

Bailey laughs as she wipes away the last of her tears.

Chuck: you will have to come to the Buy More with me and I will give you a good deal on one of our newer models. This thing looks like it still has DOS?

They both laugh and head for the door, Chuck is walking behind Bailey when he puts his arms around Bailey's shoulders, hugging her again as they walk out the door.

The evening sky is lit up like a picture with its pretty orange and pink colors darkening with the approaching night. We see Chuck, Casey and Bailey walk into Sarah and Bailey apartment tired from a long day of civilian work.
Chuck and Bailey are laughing and wrestling around like 2 kids aggravating each other while Casey awaits the video conference.

Casey: Can we please get this over with? Family time is making me sick!

Bailey gives Casey a pout look and calls for Sarah to come down stairs. As she makes her way down and takes her usual place next to Chuck the new HD flat screen TV turns on with General Beckman and Director Graham on one side of the screen and in another office Mr. Dylan is on the other side.

Chuck: Who is that?
Bailey: My boss!
Chuck: oh…ok.

Mr. Dylan: It's a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Bartowski! I have heard nothing but good things from your cousin and team.

Chuck is a little embarrassed and nervous receiving praise from a high ranking official. "Thank you Sir"

Mr. Dylan: Now to business. What is it that needs taken care of? (His question obviously directed to Beckman and Graham)

Graham: we have received some Intel that a highly trained French assassin has gone into hiding in the Los Angles area.
Beckman: Peter Vigo was on a mission when a burn notice was put out on him by his agency.

A picture of Vigo appears on the screen. Chuck has a flash seeing Vigo's service record, aliases and confirmed kills. "This man is crazy! He has over 250 kills in over 13 different countries!"

Mr. Dylan: He is not crazy Mr. Bartowski, he is good! And your cousin there, has way more kills than that!"

Chuck's head snaps quickly over to look at Bailey and sees the smirk on her face, which causes Casey to grunt, "Show off!"

Bailey: So what is it you would like us to do?
Graham: Find Vigo and turn him in to us! A French Agent always has some useful information.

Mr. Dylan: Good! Go do a little shake -n- bake then turn him over to the CIA.

Bailey: Yes sir!
Casey: What did he just say?
Chuck: I don't know but it just made me hungry!
Casey: idiot!

Beckman: Wait a minute, your not going to tell them how they should proceed in the matter?
Mr. Dylan: No, my agents are trained well. I don't believe in micro managing my agents, it shows poor leadership!

Beckman is not happy with that snide remark and turns up her nose as she logs off her side of the screen. Mr. Dylan just smiles and tells the team good luck as he signs off.

Chuck: I like him!

They all turn to Bailey.

Sarah: what is shake -n- bake?

Bailey: you know that stuff you buy at the grocery store with the bread crumbs in the bag and you put the chicken in it and shake it up really good then put it in the oven to bake! (Bailey is trying not to laugh at Sarah's irritated expression) I will explain later, right now I think we need to go see Ellie before she shakes and bakes us!

After dinner Casey and Bailey walk into Bailey's apartment to discuss mission plans and shake-n- bake, while Chuck and Sarah take a drive down to the beach. As they walk hand in hand down the beach looking out at the lights coming from the far off ships in the distance, Chuck sits down in the sand with Sarah sitting in between his legs leaning back into his chest. Chuck wraps his arms around Sarah, holding her close as they relax listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Sarah: This is nice, I like being here like this.

Chuck holds her tight and lets out a happy sigh.

Chuck: are you happy?
Sarah: Yes, I am.

Chuck: I mean are you happy with this baby thing? I know it wasn't on the agenda, it sure wasn't on my agenda for a few more years but now that it has happened and all the things we have going on in our lives it just seems like…

Sarah reaches back and pulls Chuck's face down to hers and kisses him deeply.

Chuck is at a loss for words and is in a slight daze.

Sarah: you're babbling, and I know this wasn't planned but it has been something I have been thinking about for a while.
Chuck: Really?
Sarah: sure, I would often think what it would be like to have a normal life with a family and children.

Chuck has a big slap happy grin on his face that is unavoidable to Sarah.

Sarah: What?
Chuck: nothing, I just never heard you talk like that before.
Sarah: its you… you bring out the worst in me!
Chuck: and you in me!

Chuck lowers his head back down giving Sarah a long intimate kiss that takes Sarah's breath away.

Chuck breaks the kiss and softly whispers, "I love you!"

Sarah pulls his face back down, "I love you", they kiss again hungrily and intensely.

Chuck lays back in the sand with Sarah on top of him, neither of their lips parting the others. Chuck places one arm around Sarah's waist then runs his other hand up her back then entangling it in her hair.

Sarah's hands are wrapped around chuck's arm and shoulder with the other on his chest griping tightly to his shirt. Their kiss slowly comes to an end as Sarah sits up on her hands with chuck underneath her breathing heavily. A smile emerges on her face as her eyes reflect a happy and loving stare. Chuck is mesmerized by her eyes like she had bewitched him body and soul that without thinking he says "Marry me Sarah!?"

Sarah: WHAT??

Chuck: Marry me, let's start making plans for our future together. I love you and there is nothing more I want in this world than to make you my wife!

Sarah is speechless as tears form in her eyes and the happy stare turns into a confused and distant one. She climbs off chuck and sits next to him in the sand, she looks down at the sand but her mind is a million miles away.

Chuck sits up and looks at her with his heart out on his sleeve. "Sarah, look at me!"

He turns her body towards him and holds her head up with his hand. "Look at me!"

Her watery blue eyes do not give him a confident feeling. Instead his heart aches as he sees the answer in them. He lets out a sarcastic laugh as he looks up at the stars trying to keep his tears from falling. He stands up and brushes the sand off himself and lets out an upset sigh.

He looks down at Sarah as she still looks so conflicted and confused, he knows that he just got killed by her emotional barriers by pushing the relationship to fast for her to handle. Her emotions right now are fragile and need caring for but he didn't see that.

Chuck reaches out his hand for her to take. Sarah just looks up at him then takes his hand as he pulls her up. "I'm sorry chuck."

Chuck: it's my fault, I shouldn't have rushed you!

He lets go of her hand and walks back to the car. Sarah can tell that he is deeply hurt but there is nothing she could do to make it better. She was in no way ready to be married, getting use to the idea of having a baby is going to be hard enough. She just wished that he could understand.

The ride home was a quiet and lonely one. Both needing and wanting each other emotionally to be able to talk and share their feeling but that wasn't about to happen so they continued their silence all the way back to the apartment.

They walked side by side to the fountain, chuck was looking down at Sarah's hand debating if he should hold it or not. As they reached the fountain he turned to Sarah.

Chuck: I think ah...I think I am just going to stay in my room tonight!

Sarah shakes her head in agreement. "If that is what you want to do."

She lowers her head and swallows hard trying to hide the pain in her eyes and not look at the pain in his. They stand at the fountain afraid to leave, afraid to face the fact that what just happened is going to change everything again. They stand there inches from each other but so far apart, they don't know what to do to move forward from here.