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Star Trek: Darkside Base

Trapped Choices

Summary: What would you do to prevent your best friend's death?


Captain's Log Star Date 4582.1

We received a long range distress call from a colony 83 light years into the Beta quadrant. I will be taking Commander Vorik, Dr Baran and Lt Cmdr Lowell to the colony to give assistance, My only hope is that we will arrive in time. The message was garbled and the only thing discernible was that the colony was under attack but not by whom. This will be the first opportunity to try out our new ship, The Falcon. I only wish that this was under better circumstances.

Alexandra swiveled around in her chair almost bumping her knees into the low wall behind her and asked for the tactical status from her first officer.

"There are no other ships in the area and the distress signal from the planet seems to be on a loop. Probably programed to transmit at regular intervals."

"So either no one is alive to turn it off or they are being prevented by someone or something."


"Alright. Ensign Tobar plot a course for standard orbit. Vorik, you, Lowell, Dr Baran and a security team will beam down with me to the surface to investigate. Lt Games you will be in command till our return. Break orbit once we beam down and snoop around, make sure nothing is hiding nearby."

Alexandra walked over to the turbo lift and waited for Vorik. Once the doors closed, Vorik turned to her with a concerned expression on his features.

"Captain, I feel as your first officer that I should remind you it would be unwise for you to join the away team. I will be more that capable of commanding the away team while you remain on board the ship."

Oh I know you could handle it Vorik but I have been couped up lately and it seems like whatever happened we were to late to stop it. There are no ships in the area so I think it'll be okay for me to stretch my legs on this one."

"Very well Captain. I felt I would be remiss if I didn't mention it."

Alexandra looked up at Vorik with a grin. "Face it, you just want all the fun stuff for yourself."

Vorik said nothing and just raised his eyebrow, for Alexandra it was as good as a confession. The doors opened and they stepped out and met the Doctor and Lowell in the transporter room. After gearing up they transported to the surface. The away team materialized just out side a tall building and the surface looked scarred from orbital fire. The security team surrounded the officers and led them inside what looked like what was left of the main building. When they got inside there were phaser burns and destroyed computer consoles and furniture everywhere. The place looked like a disaster and what made the sight more gruesome was the bloodstains that decorated the walls and floors. The Doctor whet through and scanned as many as he could to determine who died here. Alexandra broke the security team into twos and sent them to investigate the other buildings and look for survivors. The team made their way to the main room which looked like an advanced medical lab. Vorik got the computers up while Holis and Alexandra noticed a disturbing lack of something.

"Lt Lowell, would you locate the main power source and bring this lab back online." Vorik Asked after a few moments.

"No problem. I think I saw the way to the power room when we came in." Lowell left to his repairs.

"Where are all the bodies?" Alexandra asked finally.

"An excellent question Captain. According to my scans there appear to be no bodies in the facility. Only bloodstains of human, Vulcan and Andorian so far."

Suddenly the lights and computers came back on.

"That's better. Vorik work your magic on the computers please."

"Accessing the last logs now captain."

A large screen buzzed to life and a female Andorian appeared on the screen. She spoke of cells being hyper activated in the frontal cortex of the brain and the first test subject was showing great promise. There was nothing in the log to indicate an attack so it must have happened after this log had been filed.

"What where they doing here this far out?"

"According to these records, this was a research base operating outside Federation jurisdiction. Apparently three scientists were experimenting on activating dormant telepathic abilities in humans. The Federation felt their experiments were becoming to radical and cut the funding. So the science team took their lab and settled here 3 years ago to continue. The lead scientists consisted of two humans and one Vulcan. The two humans were Dr. Harris Bertram and Dr. Janet Gregory. The Vulcan was Dr Sevak."

"Dr Sevak? I've heard of him. Wasn't he the Vulcan who was banned from the science community on Vulcan because three people died in his lab? I thought I heard something about that when I moved to Vulcan."

"Yes he was. I also heard he was wanted on Kilmar 4 for similar charges."Vorik's face frowned. "Dr Baran, there are some interesting medical files here as well, you may wish take a look."

Baran took a seat at a near by computer and asked Vorik to patch it into his console. Vorik was still frowning and Alexandra moved to his side.

"What's wrong Vorik?"

"There are a number of files that cannot be accessed. They appear to be encrypted. These related files show that Dr Sevak had made a breakthrough in his research and the encrypted data is the procedure he used. Someone tried to access these files before we arrived and several more security measures were activated. This will take some time."

"Alright. Make getting that information your top priority. I'll start on a search for these people, they may not be Federation but they sure as hell didn't deserve what happened here. Security team, check in. Did you guys find anything?"

"Nothing captain. Just a lot of damage and blood. No survivors or bodies."

"Everyone report back to the main building and we will set up planetary search for these people. Let's exhaust this place first before we look at the rest of the system." Alexandra tapped her com badge and hailed the ship.

"Torchescue to Falcon, what's your status?"

"We have located a warp signature that isn't in any of our records and it leads away from the planet and deeper into the Beta Quadrant." Lt Cmdr Hawkins was left in command of the Falcon while Torchescue and Vorik were on the planet.

"Give the planet a scan for life signs and if there are any bodies and if so where they are. After that go follow the warp trail. We will stay here and get the information out of the computer banks. Torchescue out."

Alexandra spent the next half hour trying to crack the secure files with Vorik when the Falcon contacted her again saying other than the away team there were no life signs and no bodies to be detected. The only unusual thing was a faint energy signature 8 kilometers from their position. Alexandra told them to break orbit and follow the warp trail. The team worked in silence for another three hours when Alexandra suggested they all stop and get something to eat. Lowell joined them in the small cafeteria and everyone picked from the limited menu on the Vulcan replicators.

"Why do Vulcans have to be vegetarians?" Alexandra asked while she watched Vorik eat a gorbac root salad.

"The replicators can make a decent sural bean soup. I am told that sural beans taste like meat." Vorik said.

"Not enough like meat for me. Sorry buddy, I am a carnivore at heart."

"I could really use some of my mum's Yorkshire pudding." Lowell mumbled.

"I feel like I am having dinner with my children." Baran said between spoonfuls of soup. "My youngest daughter was always a picky eater."

"So captain, if I may ask, what kind of name is Torchescue?" Lowell asked.

"It's Romanian. I was born on Graska 3. There are a lot of Slavic colonies there."

"How did you end up on Vulcan?" Baran asked.

"My stepfather Gregori is a prominent ambassador to the Vulcans. When he was appointed to Vulcan he took my mother and me with him. He married my mother a few weeks after we arrived. It was on Mount Voravia, let me tell you there is nothing like partying under the Vulcan moon. I met this joker here at the school 2 weeks after that. You should have seen him, pulling pranks, putting frogs in the girls hair, he was out of control." Alexandra said with a wink.

"That is not true." Vorik said immediately and everyone laughed.

"I tell a lie. It was me." A sly grin was painted on her mouth and once Vorik resumed eating and assumed the matter was closed she spoke again. "But he helped."

After the meal the doctor went to one of the surgical labs to look around while Lowell and Vorik continued working on the computers. Alexandra took a look around outside the building looking for clues as too what could have happened. The phaser fire had been analyzed and came up inconclusive. Whoever did this wanted to keep their identity a secret. She was wandering off a little ways from the building when her com badge came to life.

"Captain that energy signature is beginning to move. It's come in from the south and it looks like it's heading for the main building." Lowell said with concern.

"Alright lets get everyone together and secure the main building. Get as much information on the energy source as you can. I want to know what the hell is heading for us. How long till it reaches the main building?"

"About an hour."

"Alright I am on my way."

Alexandra tapped her com badge and was starting to make her way back to the entrance when she was graced from a blast from a phaser. She fell down but was not completely blacked out and when she turned over, through pained eyes she watched as the air in front of her shifted and shimmered and a face that was distinctly Romulan appeared before her. Alexandra tried to get up but a large fist intercepted her jaw and the last thing she heard before she blacked out was a deep masculine laugh.

The first thing Alexandra heard when she regained consciousness was the steady drip of water and the low hum of voices. She opened her eyes and tried to focus in the dim light, when she was able to focus she saw a rough granite surface. When she tried to turn her head, she immediately regretted it as the nausea clouded everything else. Alexandra moaned and put her hand to head hoping it was all there.

"She's coming around."

Alexandra felt a hand on her throat and tried to shove it away.

"It's alright captain. It me Holis. You lost a fight with a Romulan fist and it's left things a little worse for wear. Try to sit up and drink some water."

"People check. Is everyone here?" Alexandra asked as she sat up painfully and took a few sips of water.

"We are all here but Vorik was taken by two guards a half an hour ago. The security team is being kept in the cell across from this one. Two of them have broken arms but are otherwise okay." Baran said.

"Well if they are expecting someone to crack under interrogation they really picked the wrong person to start with. Vorik won't say a damn word to them."

Alexandra got up and started walking around the cell and checking on Lowell and Baran. She peaked in across the cell to the security team and was glad to see they were resting. She couldn't see anything down the corridor and judging from the moisture and the consistency of the rock walls, they were several meters underground. A powerful forcefield blocked the doorway and it discouraged people from getting near it by emitting a electroshock to anyone who cam within 3 inches of it. She was still pacing the cell an hour later when she heard someone being shuffled down towards their cell. She went to the doorway and stood as close as possible, watching as two armed guards pushed a nearly unconscious Vorik through the doorway while another guard turned off the force field so he could get through. Vorik dropped to the floor and Alexandra and Holis dragged him to the far wall, propping his back up against it. He had a nasty gash on his forehead and looked exhausted.